Controlled Media incites male negroes with glorious coverage of looting, arson; negroes sparked by latest Michael Ferguson — billions in damages; opportunity taken by ZOG to advance “Racism” propaganda psy-op

ZOG/AT&T “CNN news” main webpage May 29th 2020 covering hostile negroes’ violence, looting and arson in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The image chosen is a “Pulitzer Prize”-type photo for ‘dramatic’ propaganda value in order to virtually portray hostile rioting negroes as involved in some kind of dignified yet extremely vague “racial struggle” that needs no proof or examples shown to back it up. In (neo-bolshevik suppressed) reality, negroes in the United States now have more than ever – just for being a negro – while enjoying ‘political’ protection under ZOG/Sham Order as virtual ‘children’ with the rights of ‘VIP’ adults: all ZOG/Sham Order puppetry are supposed to realize (virtually i.e. unspoken) that a negro always knows what the power on the negro is and a negro can never be told what the correct mindset/power on a negro should be; in any situation involving a polarization of many negroes, even ZOG must (in appearance) ‘acquiesce’ – for no explainable reason – only to ‘realize’ something obvious because ‘power’ is on the negroes. This protection and “affirmative action” is never mentioned except when instituting it, after which it is not polite to contemplate why negroes are magnetic and what the power on them is. Out of a total U.S. population of 350 million people, there are so few incidents of undeniable “racism” vs. negroes in 2020 that the controlled media must spin EVERY SINGLE APPLICABLE CASE that can be found by them into “Civil Rights”-type propaganda in order to continue the dysgenic magnetization of the negro rape wavelength at the expense of non-jewish Caucasians. Because riots are the closest match to ‘protest’ that negroes are capable of without jew organization above them (“NAACP”, “Civil Rights Movement”, etc.), the controlled media have been using the term “protests” to describe negro anarchy for the last decade or so. This also works to suppress the reality as much as possible for readership/viewership in the controlled media as the vast majority of people are so ‘tired’ of negro or other ZOG black-op “rights” propaganda that they do not want to get a ‘headache’ by reading anything more than the headline, which will cause those readers/viewers to unconsciously underestimate the actual situation. Neo-bolsheviks are now entirely extremist in their ‘beliefs’ and as such the controlled mass media will always portray the ‘power’ of every situation involving opposing sides as all of the power being on one of the two sides – and this will be the individual or group of their choice. This choice will always be the opposite of natural order or whoever is the most dysgenic empowerment. Roughly this is as follows from highest to lowest power: jew male, jew female, non-heterosexuals, negro male, negro female, police or other authorites, mixed-race tan-colored female, mixed-race tan-colored male, European Caucasian female, European Caucasian male, Italian, German/Austrian or Irish Caucasian female, Italian, German/Austrian or Irish Caucasian male, Slavic Caucasian female, Slavic Caucasian male. In this case, it is clear that the controlled media are portraying the rioting negroes as being the ‘power’ and not the authorites. A sure sign of a treasonous occupation!

If families of innocent people killed by hostile negroes or the owners of properties that were destroyed by negro arson could sue the controlled media outlets for inciting these negroes to riot and/or ZOG for ordering all police departments nationwide to “stand down” to the negroes, representatives of those entities would then be forced in a “court of law” to explain WHY. Their “explaination” would have to, at minimum, ALLUDE to those entities’ knowledge of negro psychology. Negro “crowd psychology” in particular. That would open the door for the introduction of the whys of ALL power : human subconscious “attention” — (non-jew) Caucasian males are the sole magnetizing/empowering force of ALL OTHERS in mixed-race “multicultural society.” All other races (as well as non-heterosexuals, females, pre-pubescent children, and male Caucasians who have been lowered into external/degenerative empowerment) may only be empowered in the depowering/lowering of the magnetizing force above them!

