could controlled media or ZOG condemn child molestation?

What is the government/establishment position regarding values and morals? the only condemnation there has been in MANY YEARS is in regard to anyone opposing the neo-bolshevik dysgenic social-engineering propaganda; the various “empowerment” trips that are marketed in the controlled media. The empowerment of MALE NEGROS, a 70-IQ race, to magnetize them with conformist magnetism Man-above-them, causing all conformists, those with 100+ IQs, to psychologically submit to them in ANY SITUATION REGARDING POWER simply due to that magnetic power.

Negro Inventor: the self-cleaning apparatus demonstrated in the above video is representative of true negro ingenuity, which is of course at odds with ZOG and controlled media NEGRO-GLORIFICATION PROPAGANDA, which was designed to DYSGENICALLY empower/magnetize the negro with (non-Jewish) Caucasian unconscious-attention/power/magnetism.

With no ZOG investigation into the child-trafficking Epstein co-conspirators, it is clear that those within government authority positions are nothing but PUPPETRY, the real authority (power) continually being cut-off at an increasing extent so that power is above them and beyond their access. System ”authority” requiring nothing more than playing Man-above-you OR becoming victim of a negative polarization above them depowering them (control by psychological terror). In reality, those in ZOG are the equivalent of someone on an amusement park ride and nothing more.

THE ONLY INHERENTLY EVIL PIECE-OF-SHIT PEOPLE according to ZOG and the controlled media are Caucasians who do not see others above them (“Racists”). ZOG has made no such statements regarding ANYTHING ELSE, nor have they condemned communism and the 100 million sacrificed in it JUST FOR THEIR MONEY/MAGNETISM – this is FOR A REASON.

If ZOG ever condemned child molestation, child molesters, and sexual predators, they would then be condemning a large percentage of their officials, authorities, and business leaders. They would be condemning THEMSELF, their own galvanization, their MAN (their polarization/incorporation). This would create NEGATIVE SYNCHRONICITY were anyone to expose them afterward. They can not say that they are not money/empowered IN ANYTHING THAT THEY ARE IN FACT EMPOWERED BY, just as the autistic dindu JEWS above them can not do this. This is important to note. It would probably be a good idea for “reporters” or those ZOG has to acknowledge to try to get them on record regarding what exactly their positions are.

Child molester and third in line for the U.S. presidency (1999-2007), Dennis Haster. Are we to believe that ZOG does not vet their people and has no clue how he is empowered? They only know everyone else’s empowerment down to the ability jew you in the whys of your own power, in sweeping shock-and-awe unconscious-attention thefts? To jew people many different ways at once, so much that they can’t even defend against it and psychologically submit, thinking it is their own weakness/faults?

fallout from neo-bolshevik establishment dysgenic empowerment of male negroes: rape, violence and sheboons

Negroes are empowered in consumption: 75% of ALL negro females are extremely overweight “sheboons”. The more obese a female negro, the greater source of energy they seem to be for their niglets to absorb. A sheboon may eat unlimited “snack foods” without shame since the actions of a negro are always what the negro is empowered in. A negro can even become violent over the most (seemingly) frivolous item and not be ‘wrong’. Where does the power come from with a candy bar or snack cake? Corporations in ZOG-occupied nations jew/sacrifice WHITE unconscious-attention/magnetism in the name of ALL of their products so that Caucasian sheeple are magnetically compelled under the company because those sheeple will then ‘see’/sense ‘power’ on that company’s image and/or products of it. In fact the corporations with the greatest zombie-like sheeple (Amazon, Wal-Mart, Apple, McDonalds, etc.) are ALWAYS the corporations that are doing the greatest amount of jewing/sacrificing.

ZOG and the controlled media are no longer recognizing ANY differences between negroes and others, known as TNB, in order to accomplish as fast as possible the direction of Caucasian male magnetism onto the lowest negro wavelength, a wavelength that causes the negro to rape Caucasian female “mudsharks” who have been instilled by jewish television and ‘entertainment’ to believe that the negro is the same (galvanization in) ‘power’ as them but make errors in judgement because the negro is NOT. After the negro “rape” wavelength has “White” magnetism on it, ALL OTHER negro wavelengths will ‘work’ over Caucasians.

Free PDF: Mudsharks Killed By Male Negroes

Negroes are DEGENERATE EMPOWERMENT only, while Caucasians are the SOURCE of that power/magnetism. They are DIFFERENT ‘POWERS’. The most ‘power’ a negro will have is equal to his level of hostility. For example, if you give a male negro some consumable item, he may take it without thanks or act like he is doing YOU a favor. That is because it LOWERS the negro hostility, making him ‘weaker’, less aware. A negro also has NO ENERGY/POWER to do ANYTHING THAT HE IS NOT EMPOWERED IN. If you are a Caucasian and you believe some negro is your “friend”, you are not aware/conscious enough to know WHY that negro is around [women? free things?, OR are you just seeing power/magnetism on him while he is around, not knowing that it is YOUR OWN?]

(biological low-wavelength) negro magnetism works only among NEGROES in natural order: Many Caucasians today have WILLINGLY LOWERED themselves UNDER THE NEGRO magnetic ‘power’, thereby psychologically submitting their unconscious attention on that negro, which magnetizes/empowers the negro. For those who do not see negroes as money, those who do not submit their unconscious attention onto the negro whenever that negro is around them, a negro’s wavelengths when transmitted are the equivalent of “TV Snow” IF THEY ARE RECOGNIZED/NOTICED AT ALL. Negroes are low wavelengths and only when they have absorbed higher-wavelength “White” magnetism onto themselves may they attract higher-wavelength “White” psychological submission. “Whites”, as with ALL OTHER RACES, are compelled by their OWN MONEY, their own magnetism, ONLY.