Large gatherings of negroes are reason enough to spark negroes to riot. Negroes riot when they ‘sense’ that the ‘atmosphere‘ is ‘right’ and/or their ‘emotions’ are sparked: In the above video, Chicago negroes riot after the “Chicago Bulls NBA championship victory” in 1991. Negroes also rioted for the same reason in 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997 AND 1998!
Los Angeles negroes riot after the “Los Angeles Lakers NBA championship victory” in 2000.
The controlled media and ZOG have never provided the public with a figure representing the value in tax dollars of all of the destruction that United States negroes have wrought since 1963 (this can be considered the beginning of the Sham Order mixed-race herd-animalization black-op) while adding this to dollars spent on provision of “welfare” benefits (including free housing), medical insurance and costs (including victims of negro violence), court and prison costs, “unemployment” and “workman’s comp” [many negroes look to get “hurt” or maximize a real injury on the “job”], retail and home security/anti-theft measure (a low priority prior to the “Civil Rights Movement” and 1965 “Immigration Act”) as well as corporate losses for “affirmative action” hiring. There are 40 million negroes in the U.S. and the associated costs must easily be 25 to 50 thousand dollars a year per negro!
Negroes become hostile in direct correlation with the amount of higher-wavelength power/magnetism/unconscious-attention/money that they have dysgenically parasited onto themselves or have had sacrificed onto them by the neo-bolsheviks! At the time of these nationwide riots, U.S. citizens had just days earlier received a $1200 “Stimulus Check” from ZOG!
When compared to any other race, negroes have a less-evolved nervous system and extremely high testosterone – this is why negroes have a “short fuse”.
Sham Order/ZOG no longer recognizes ANY racial differences. Different races are not just “different skin colors” as the mainstream neo-bolshevik establishment propaganda now plays them. Because non-jew Caucasians are the highest-wavelength HOST of others’ empowerment, they can be blamed for the actions of all others in power-correct psychology!
Negroes are DEGENERATIVE EMPOWERMENT ONLY, being in an evolutionary state of magnetizing themselves only. As such negroes are a DESTRUCTIVE ‘power’. In an advanced (non-negro) society, they are capable of showing power to themselves and others through destructive acts ONLY!
Most every male negro has at least one time committed rape. Unlike ALL OTHER RACES, the negro chooses victims from not only their own race but prefers to choose from the ‘pool’ of ALL OTHER RACES as it will also magnetize the negro and the negro’s consumption/degenerate-empowerment/rape-wavelength!
“Entertainment Industry” jewry, specifically “Interscope Records”, were responsible for promoting hostile/crude “Gangsta Rap” which began, along with “Political Correctness” conditioning, in 1990.
Mixed-race herd-animalization is now termed “multiculturalism” (what do they consider European culture to be?) and “Diversity”. few with firsthand experience are promoting these social-engineering black-ops. Instead, it is ZOG, Jewish “interest” groups, the controlled media, and large corporations (this includes shabbos goy” pseudojewry and “celebrity” sheeple motivated to empower excess materialism)!
Anything citizens concede to Sham Order/ZOG will only lead to further demands and expectations for (non-jew) Caucasians by them. Miscegenation (Race Mixing) was once just supposed to be considered “acceptable” but in 2020 the neo-bolshevik establishment is able to aggressively pressure (through rewards or negative consequences) Caucasian women (ONLY) to “date” negroes. Where are the Hispanics in all of this? the U.S. is 8% Hispanic male and 6% negro male.
Outside of their homes, negroes are on their “game”. Society is seen as something to take advantage within. Caucasian males who believe that some negro is their “friend” do not realize that EVERY ACTION OF A NEGRO MUST BE SOMETHING THAT THEY ARE DIRECTLY EMPOWERED IN!
”Diversity”, like “communism”, is a ZOG “sham” used to depower the highest-wavelength host peoples ONLY! “Communists” are liars and will NEVER deliver on their empty promises! (Read Dr. Josef Goebbels’ “Communism With The Mask Off”)
Sham Order now gives “non-conformist” credit and empowerment to those who fill needed slots in their dysgenic “social engineering” to enable ZOG to act off of a protest or march. In reality, Sham Order/ZOG do not have to do ANYTHING THEY DO NOT WISH TO DO! Also: America is ALL ABOUT RACE and ShM Order/ZOG use race knowledge against all of its people! This while there is virtual terror above us keeping us from talking about any of it openly!
United States military and police now utilize “Israeli” psychology – anything goes if it obtains their goal!

Sham Order 2020 Covid-19 black-op campaign: same “heroes” propaganda used for firefighters and first-responders in 2001

Perhaps we are seeing the re-use of a propaganda campaign from 19 years ago because the neo-bolshevik/ZOG establishment will not let go to waste a ready-built framework existing out of a prior black-op campaign in which Sham Order/ZOG multi-level national (or international) petty scams had successfully sacrificed enough high-wavelength human magnetic power in order to magnetize/empower those directly used on the ‘front lines’ of Sham Order dysgenic social-engineering. Social-engineering the lowering of the highest-wavelength (non-jewish Caucasian) collective unconscious further under herd-animalization. Simply put: electromagnetic galvanization. Intuitive conformists (sheeple) no longer utilize intelligence. They are now compelled electromagnetically toward empowerment only Man-above-them under polarized unconscious attention (EM) of others who are the same or more Man-above than they are.