If you are a female “mudshark”, one who “dates” negroes, you should pay close attention to how a FEMALE negro acts around MALE negroes in order that you may prevent a male negro from winning unintended ‘psychic’ liberties over you based on unconscious “receptiveness”. Did you know that if a negro “dates” you and pays for you AND you put your unconscious-attention on him [through “having a good time”, etc.], under the whys of HIS POWER, he can ‘rape’ you? The wavelength is supposed to work over you because THAT IS HOW IT WORKS WITH FEMALE NEGROES. Among negroes, if the female is even slightly magnetic, that is always because the male negro’s ‘power’ is on them. He has “Won” power over them. Even though a non-negro female ‘brings’ their “own” [actually power from Caucasian male unconscious psychological submission and/or letting her Jew off them] power, magnetism that is NOT the male negro, the biological galvanization of negroes prevents the male negro from any ‘sense’ OTHER THAN that it is HIS power/magnetism on that female.

ZOG and the controlled media are dysgenically socially-engineering “Whites” to fit within how power/magnetism works FOR NEGROES. The only difference being “Whites” will not be told ANY WHYS OF NEGRO EMPOWERMENT and will not know HOW the negro is so good at jewing them.

All of the negro’s biologically-galvanized (evolutionary) wavelengths are being ENHANCED while Caucasian wavelengths are being dygenically corrupted and ruined. The only Caucasians that don’t seem to know or care that any of this social-engineering is happening are the ones who are either taking attention-blocking drugs (drugs that prevent your unconscious-attention from being won by others at the expense of the inability to ‘transmit’ attention as well) and the Caucasians that are degenerate empowerment Man-above-them: Caucasians who are artificially empowering themselves with money and/or by jewing unconscious attention off of other Caucasians whenever their senses ‘tell’ them to, which will be when they are low on magnetism/power/energy, will be unable to see why this matters: there is NOT UNLIMITED POWER/MAGNETISM. Caucasians are the ONLY ONES being sapped to empower all of the dysgenic empowerment [examples: “female empowerment”, “negro empowerment”, “gay empowerment”].

Dated Female Negroes: Gary Ridgway dated female negroes in the early 1980s, a time when there was neither negative OR positive political pressures over Caucasians regarding their relations with negroes.

It will not be long before ZOG and the controlled media have “White” females under the rape wavelength and after this is accomplished, in situations in which a male negro is overcome by his selfish ‘passions’ and proceeds to physically overpower a Caucasian female, the “White” female will only ‘sense’ that power/magnetism, the ‘upper hand’, is on the negro. Maybe the female will even believe that they have made some type of ‘psychic’ mistake and that THIS is why power is on the negro [this means that the negro has stole their unconscious-attention and KNOWS it], after which the female will submit to the negro. Such naive females should also be aware that negroes are TRIBAL and may even let their “homies” partake if there are any around.

Upwards of 85% of male negroes are ‘sexually’ interested in non-negro, specifically “White” females. Being degenerate empowerment, male negroes believe that their uppity mindset about it, such as seeing the females as worthless “bitches” or “hoes”, as an empowerment mechanism for that negro only, somehow changes the fact that the negro is a parasite, a consumer only, of secondary Caucasian Male magnetism/power. The equivalent of someone who wants to smell your shit but believes that they are more money than you, that they are a higher power.

If one was foolish enough to give a negro credit for his egocentric attitude regarding his degenerate empowerment at Caucasian expense, how much money are Caucasian males then who are empowerment on THEIR OWN MONEY and have NO INTEREST at all regarding negro females? Unfortunately, communism [“political correctness”] in all ZOG occupation nations such as America and Europe ensures that there will be severe retribution, in the form of psychological terror, over the head of and awaiting any Caucasian male who does not keep that fact to himself.

All behavior that is unique to and/or much more frequent among the negro race as opposed to any other is known as “TNB”, typical negro behavior. ZOG and the controlled media will today recognize NONE OF IT and are, in fact, suppressing 80-90% of true negro (galvanization in) ‘power’ – they GLORIFY ONLY the negro in all advertising, entertainment, and other propaganda designed for ‘social-engineering’ of the Caucasian (host) public, dysgenically re-ordering that ‘collective unconscious’. ZOG and the neo-bolshevik establishment propagandize the negro as some type of ‘religiously’ and ‘dignified’ race, when in reality most are crude, ignorant, selfish, arrogant, disrespectful, underhanded, and HOSTILE. A male negro is at least ten times more likely to be violent and commit crimes, especially rape and burglary. Economic status has no practical effect on that likelihood.

The entire neo-bolshevic establishment’s money is dead on the negro, though not for the reasons conformists and ‘shabbos goy’ pseudojewry THINK that they are. The negro did not consume so well that he became this magnetic/empowered, as the negro, being degenerative empowerment, probably believes was the case. Negro magnetism/power was ‘SOCIALLY-ENGINEERED’.