The Sham Order (neo-bolshevik establishment) regime and their political puppetry are now operating ENTIRELY IN THE WHYS OF POWER while galvanized in a virtual “conspiracy” related to their only means of empowerment and the psychology used is above human feelings, emotions and the biological natural order.

“Coronavirus” [SARS-CoV-2], also known as “Covid-19” due to the first official case, a Chinaman, recorded on the final day of the year 2019, was lightly reported about in the controlled media prior to mass closures around March 15th 2020.

On April 2nd, while controlled media propaganda at this time was reporting on overwhelmed hospitals due to the many victims of this virus, I went to the local hospital “emergency room” to get steroid pills to fix a back problem (pinched nerve) that I had that was becoming worse. At this time, I noticed that the hospital staff seemed to be enjoying themselves (they were more magnetic Man-above-them) than normally would be expected. There was also a somewhat lax atmosphere, almost as if their superiors were not on the floor or were allowing them greater freedoms. Also, when I was mentioning the virus and probable full-capacity of their hospital, the nurse was secretive about any information like that. Anyone who is magnetized Man-above-them in any type of fabrication or degenerate-empowerment is empowered in hiding the whys of it.

Being empowerment-only-Man-above-them, this meaning they are under full or near-total psychological submission to the galvanizing force above them, Caucasian conformist sheeple feel the most power and pride when those of an official capacity pay attention [critically but unknown to them] onto their consumption and whys of their degenerate empowerment.

Viral hysteria an opportunity for observation of superstitious-prone low wavelengths

Superstitions are the norm among low intelligence and/or biological low-wavelength peoples. In mixed-race herd-animalization, lower wavelengths are capable of magnetization/empowerment only through parasiting unconscious attention (power) from a higher wavelength host. This empowerment is also possible through parasiting from multiple males of their own race or through females of any race ‘carrying’ those males’ power. This empowerment may be UNDERHANDED only! low-wavelength peoples are ‘dead’ on others’ money/power as “their” (the negro or other biologically degenerate empowerment peoples) power is only EXTERNAL (they have only half of what we have). Until ‘taken’, the power is not truly theirs – they are perceiving others’ power/magnetism as their own! (they do this because power is on it in their biological galvanization/intuition).

As low-wavelength peoples do not normally talk about or show anything related to their ‘power’ that they are not empowered in through doing so, this very often requiring whatever it is to be a lie or fabrication, few non-negroes realize just how superstitious negroes and other low-wavelength peoples are.

The negro is especially afraid of germs.

I have personally been around thousands of various negroes of all “economic” status*. This within environments that were majority negro. I have often seen male negroes become uppity or hostile towards non-negroes over concerns uniquely negro. For example, those who reach over the negro’s plate of food in a restaurant, cafeteria, or at a “picnic”.

Female negroes seem to take this type of behavior a step further. In public places, most every negro female must wipe or spray a chair seat with “sanitizer” before they feel that they can sit; and this was long before any SARS virus propaganda.

Fear of germs among the negroes probably began around the time that ZOG had jewed/redirected enough Caucasian power/money/unconscious-attention onto the negro so that the negro then had the energy to take showers regular and to keep a cleaner appearance generally.

Negroes were told that in keeping clean they were “killing germs”.

This enabled a reason in power that the negro was above, thereby enabling negro capacity to focus their critical attention on the negros own degenerate empowerment/consumption and the whys the negro is below/‘dead’ on others instead of the negro playing all opposites as money, as is the negro proclivity.

This was possible post-“World War 2”, a time when ZOG “black-ops” were also creating morale-boosting propaganda for negroes to see such as “W.E.B. DuBois”, a “negro intellectual”** who was actually just an actor in the negro empowerment “psy-op” intended to ‘answer’ legitimate concerns regarding the morals and character of the negro, just as previous to that the jew knew that the jew had to acknowledge the “Jewish Question” in order to manipulate the ‘narrative’ of it. This was only until the “Holocaust” ZOG/“League of Nations” black-op. Then, the Jew had ‘officially’ suffered so much hardship that forever afterward the jew must be exempt from all critical analysis.