The entire establishment under Jewish ‘social-engineering”: ‘shabbos goy’ pseudojewry are most Man-above-them when manipulating statistics to better reflect the “reality” that they know is desired by the Jews above them. Whether it is FBI/Homintern crime statistics on rape or this chart on obese Americans, the negro numbers will ALWAYS be manipulated to better reflect the ‘desired’ “reality”

Because the neo-bolshevik establishment is empowering male negroes at their LOWEST state, the lowest wavelength and most ignorant, egocentric, and ‘hungry’ of all negroes, THREE OUT OF EVERY FOUR negro females are extremely overweight [obese “sheboons”]. Being degenerate empowerment, a negro will sap/steal/take/sacrifice others’ power/unconscious-attention/magnetism onto all of the reasons why they are not money in reality and/or onto all of the the reasons why ‘their’ power is on others [it is not ‘theirs’ until they have won/stole/jewed it]. Jews, females and children do this too.

negroes in Africa wearing ‘tails’
Those who are Degenerate Empowerment can obtain their highest magnetization when they force higher-wavelength magnetism, unconscious attention of those who are empowerment in NATURAL ORDER/REALITY, onto the whys of their degenerate empowerment. A double dose of power as the empowerment they have already derives from their jewing power from natural order.

If possible, they will give birth to more negroes while that higher-wavelength power/unconscious-attention is on them Man-above-them. For degenerate empowerment to be magnetic/empowered they HAVE to have a higher-power’s unconscious attention on it, and that is only through UNDERHANDED means or another’s ‘sacrifice’. THAT is the goal of all ZOG “welfare” programs. The government and system is no longer above Caucasians in any way except to see them as money dead, which is not empowerment UNLESS YOU ARE BIOLOGICALLY DEGENERATE EMPOWERMENT [a jew, negro, etc.]. A negro or Jew, in fact, wins ANY attention paid to them, even “hate”.

ZOG and the controlled media are artificially and dysgenically empowering the male negro. They are REDIRECTING and SACRIFICING “White” biological magnetism ONTO the negro. That power would not occur in negroes’ natural order.

The negro actually has the right to want to ‘overthrow’ the establishment or want them dead for it. They have not been empowered on the negro’s OWN money, whatever that may be, nor have they been “educated”. In fact, ZOG has used political pressure to pass illiterate or ‘unteachable’ negroes, get them out on the streets in order that they can start jewing Caucasian male unconscious-attention/magnetism on themselves Man-above-them. Any “White” who knows what the establishment is doing is ABOVE the negro’s galvanization and can also ‘add’ their own unconscious-attention to the virtual polarization that keeps growing and lowering the negro into even more erratic, hostile and violent behaviors. Negroes have only been USED by the neo-bolshevik establishment as a biological depowerment ‘mechanism’ against Caucasian males. That is the extent that they “care” about the negro. That is the only reason his life “matters” to ZOG.

Marketed to male “urban” negro “adults” [sexually mature negroes 11+]: Jews are marketing Marilyn Monroe t-shirts to ‘urban’ negro males, 90% of whom are in criminal street gangs. Monroe was one of the first celebrity females to be completely UNDER and utilizing Caucasian male sexual attention that was on her and reflecting it back, in an animal-like way. Jews and ZOG want male negroes to believe it is their (negro) ‘power’ on such females today and any Caucasian females able to attract such attention will be ‘acting’ more similar to Monroe than not. In reality, a Caucasian female under a male negro will have to be getting this magnetism ELSEWHERE: either by prostituting themselves to Caucasian males, attention-whoring on ‘social media’ to gain Caucasian male psychological submission, by using Caucasian male ‘friends’ for unconscious-attention, OR through Jews and pseudojewry sacrificing power/money onto them, although establishment/system Jews and pseudojewry will almost without exception empower only the male negro so that their OBVIOUS social engineering cannot be exploited by knowing that. If the negro himself does not make his mudshark go out and ‘win’ magnetism in order to empower/magnetize the male negro, a mudshark will be unconsciously COMPELLED to do so as they will be constantly LOSING power/magnetism to the negro, who sees ALL power/magnetism around him as his own, unless the negro has been physically dominated and/or shown that another’s power is above the negro, such as his gang leader.

ZOG and the media Jews above it are empowering the male negro for use as an ‘interchangeable’ with any Caucasian male, as if they are the same exact thing, simply because the same “White” power/magnetism is on the negro or the “White”. Caucasians being COMPELLED UNDER THEIR OWN MAGNETISM, even if it has been jewed/sacrificed onto someone and is not naturally occurring, will not be able to complain because they don’t even realize that.

All of the negroes that “Whites” have been compelled to ‘like’ the most have been the ones with the most “White” magnetism/power/unconscious-attention on them, and many if not all of them became magnetic through their using “White” prostitutes or unknowing but virtual whores [whores that do not realize that they are whores that ‘like’ men only because the men are magnetic/powerful, have threats of political power over them, can increase the female’s own power through the female winning attention of others who are ‘impressed’ i.e. psychological submission to them AND raise them to a higher status Man-above-them as a conformist/consumer], and/or raping “White” females or kids. These would be negroes such as Michael Jackson, Michael Jordon, Eddy Murphy, Price, Bill Cosbie, OJ Simpson, etc.

Caucasians, in fact, are compelled ONLY BY ATTENTION. They are UNABLE to follow or back ANYTHING THAT DOES NOT ALREADY HAVE THEIR OWN (OTHER WHITES’) ATTENTION ON IT. For example, TRY to start any social media-type account and gain ANY success in it. All sheeple are AFRAID that they will be exposed for not knowing what the power on something was. They have to be sure that the Man is above them in everything they do, or their status is lowered if other sheeple can correctly play themselves as more Man-above. Sheeple/conformists are only compelled under a polarization [the collective unconscious] that is created from many others’ unconscious-attention, which, when immersed within it, they believe to be their own thoughts, imagery, feelings, senses, etc.

This is why all conformists are under fads, trends, and ‘fashions’. A conformist is nothing but a ‘product of the times’. An ardent “white racist” of the 1800s might be a “lover” today, because they are only galvanized to play Man-above-them for power. What a conformist may ‘like’ today will be forgotten next year when there is little or no attention/power on it.

Power in natural order is ALWAYS power, though Jews do work to depower, lessen or subvert the power/unconscious-attention/magnetic-image that is on it. Power is only on things that are ABOUT POWER [human magnetism]. Anything else that seems like power is on, is only the attention that is on it RIGHT NOW.

Innocent man executed?: Joseph Paul Franklin, alleged to have committed violence against “minorities”, now termed jewish “hate crimes”, was used in “racism” propaganda of the Jewish mass media, who never utilize negroes such as “John Allen Mohammad” (who with his son Boyd Lee Malbo were the “D.C. Snipers” of 10-2002) or the Zebra Murderers for the same purpose. Cases that do not benefit jewish “Social-Engineering” are never used for psychological leverage over sheeple, which is the #1 concern of ZOG and the jewish controlled media. “White” conformist sheeple are able to recognize negative power only when they are (virtually) ‘told’ to put their negative unconscious attention/power on someone by ZOG or the jewish media. Have you noticed that ONLY non-Jewish “Whites” may be “racists” or commit jewish “hate speech” and “hate crimes”? it is time to reject these marketed terms, terms that are built into a magnetic power over conformists. Officials and authorities have NO POWER IN REALITY and must resort to use of logical fallacies Man-above-them.

Protecting predatory elite a “National Security” concern of ZOG, Jew controlled media

In EVERY host society throughout the entire world, Jews were exposed for “Ritually” murdering non-Jewish “Gentile”/”Goyim” children, in order to obtain magnetism/power for their unconscious emulation of the host people’s natural power. Also to sustain a magnetism/power that the host peoples will psychologically submit to and are compelled under magnetically.

The Jewish-controlled ‘news’ media has just buried one of the most important cases to ever emerge: the Harvey Epstein child sex-trafficking operation, which is NOT at all unique and is in fact a perfect representation of the main means of empowerment for the predatory elites.

Predatory elites are the “1 percenters”, the top 1% earners, of which a full HALF OF ALL JEWS are in – some three million of them. The top 1%, of course, are the positions of highest authority in society and therefore wield the most POWER over ‘lower’ people. Thier power/magnetism FORCES the psychological submission of ANYONE who submits to that authority. Those under such power believe that the will of the higher magnetism/power individual is THEIR OWN INTUITION/FEELINGS/SENSES. They are simply GALVANIZED as an animal under them.

Many of these elites RAPE CHILDREN in order to sacrifice child magnetism onto themselves in order to have a magnetism that absolutely NO ONE WHO DOES NOT KNOW HOW HUMAN POWER/MAGNETISM WORKS can NOT ‘like’. This means that those without children’s magnetism themselves are COMPELLED UNDER it, having evolved to ‘like’ children’s magnetism in order that the species survives.

The elite class of Jews and their ‘shabbos goy’ pseudojewry, sociopathic goyim who have been taught (virtually) by Jewish “Rain Men” (in all power) a (limited) DEGENERATE EMPOWERMENT, view themselves as an ENTITLED ‘special’ class of people. Almost as a separate, even ‘alien’, RACE that views the ‘regular’ people as a lower class, if not even as animals for their use in harvesting power out of them.

Jews are “Rain Men”: Jews are “autistic” in EVERYTHING REGARDING POWER, everything from multi-layered financial scams to multi-layered biological ‘finance’ [human magnetism is the sole power behind money] scams involving polarizations of unconscious-attention/magnetism. Empowered Jews know how the future can be used to empower the present, which I term “Retroactive ‘Why’ Creation”, wherein pro-degenerate-empowerment reasons are created after an event in order to corrupt non-Jewish intuition regarding what the power on it was. This is ex-post facto empowerment of the past and an individual may develop higher intuition through such awareness. Jews are also aware of how judgements may be made from the type of attention/power on recorded media. Jews even know which females, children, relatives, or ‘friends’ are carriers of another ‘goy’ male’s magnetism/power. Including where their magnetism/power has gone after death [example: Adolf Hitler’s power/magnetism went to the German people. The communist/ZOG allies then ‘extracted’ that power by mass-starvation, rape, and other tortures.] The average Jewish IQ is only 5 points higher than Caucasians, so “intelligence” CAN NOT account for the astoundingly high level of “success” in their host societies, particularly the “Asskenazis”. Jews have thwarted accurate critical analysis of them because they are biological “geniuses” in all things regarding degenerative power and, using host magnetism, are able to “emulate” any behaviors of the host that are indicators to the host people of one who is “aware”/”hip” on the host’s own wavelengths. Because of this and because Jews are EXTREMELY VERBAL [Jews seem to have a knack for spinning yarns and fanciful tales that entrance the “goyim” and they will utilize the MOST EFFECTIVE terminology to obtain maximum advantage over host peoples’ tendency toward abstract imagery], few non-Jews have known what to look for to see them as ”retarded”. Jews are extremely hostile, standoffish, and socially seek to be among other Jews only (unless feeding). Jews will become as weak as a junkie without dope if they can be prevented from parasiting host magnetism, such as their stint in the German concentration/work camps: those Jews were almost all businessmen, authorities, leaders, etc. yet appeared poor, uneducated, and emaciated. Jews are also “dindus”: they can never admit that they have done anything “wrong”. This is because, as a biological parasite of others’ magnetism/lifeforce [which is tied to fertility and lifespan], they are power-correct in all actions, which to them is all that “right” is. Their biological ‘senses’ prevent them from talking about anything regarding their power, which is degenerative, the same as a host higher-wavelength does not want to talk about THEIR power (human magnetism and the transmission and reception of it), it ‘jews’ them to do so. Jews are willing to risk all of “Judea” to prevent the reversal of even the smallest dysgenic social-engineering ‘politics’ that they have previously won. Jews are unable to deal with those who have exposed them or claim that the Jew has cheated; Jews will slander such individuals as the lowest type of people imaginable while the Jew instinctively projects all of their own negativity, hostility, deranged behaviors, and satanic/evil image on the host peoples. This is why Jews have never been a success for long and, as a juggernaut effect, will eventually “burn up” everywhere they have ever been because the complete subjugation of a higher-wavelength peoples, the biological galvanization of the jewish parasite, a subjugation in which the host works for the Jew with no power/magnetism/money on them at all, is not within the realm of possiblity.