Almost immediately ‘after’ this war, organized jewry, with the help of their “shabbos goy” ZOG puppetry, surreptitiously produced propaganda to glorify and thereby change the power of the “white” ‘collective unconscious’ on the negro using almost the exact same psychology that the jew had benefited from previously.

This propaganda included “comic books” such as “Negro Romance” , “Negro Heroes” and “All-Negro Comics”. As the latter title implies, that was a “comic” featuring negroes exclusively.

All-Negro Comics (1947) was the most magnetization/power that negroes could realistically be portrayed as possessing within propaganda of the time. In even earlier years, negroes had to shuck while bug-eyed or act a fool in order to magnetize themselves at Caucasian expense. Other options: the commission of rapes, robberies, assaults and/or murders. Jews have always known the whys of other races’ biological galvanization in power and it is now known by many that it was organized jewry who were the driving force behind the dysgenic magnetization/empowerment of the negro at higher wavelength expense in the United States. An empowerment done incrementally and as correct in the whys of biological power.

The goal of negro-glorification propaganda is always to redirect higher-wavelength “white” power/unconscious-attention onto the negroes’ degenerate empowerment – the reasons why the lower wavelength is a parasite/consumer/derivative-power of the higher-wavelength peoples.

Higher-wavelengths unknowingly host lower wavelengths being that the higher wavelength, unaware of the whys of their own power, is unnconscious of the reality that a lower wavelength may be galvanized under higher wavelengths to magnetize themselves dysgenically ONLY.

Due to that reality, another goal of ZOG negro-glorification propaganda is to cause higher-wavelengths to unconsciously magnetize lower wavelengths through the higher-wavelengths believing incorrect in power – the lie that the lower wavelength is capable of things that are in reality not possible [UNLESS higher-wavelengths have magnetized them! see “Negro Heroes” (1947) promoting negro scientists. Higher-wavelengths did not protest this propaganda at the time because they felt ‘sorry’ for the negro and also because the public was told by ZOG that this propaganda was to build the negro “self esteem”. This was Sham Order dysgenic empowerment, which also means depowering those who are natural empowerment in order to dysgenically empower something which has no power on it otherwise. In natural order it is NEVER the correct empowerment of ANYTHING if it requires belief in any type of lies].

Another goal of negro-glorification propaganda is to conceal the true reasons behind the inherent degeneracy and hostility of the lower wavelength. This by instilling higher-wavelengths that the lower wavelength parasite/consumer is hostile to higher wavelengths only because of unfair treatment by the higher-wavelength.

Proof that ZOG, through CIA or other unknown social-engineering black-ops, knew as far back as the 1940s that negroes use higher-wavelength unconscious attention which magnetizes negroes at a higher strength than the source/host. Being biological degenerate empowerment (dead on higher-wavelength money/power) causes the negro, in order to move that money/magnetism onto (and thereby magnetize) his rape/degenerate-empowerment wavelength, to “blow off steam” in ways that are unhealthy to the rest of society!

Propagandists never have a solution to that problem, *amazingly*, and that may be because they intend to sacrifice/redirect host higher-wavelength power incrementally and any acknowledgement of what the power on it is limits what they could use in later jewings!

Yes, that is probably why.

“World War 2” was also an opportunity used by ZOG to claim that negroes were needed in major cities to work and aid in the “war effort.”

At the time, 90% of all negroes were concentrated in the ‘Deep South’ states.

High-rise “projects” were brought into existence along with high-paying jobs for the relocated negroes despite the lackadaisical and overall poor work ethic of the negro race, an undeniable fact that was FULLY DOCUMENTED at the time, being a topic that could not feasibly pass unacknowledged by ZOG or “intellectuals” of the day because the public had not yet accepted being manipulated by underhanded liars and unaccountable scam artists, as is the situation of the present day!

Empowerment/magnetization of the negro resulted out of the higher-wavelength “white” unconscious attention that was, in effect, ‘forced’ upon negros just for being negro!

And this has only increased ever since.

Today and in the very recent past, the controlled media within all ZOG regime nations have been utilizing most if not all social incidents that may be found by them for use in “news” propaganda designed to sway majority belief that negro hostility is a result of “white racism” and not the reality that negroes become hostile in direct correlation with the amount of higher-wavelength power/money/unconscious-attention that negroes have parasited or had sacrificed onto them by the neo-bolsheviks dysgenically.

Negroes are degenerate empowerment only!