This is far from the first time that ZOG and mass media have buried cases that would not only expose the elite class predation upon the innocent and naive populous, but is only another in a long series in an ever-predictable pattern of such suppression. Suppression to hide EVERYTHING THAT THEY ARE DEAD/FINISHED IN. This includes ANYONE WHO EXPOSES THEM, also.

THE BIGGEST CASE TO EVER COME OUT about the predatory class occured in Italy in the year 2000. This is a “Reuters” news dispatch datelined “Naples, Italy, September 27th”:

Police said on Wednesday they had arrested eight Italians suspected of belonging to a child-pornography ring that traded videos over the Internet, including films of Russian children who were abused to death. Police specializing in Internet crime told reporters that their 19-month investigation had given them enough information to begin investigations into 1,700 people suspected of buying the material over the Web…. They said three people in Moscow ran an operation to kidnap children from orphanages, circuses, and public parks and film them while they were forced to commit sexual acts. Police said they had intercepted some 3,000 tapes and CDs and digital video discs of child pornography, including some involving children only several months old.

…[P]olice said they had broken up an online international child-pornography ring, arrested eight Italians and three Russians, and seized thousands of videos and photographs. The Russian-run ring, which distributed an explicit catalog on the Internet, catered to clients in the United States, Germany, and Italy. Its inventory included films of children being tortured and killed.

…Investigators say the pornography ring produces and distributes images showing children as young as two years old being sexually abused. Some of the victims reportedly were stolen from orphanages, others from families. Its catalog offers films of killings for about $20,000 and images of people having sex with children for about half that.

This story has been ‘wiped’ off the Internet today and when it happened was reported by NOT ONE ”news” outlet outside of Italy. The only mentions I could find anywhere are a Texe Marrs book (“DNA Science and the Jewish Bloodline”) and the American Dissident Voices broadcast (“Media-Driven Law“) of February 2, 2001. The following is a transcript from the program:

These arrests were big news in Italy, where TV newsmen horrified millions of Italians by broadcasting excerpts from of a couple of the child-porn videos on a prime-time national television news program. I reported that the newsmen responsible for the broadcast were immediately fired by the news director of the government-run network, Gad Lerner, a Jew, who obviously was very unhappy that the news had gotten out. Perverts in the United States also buy child-porn videos from Russia, and I commented in my report of October 7, 2000, that in the United States there was practically a media blackout on the Italian investigation and the subsequent arrests in Italy and in Russia. But there was an Associated Press release on September 29, two days after the arrests.

That Associated Press release from September 29, 2000, was virtually ignored by news media in the United States. Then on January 4 of last year a man described by Federal authorities as the U.S. West Coast distributor for a child-pornography ring operating in Moscow was arrested in Walnut Creek, California. That was Seth Bekenstein, a Jew. And at the time I thought, “At last! Now the media cannot avoid reporting this filthy business to the American people. There will be a hearing and a trial for Bekenstein, and the whole story will come out.”

But of course, the story didn’t come out. The mass media did avoid reporting anything about Bekenstein’s arrest or his trial. Even the big newspapers in California were silent. The American public remained completely ignorant of the whole business. Do you understand what Bekenstein was doing? He was selling films to thousands of American perverts that showed Russian children and infants being raped, sexually tortured, and murdered. He was a part of the operation that kidnapped, raped, sexually tortured, and murdered these Russian children.

Without people like Bekenstein to sell the films, the business couldn’t have operated. He was placing wholesale orders to Moscow for more films, new films, and wiring the money that kept the operation going. He was as guilty as the people who actually did the kidnapping, raping, torture, and murder. Well, last month, on January 4, exactly a year after his arrest, Seth Bekenstein, who has been out of jail on bond the whole time, was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment after pleading guilty. That’s just 18 months for being a major part of an operation involving the most horrific criminal activity imaginable–18 months for raping, torturing, and murdering hundreds of White children for the gratification of unspeakably perverted freaks. And there still hasn’t been a peep about Bekenstein or the child-pornography operation in which he was engaged in any major media outlets in the United States.

So far as the TV-watching public is concerned it never happened. Imagine how differently the Bekenstein case would have been handled by the courts if the Jews had decided that it served their interests to make a cause célèbre of it. Imagine what would have happened to Bekenstein if the Jewish media had given him the 1998 Jasper, Texas, treatment. Gruesome excerpts from the films he was peddling would be shown on prime-time TV in America night after night. TV crews would have interviewed some of Bekenstein’s customers and had them tell everyone how much they enjoyed seeing little girls or little boys sexually tortured. There would have been tearful interviews with the Russian parents of some of the kidnapped children.

The Jews would have kept this up week after week and month after month, until the lemmings all across America finally had gotten it and were screaming for Bekenstein’s blood. And, behold!, the Federal prosecutor would have seen the light and realized that Bekenstein had not only violated a law against sending child porn through the mail, he also was guilty of kidnapping, rape, and murder. And the judge would have seen the light too. And Bekenstein would be sitting on death row now, hoping that the other inmates didn’t get their hands on him before he got his lethal injection.