Racism” today but in reality this was the most empowerment possible at the time! : with the help of “entertainment industry” jewry, negroes had the highest magnetization possible whenever jewry above them guided a negro into showing higher-wavelength “white” spectators that negroes are ‘dead’ on their higher-wavelength money. In simple terms they are living ‘ghosts’ compelled biologically in utilizing higher wavelength unconscious attention [EM] if they are among higher-wavelengths. This magnetizes the negro or other low wavelength. Until my work, however, absolutely ZERO non-Jews knew what the above picture shows in power. That is why it won the “whites”’ unconscious attention and magnetized the negro!
Lower wavelengths are compelled to shuck whenever there is higher-wavelength attention on them that they may win if they can virtually show that power/unconscious-attention is on them and ignore it at the same time. The lower-wavelength can jew this money/unconscious-attention onto their lower-wavelength collective unconscious by jewing their wavelength out ape-on-Man money (pic 3) so that their ‘image’ is seen as more money by others in it. All is possible only because higher-wavelengths allow it from not knowing the whys of their own money! Higher-wavelengths now utilize magnetism (what power is on Man-above-them) instead of intelligence. This has been increasing from the time that their collective unconscious was lowered under herd-animalization (electromagnetic galvanization)

Superstitions will result as the negro knows only that power is on him and that certain mindsets and external factors affect his empowerment.

I remember an account that I once read (but could not locate for this article) about an old negro woman who, influenced by the formalities she had seen used by her ‘masters’ as a slave, attributed magnetic power to those type of practices only and after being freed she made her own children address her as “Miss Betty” !

Negroes ARE aware that those of the negro race are magnetized/empowered in mixed-race society only through their underhanded depowerment of other races, particularly “Whites.”

But because they do not possess the higher-wavelength magnetism in natural order, the negro assumes that the only reason why “Whites” are not as “thirsty” [compelled only to parasite others’ money and unconscious attention onto themselves underhandedly] as the negro is is only because “Whites” has already parasited enough money/power onto themselves in the past and that now the “Whites” are enough money/power that those inclinations are entirely satiated as a result.

Through controlled media ZOG propaganda, the negro has been actively encouraged to believe this! to believe that the degenerate empowerment, which is in reality BIOLOGICAL, of the negro race would in fact be satiated if only the negro had even more money/power/status.

This is why the negro genuinely cannot believe it whenever highly-magnetic negroes such as Koby Briant, Bill Cosbie, O.J. Simpson or Micheal Jackson are exposed publicly for their rapes and murders.

Positive assumptions and beliefs by a higher wavelength regarding a lower wavelength may only empower the lower wavelength to underhandedly steal higher-wavelength unconscious attention while extreme/overly-positive attention is on them. An example: the above controlled-media propaganda “news story” glorifies a negro immigrant who allegedly rescued a non-negro child in distress. All of the higher-wavelength “white” positive (conscious) attention that would be on the negro as a result of that public exposure will actually put a virtual polarization of magnetic power above him that will compel the negro to immediately commit an act of hostile degeneracy in order to win the UNCONSCIOUS attention of that polarization which is unconsciously assuming a negro to be non-degenerate money/power. An act of degeneracy then converts the power of this polarization into one that is out-of-reality and believing lies, thereby magnetizing the negro in a way in which the negro biological galvanization in power can accept the power as being his own. Underhanded methods are the ONLY way a parasite may be magnetized. They are not empowered when you ‘like’ them. They have to JEW you!

Now, a look at examples of negro superstitions that were recorded by historical societies in South (“sowf” in “Ebonics”) Carolina in the mid-1930s. These examples show that the negro, as with any low wavelength is aware only that power/magnetism is on them in certain situations and may only attribute any negative or positive experiences to what they THINK was the reason for the external factor.

In the mind of the negro or other low wavelength, the onus of any suspect ‘variables’ are always on another – if not caused by a force of nature, usually “supernatural”; meaning the negro or other low wavelength attributes external stimuli as the determining factor of most if not all experiences and believes his actions may alter the outcomes. Onuses attributed to others are almost exclusively negative, though, as the negro perceives all (magnetizing) power as the negro’s own “gift” and whenever the negro is magnetized, the negro may only focus or think about how much money/power the negro is.

The low wavelength is basing their feelings/intuition off of whatever the low wavelength had been doing prior to the synchronicity or seemingly odds-defying external stimuli occurred

Attention – both conscious and unconscious – is ELECTROMAGNETISM, similar to yet not exactly “radio” waves : biological low wavelengths, females and children (of any race), as well as higher-wavelength males who allowed their lowering under herd animalization are electromagnetically GALVANIZED under the will of a higher power. They are empowerment only Man [incorporation, polarization, collective unconscious, authorite, or higher status/official] above them! Their ‘intuition’ is always the will of the controlling force above them and they are compelled by whatever power is on Man above them. This means they do whatever the Man above them (the galvanizing force) will jew them conformist power (secondary, jewed and derivative power/unconscious-attention to raise to a higher conformist magnetism that lower status sheeple psychologically submit to) or blood money (currency under a sacrificial economy is debt money that a higher wavelength has been jewed in the name of!) for OR to prevent negative critical analysis and certain retribution.
  • * Note: Inner-city negroes are NOT living in any type of “poverty”, but this is a topic for a later time!
  • ** more recent equivalents of W.E.B DuBois would be Martin Luther King, Neal Degrassi Tyson, or Ben Carson. All are “actors”, having been coached by a higher intelligence in addition to their being the beneficiary of massive glorification propaganda and receiver of power from sacrifices that are used to empower/magnetize them (see the arrest and imprisonment of Illinois Governor Rog Bagloyovich in the Balack Obala 2008 ZOG black-op) as well as outright fabrications forced on the public as fact. Regarding Carson, an alleged brain surgeon, there is simply NO HISTORICAL PRECENDENT. Like the “Hidden Figures” film or “Cheddar Man”, these alleged discoveries and negro intellectuals are all appearing at too convenient a time – a time when anyone “politically” aware knows that ZOG and the controlled media are expending nearly all resources on dysgenic “social-engineering” : propaganda glorifying dysgenics, with surveillance, suppression, and the sacrifice of anyone not seeing their dygenically-empowered low-wavelengths and degenerates as “satanic” power Man-above-them, which sheeple cannot see as satanic/evil because to sheeple all power comes from the Man as they know no other means of empowerment. This is why sheeple look at your consumption/degenerate-empowerment and those under and around you to judge if the power/magnetism on you is more Man-above than them if they are not sure of what the power on you is. This while an intuitive conformist consciously believes that they (the conformist sheeple) are incapable of putting their attention on another’s degenerate empowerment. They do, though, because the Man (galvanizing force) above them does it and sheeple are the same but subservient galvanization in power. Neo-bolsheviks and their sheeple focus on others’ degenerate empowerment in order to judge and/or depower others (through a negative unspoken/virtual polarization with other conformists) and also, sheeple attention is won onto the degenerate empowerment of all others who are the same conformist magnetism or those who are more Man-above than them, including their inability to analyze ZOG-protected groups such as negroes, jews, and gays. Intuitive conformist sheeple are also under all media propaganda and consumer products as it is only status and consumption that defines the sheeple persona!
Similar to those who “mine” Britcoin by ‘fixing’ “blockchain” for that corporation, in “real life” Caucasian sheeple are empowered through jewing their own high-wavelength money/power dead onto the collective unconscious, which is now also mined by every parasite of them also. Sheeple now do this almost exclusively, having been instilled by ZOG controlled media jewry to critically analyze others of their own wavelength in order to win the power of any wavelength through knowing higher whys of it so that one is magnetized Man-above. This is why Caucasian magnetism is now more on degenerate empowerment than the source of the money! Empowerment Man-above is now degenerate empowerment jewing your own biological high-wavelength money dead. Caucasians are for all intents and purposes in natural order finished and dead yet they continue to do it because conformist power (Man-above) is on it! Was this what parasite jewry of 2000+ years ago were telling us in “Bible” analogies, specifically the “Jesus Christ” character?

Understanding the “4/20” underground-marketed ‘Purim’ created for stupid “goyim” to create whys of Hitler birth

only SHAM order must create whys [Retroactive Why Creation] for their hosts’ natural power. This is because they are not money/power/magnetic in reality and must force their empowerment thru underhanded means. Natural Order, on the other hand, can accept any reality because all power comes from natural, not sham, Order!

Everyone must tell what power is before ZOG measures taken

Magnetic power is ending through unknown methods being utilized by ZOG, after which all sheeple will be the power equivalent of someone on an attention-blocking drug like heroin, wherein nothing will matter because the receptors involved in unconscious attention transmission and reception will be blocked. Before this has reached full fruition, any who have the ability must tell what they know because the parasites/subjugators are dead in this ONLY!

cautionary note for those who know me: the neo-Bolsheviks are looking to Jew whys (thru retroactive why creation) for all of my money in a containment operation. If you are a coward and afraid to speak out, you are unprotected!