But the Jewish media bosses had no interest in punishing their fellow tribesman for his exploitation of Russian children. After all, the children were only Gentiles, only goyim. And their fellow tribesmen in Israel were making a very good living in the sex-slave trade, exploiting the older sisters of these Russian children. Why stir things up?

And they didn’t even have to tell the prosecutor and the judge in the Bekenstein case to take it easy on Seth. The court system already has become so corrupted in America that the prosecutor and the judge understood without being told that they shouldn’t be too hard on Bekenstein. And now this depraved monster will be back in business again in a few months. I’ll sum it up for you: our whole system of laws and government in America has become media-driven. Until we drag the filthy creatures controlling the mass media of news and entertainment out of their offices and drive stakes through their hearts, the system will only become more and more corrupt.

Dr. William Luther Pierce, founder and chairman of the National Alliance; host of “American Dissident Voices”; author of “The Turner Diaries”; honest, non-degenerate, non-predatory PATRIOT.

Another case that has received only the most minimal coverage (except in Michigan where it occured) is the Oakland County Child Killings of 1976-1977, in which 2 boys and 2 girls were abducted, held for extensive periods, murdered and then the bodies were left out in the open near stores or public roads so that the ‘power’/magnetic-image [psychic fingerprint] shows Man-above. Barry King, father of the last victim, has been actively investigating the case and pressuring law enforcement, who play him as having an irrational interest in the case in order to discourage him. That, of course, shows that this is the exact pressure that is coming down upon their police department from ZOG above them. Why?

Non-Jewish authorities and officials only play Man-above-them. Caucasian intuiton has been so thoroughly corrupted that conformists can only now emulate what they THINK are the whys behind the power above them. They can only ‘feel’/’sense’ that the power/Man above them is jewing them MONEY, doing it to virtually ‘tell’ them how to be more Man-above-them i.e. ‘politically correct’, which the authority or official can only believe MUST be reality, honorable, the ‘right’ or ‘correct’ way etc. because it has taken their unconscious attention [that is what ‘jewing’ someone does. If you recognize another’s authority and psychologically submit to them, they can ‘jew’ you for ANYTHING they want. It means NOTHING MORE.] Man above you is JEWS.

None of this is conscious awareness, though, it is all going on in their SUBCONSCIOUS, in the form of abstract thoughts and programmed notions and imagery.

The Oakland County Child Killings were no doubt an ORGANIZED OPERATION involving child pornography and/or sadistic “snuff films”, almost certainly at the behest of elite class JEWS and their ‘shabbos goy’ pseudojewry. Also, MULTIPLE perpetrator/abductors were likely involved. In short, the neo-bolshevik establishment is dead/finished in the case.

Before Ted Bundy, the common conformist believed that another’s public persona [i.e. they seem ”nice” and exude magnetism] were sufficient indicators for judgement of whether someone was INCAPABLE of sadistic and violent degeneracy. A conformist’s ‘senses’ would have alerted them to something being ‘off’ about such a degenerate. The late 1960’s Jew-orchestrated ”Peace” movement, however, lowered the public under herd-animalization and degenerate empowerment. That is why a full 80% of ALL SERIAL KILLERS have emerged post-1969. The demise of Caucasians began the minute they allowed low-wavelength biological parasites into their society, as their power does not work the same and they can only corrupt your intuition, and Caucasians had only an evolved INTUITION regarding power.

Jews have Caucasians figured out to the extent that they are like the artificial intelligence of a computer game to them. An example being a computer game such as Madden Football: after multiple times playing it, you know the artificial intelligence behind it, such as what moves prompt what reactions and screens and when the ‘announcers’ will say things. That is the reason players become ‘good’ at it. The first time you play the game you do not know those whys and it seems highly ‘realistic’.

In the whys of human power/magnetism/attention, Caucasians are only the latter example. Caucasians could live one thousand lifetimes and still be unable to realize what is compelling them or why they are under various stimuli. They could NEVER naturally develop any higher understanding of the whys of their magnetism/attention, as it DOES NOT benefit the species [Jews have actually ruined Caucasians and now have them questioning everything about themselves instead of an unconscious biological galvanization that is now enjoyed only by ALL OTHER RACES]. Caucasians will ‘learn’ only ABSTRACTLY about SOME whys regarding power and this will be only through EXAMPLES [what they THINK is the reason for another’s social success and empowerment] and by COINCIDENCE. The Jew knows all of the whys as in the former example, and can manipulate Caucasians to do anything by jewing them, creating artificial synchronicities, and/or jewing power/magnetism/polarizations over or on them.

What if today’s sheeple/conformists found out that the highest-respected, revered, and those in highest positions of authority are, in fact, almost exclusively all “MONSTERS”, their magnetism being not only not naturally-occuring but having been SACRIFICED/JEWED off of others in order that the ‘magnetic’ authority/official/leader may ’emulate’ power in natural order while being the lowest parasite. In effect corrupting your BIOLOGICALLY-EVOLVED intuition to sense/feel/believe what is, in fact, the polar opposite of reality?