Multiple ‘doomsday’ scenarios now in development by ZOG

ZOG harvests highest-wavelength human life-force/magnetism/unconscious-attention ONLY! this was the only reality behind and the sole point of their sham “society”!

Using the SARS virus as a pretext, all power of ZOG and the neo-bolshevist establishment is now on the people, which means all but the most aware nonconformists will be the most money/power possible DEAD, with ZOG reaping a full harvesting. Only sheeple are oblivious to the whys of it as they have no gauge on any ‘normal’ amount of magnetic power that should be on them (because they do not know the whys of power).

Sheeple [intuitive conformists whose ‘senses’ are in all actuality merely electromagnetic galvanization to win others’ unconscious attention onto themselves, which is now DYSGENIC because of ‘communist’/‘zionist’ social-engineering] also are always transmitting the same amount of their unconscious attention onto others, those who are officially-recognized empowerment Man-above-them, this being “entertainment”, “sports”, politics and business. Sheeple will transmit the same money/unconscious-attention onto whatever are the options given because they are only galvanized under the polarized attention of other sheeple.

In order to win conformist minds, all that is needed is to make them the most unaware of what is coming while having ‘virtually’ [unspoken/unadmitted for the most unconscious power over subliminally] told them so that they are so shocked that they may only realize that they are dead on the Power/Man/galvanizing-force above them.

Any other method utilized and that power cannot be taken, as the only money/power that sheeple carry of their own is so deep in their unconscious that it is inaccessible through other means. This psychology must be used by a parasitic system only being that insight into their ‘magnetic image’, the whys of their parasitic power is exposed otherwise as ‘jewing’ someone outside of natural order or in a lie is a power BELOW the victim/host, who is actually above them in reality. This psychology can be studied by conformists through the study of police investigations. authorities/police will always set up their mark in a way in which they will win his unconscious attention.

Aware nonconformists can help prevent the required amount of power being on a nuclear, gassing, or electromagnetic wave mass extermination by telling any sheeple that you know or come across in public the severity of the situation!

UP NEXT: who are the neo-bolshevik establishment’s men who “stare” at “Goats”? Who and how many are used for the ruining of wavelengths, altering of ‘intuition’ and polarizations of CAUCASIANS ONLY when using electronic medium?
ALSO: why ZOG pseudojewry and system neo-bolshevik puppetry are being trained to utilize nothing but negro wavelength

corona virus biological weapon given name by ZOG so that sheeple don’t realize that the antidote for it is Mexican Beer

When there are problems on the farmyard and ZOG have been exposed, their solution is always to sacrifice more cattle.

The biological weapon unleashed by ZOG was named the “coronavirus” by them so that sheeple will never be able to think of the solution to it (a popular jewish/ZOG tactic), being that they built it into the propaganda surround it. The antidote (as well as as the way to build up an immunity to it beforehand) is Mexican beer. Also 7-11 beer, but that beer is no longer being made and the formula for it was apparently “lost” in the 1970s.

A list of ZOG’s previous “unethical” experiments on the unsuspecting sheeple :

These experiments began after the Communist/ZOG “allies” victory in “World War II”, which the “approved” conspiracy theories in the controlled media will only revolve around what the neo-bolsheviks/subjugators like to call “Nazis” (a term, along with “Russians”, that “asskenazi” jews always use as a ‘codeword’/dog-whistle about those they seek to sacrifice the life-force of onto themselves). The ZOG regime underhanded activities and all of their experimentations have been are only for use AGAINST the public, which they virtually declared “war” against. This is evidenced by the EXACT SAME subjugation of higher-wavelength (non-Jewish Caucasians, especially Slavics, the highest of all wavelength, the highest of all magnetism naturally) in all countries that was used in Germany after “World War II”. It is high time that they be held into account for DECADES of this secretive activity that has produced either OPPOSITE (the “War On Drugs”, “No Child Left Behind”, etc.) or zero results.