A sadistic operation on North Fox Island in Michigan that was tied to a millionaire pedophile Jew named Dyer Grossman was possibly the impetus for the Oakland County Child Killings, though the case was never a priority of ZOG Federal Authorities and was never publicly ‘solved’:

Man above the Oakland County Child Killer(s)?: a Jew, Dyer Grossman, who was connected to the child pornography and rape operation on North Fox Island in Michigan fled and was NEVER APPREHENDED by the FBI. Was this also “National Security”?
Jew Grossman island “eerily” similar to Jew Epstein island: WDIV television in Detroit produced a series entitled “Child Killer” about the Oakland County Child Murders. As with the rape and violence epidemic concerning male negroes, there is no “interest” in this case by ‘news’ media outside of the local area in which it occured, where they MUST report such things. Such cases will receive only the LEAST coverage possible and will be reported each time as if it is a unique and/or unexplainable occurance. Alleged Caucasian “Racism” is THE MOST important topic to the Jews above the controlled media. Much more important than sadistic rapes and murders of children. Only “racists” and those not recognizing jewish “hate speech”, brands/labels that are EXCLUSIVELY USED ON NON-JEWISH CAUCASIANS, are inherently evil, piece-of-shit people.

Should we allow ZOG “National Security” concerns to include CHILD MOLESTATION as well as the cult-like (think Charles Manson over his women) programming techniques used on “empowered” females (in order to virtually pimp them, primarily in use to empower male negroes)? How long before a “National Security” concern is that a Caucasian child is too magnetic and that the risk is too great that they will ‘show’ how power (human magnetism) works?

Will we allow the neo-bolsheviks to keep lowering herd-animalization through suppression of a greater number of things that they are dead in, or will steps be taken to bring them to justice. A justice that will require MILLIONS of them to be executed. Executed in a way that RELEASES THE POWER/MAGNETISM back to the people, such as HANGING?

Jews, like negroes, women, and children, are living ‘ghosts’ [they jew/steal/take higher-wavelength male electromagnetic power/unconscious-attention onto themselves ONLY for their ’empowerment’], because of this, if they are killed, they will appear just as a fish that has died out of water [see below images].
Islamic terrorists believe that they are ‘showing’ ZOG-governed/programmed sheeple that they are a ‘dead’ power/galivinization when they behead their fellow sheeple, but sheeple have been unconsciously instilled to believe that external, degenerative empowerment Man-above-then is the ‘fashionable’ and only power, when in fact it is DEGENERATIVE galvanization under a REAL power that allows their empowerment off of them.

When that day arrives, it must be remembered that ONLY ‘shabbos goy’ pseudojewry carry magnetism/power on them, as Jews know to put it back in ‘play’ on their next moves. Jews hold little to no magnetism at any given time and that is why no ‘Gentiles’ ever try to force a hostile Jew’s psychological submission to them via a violent act upon them. There is NOTHING TO TAKE.

Inhumane/Sadistic methods of extracting power/magnetism from victims: the Jewish bolsheviks and their sociopathic and psychotic ‘shabbos goys’ derived sexual pleasure in the most sadistic and depraved methods imaginable for their extraction of magnetism/power. The 66 million white Russians murdered SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY WERE BIOLOGICALLY EMPOWERED/MAGNETIC was the real “Holocaust”. There is even PROOF that it happened, unlike the Jew and ZOG-marketed one, which has been ACADEMICALLY DEBUNKED.

Whenever there is massive dysgenic social-engineering that they are perpetrating upon the public (think late 1960s, late 1970s, early 1990s, and today), ZOG and the establishment are ‘dead’ on the populous: they have ALMOST ALL MAGNETISM ON THE PEOPLE [power that they have CHOSEN to release and can take back at any time], in order that there is power/magnetism on the human ‘junk bonds’ that they are dysgenically empowering, on females to jew themselves ‘dead’ (as whores) on herd-animalization. Also so that there is no power on ZOG or the system for the populous to ‘sense’ they are being jewed dead by them.

Once the objectives have been reached, which today is the lowering of Caucasian females under the male negro “rape” wavelength [after which ALL negro wavelengths will work over “whites”], the power/magnetism is ‘taken back’ by ZOG and the system. Sheeple who previously had power on their dysgenic behaviors will then see that there is no more money/power/magnetism on it IF they even have the consciousness to be aware of such realities.

ZOG set to deploy ‘extraterrestrial’ propaganda “Psy-Op”

Confidential sources have revealed that ZOG has an “alien life discovered” propaganda campaign prepared for deployment as a diversionary tactic when the ZOG occupational neo-bolshevik regime is exposed through a public disclosure of all whys regarding ZOG and controlled-mass-media dysgenic social-engineering: their collusion in the DYSGENIC empowerment of male negroes at the EXPENSE of non-jewish Caucasian males. Empowerment NOT by education of through the negro’s own situation in power, but by REDIRECTING/SACRIFICING higher-wavelength magnetism/power ONTO the negro.

Conformist sheeple have already been prepared for “aliens”, having been instilled subconsciously through jewish “entertainment” social-engineering propaganda since shortly after the communist/ZOG “allies” victory over the anti-communists in “World War II”. Are the public willing to accept it and will the (fake) revelation in fact make ‘perfect’ sense to them, as if they have been ‘awakened’?

The first “test” of public readiness to accept “alien lifeforms” propaganda occurred with an alleged weather balloon crash in Roswell, New Mexico which was reported on July 8, 1947 as the capture by the United States Army of a “Flying Saucer” at the Army airfield there.

If this occurs it is to put the mass public under even greater magnetic control by ZOG. This works because the human mind is a magnetic phenomenon wherein everything that is believed by someone galvanizes their unconscious mind under the person (or polarization of many united in the same ’cause’) that caused the false belief, similar to why “hypnosis” works.