Neo-Bolsheviks decide what you can see! (if they are dead in it, it must be blocked with the virtual explanaition being that it is too negative/hateful/unrealistic): In 2001, many American sheeple believed that their local libraries (or “lie berry”, as negroes call it) were for protecting our freedoms, after they “warned” the public of ZOG invasions of privacy at all libraries in the name of the so-called “Patriot Games” after 2/11. As you can see above, they are blocking access to many sites (not just Daily Stormfront and other “nazi” fare) including the website of Frank Olson’s son ( This despite a ZOG monetary “settlement” for the murder of his father, and a Netfilx series directed by Errol Flynn (to get some attention/power on the son and hopefully satiate him). Sheeple should probably be ‘afraid’ to go to the site because of ‘viruses’ and/or “Russians”. Also, the Man is not above you if you look at it [everything sheeple do must be Man-above-them : which they either feel is keeping the Man from jewing them and/or what ‘power’ is on for them. Never realizing that all of their actions are ELECTROMAGNETIC GALVANIZATION for empowerment only Man-above].

This could also be an attempt to sacrifice power onto the “Spanish Flu” pandemic of 1918 that wiped out 20% of the the world population. They would be sacrificing power in its name for why that one was so much money for them (the jews). Similar to how the jews celebrate “Purim” as a way in which to empower their past ancestors who, like them, have NO POWER/MAGNETISM/LIFE-FORCE outside of EXTERNAL – this is why they are hostile to and a ‘power’ that is only ‘dead’ on others. This has been the case FOR EVERY MOMENT OF THEIR UNFORTUNATE “HISTORY”. Possibly some of the power will go to the negroes as well, since it is one-hundred-and-TWO years later. Jews, being autistic savants with “ESP” correlating to the amount of host unconscious attention that they have jewed/sacrificed onto themselves, are extremely image (including names and numbers) conscious and have awarded the number “2” to negroes, as they plan to sacrifice all non-jewish Caucasians onto them, in a “humane” underhanded cowardly “genocide”, with the onus of it on the sheeple.

The closest to “shame” an always-vindictive jew may feel: Jews poison a well to exact revenge over their expulsion for multiple offences and warnings. Jews must do retroactive ‘why’ creation for everything related to power regarding them. In this case, reasons in power (that they win the power in) for why the “goyim” were not completely under their ‘spell’ as these jews KNEW that the jews had done everything correct in power and that power was on them. Still the “goyim” reacted, incorrect in power to the jew as any action other than “liquidating” them IS incorrect in power for a higher-wavelength to do to them, as they have no UNCONSCIOUS ATTENTION of their own. Negroes also do this, but to a lesser extent, having 50% less IQ than the jew and not having evolved as parasites ONLY with the jewish biological drive/”ESP” to find hosts. Once the jew knows of a host or a situation has happened that related to power, they are BIOLOGICALLY INCAPABLE of ‘forgetting’ or ‘ignoring’ it and it will ‘annoy’/”jew” them if they do not do something about it.

Understand Diasporas: the cockroach Diaspora of the United States (left) and a typical termite Diaspora within a home (right)

Do not give a parasite a reason to put their moon-like/debt-power and critical-only ‘attention’ on you, as they seek to create ‘reasons’ why they are dead on our money! we don’t want your attention and we don’t want you talking about or fucking with our people! you don’t think any of us are money and want to be around us and tell us what power of us is and what power is on. We know why.

The true “leader” of the “free” world (pictured with one of his “undead” and electromagnetically-galvanized ‘shabbos goy’s, who are used so that their harvested host’s biological intuition-in-power, how we win the magnetic power in a situation based on how it is ‘seen’, is never correct because the power and onus of the activity is on the ‘shabbos goy’ and not him): In need of more power for their “Red Planet”, which has temperatures so high that the power of the living must be sacrificed onto it.

UP NEXT: ZOG-suppressed poll shows that the American public wishes that John Wayne Gacy had not been executed in 1994 and was available as a “Presidential Candidate” to “vote” for instead of the controlled-media/ZOG ‘choices’ offered. The public sentiment being that Gacy would be a safer choice in that he probably would not rape us EVERY time.

ALSO: after receiving complaints, goverment-issue Tuck Buddies now part of required uniforms for all male ZOG employee in order to avoid upsetting faggots

EDITORS NOTE: the last 3 or 4 articles have also been updated recently

Additional Reading: 100 Dead Microbiologists (art & story: 2009) ;

Highly-decorated Austrian Schutzstaffel officer Alois Brunner was the victim of state-sanctioned jewish terrorism:

Neo-bolsheviks, shabbos goy pseudojewry and the puppetry thereof will utilize ANY AND ALL methods to achieve their ends as they are degenerate/underhanded/parasitic empowerment ONLY: empowerment only through force and consensus!