NSDAP government surveillance of hostile Jewish groups and “synagogues”, as well as the “Masonic Lodges” of ‘shabbos goy’ pseudojewry under Jew control, led to many discoveries regarding “communist” Jew propaganda techniques for herd-animalizing the host population under electromagnetic galvanization. Degenerate empowerment is only empowered through lies and dysgenic social-engineering of higher-wavelength power onto themselves. The German government, however, did NOT know what human power/magnetism was, and believed that they were moved by fate, “God”, or supernatural forces if they happened, by chance, on a move that was higher in power than their understanding. The Jews were seen as diabolical and not the reality of their being only hostile, hateful “Rain Men” regarding all power (attention, money, polarizations of attention, etc.)

The exact propaganda is not known, but it is sure to be ridiculous for maximum programming/hypnosis effect over sheeple. Conformists/sheeple are 100% UNABLE to reject ANYTHING that the powers, the galvanizing force, above them are adamant about, no matter HOW ridiculous.

Belief in lies creates magnetic power over the mind of whoever is under that magnetic force. Psychological submission to a galvanizing force causes the follower/sheeple/programmee to be unable to think outside of their controls. All sheeple (conformists) are under polarizations of other sheeple who, in turn, are under lies of the Man (power and galvainizing force) above them.

In addition, someone who is willing to psychologically submit their unconscious attention without sufficient PROOF will also be unable to realize ANY knowledge higher than that which the powers above them are WILLING TO RECOGNIZE. This is why a conformist today has NO CLUE WHATSOEVER what the mindset and galvanization in power is (or ANY differences) of the negro.

the uninhibited male negro in this video is exhibiting an amplified negro subconscious mind, due to cocaine-intoxication coupled with the critical attention on him by the police officer AND all viewers of this video. the negro subconscious mind consists of little more than babble, hostility and other dysgenic traits regarding potential gibs and ‘i takes dat’s. The negro operates on a CONSCIOUS and external basis created out of the negro ‘senses’ immersed in the unconscious attention that is on or around him, modified/interpolated as it suits the negro. The negro believes all power/magnetism is his own. The negro only knows that wherever he goes among non-negroes, power is always on him. THAT is because higher-wavelength peoples are unknowingly hosting him as they do not know how to guard their attention. Partly because mass media and ZOG are ACTIVELY PROGRAMMING them to be an external power (to transmit their unconscious attention on others at all times, similar to the low-wavelength negro).

The negro is DEGENERATE EMPOWERMENT only, meaning his entire CONSCIOUS mind is made from his immersion in higher-wavelength UNCONSCIOUS attention. This power comes from higher-wavelength peoples who unconsciously transmit magnetism to herd-animalization thru their inability to see all power of theirs as on them ONLY at all times. The negro, in effect, is WHATEVER HIGHER-WAVELENGTH HOSTS BELIEVE HE IS. The ‘best’ negro he can be in a ‘free’ society will be through inflated/false notions of him, although he will still be degenerate empowerment only [hostile, narcissistic, etc.].

THAT is why ZOG and the controlled mass media are able to ‘blame’ Caucasians for ALL NEGRO CRIMINALITY. We have learned from sources that the ENTIRE establishment is now being galvanized to empower the negro by psychological terror over anyone holding a position of authority. For example, The U.S. Justice Department will blame any police department if that police department has “too many” male negro arrests. This ‘tells’ that department ‘virtually’ to artificially lower their arrests of male negroes. Why bother arresting criminal negroes when you will be sacrificed in those politics?

Caucasian victims who go into a police station to report a hostile negro will be treated as if it is a “psychic phenomenon” wherein the victim is to blame for the negro’s behavior. This is because they are simply “passing down”/paying-forward exactly as is done to them through pressure above their department by Jewish pressure groups and ZOG.

Teachers in the ZOG public school system [ZOG sheeple and whore factories] will be blamed for negroes not succeeding, causing them to pass negroes or to be sacrificed by ZOG, hostile Jews and pseudojewry onto those negroes. “Affirmative Action” has allowed 70 IQ negroes to ‘succeed’ in society equal to what a 120 IQ non-negro has EARNED. Inner city all-negro “chocolate” school curriculum is so basic that their high school classes are the equivalent of a suburban third grade (incidentally, the negro reaches full cognitive development at puberty. Every “adult” negro is, in reality, a thirteen-year-old negro in an adult body).

What are they supposed to do then to avoid the onus? Are we ‘jewing’ ZOG, jews and pseudojewry by preventing that type of unjust hostililty through doing EXACTLY what they are pressuring us to do to keep them off of us? How are we supposed to ‘see’ the negro for the piece of shit ZOG government and chomo/rapist system pseudojewry to quit fucking with us?

You are supposed to see the negro as total money for jewing off you. The negro must be allowed into your groups, etc. in order to jew magnetic power off you, preferably indirectly through females carrying male magnetism AND/OR pseudojewry and ZOG sacrificing the same money/power onto him, for the negro to then go back to his group of polarized negroes and tell them how much money he is because he is above you for having jewed you. AND you are supposed to have absolutely NO CONSCIOUSNESS of any of it. If you do, they can jew you Man-above-you.

If you are non-Jewish Caucasian, your only hope today is to STOP playing Man-above-you. The Man (ZOG, establishment, corporate system) is JEWING YOU DEAD ONLY. Caucasians (first males, then females) are MONEY DEAD to them ONLY! Reject all new social-engineering concepts and terms. USE the system and ZOG only as a negro uses them. If you use their products, stop playing Man-above-you with them. You bought it, so you OWN it as if YOU CREATED IT. Jew them only! They are hostile toward a MAJORITY PEOPLE. A MAJORITY PEOPLE WHOSE ANCESTORS FOUNDED AND CREATED THE COUNTRY. They want this reality gone as soon as possible through open borders and aiding negro fertility. They must be beaten while this is still so, BEFORE they no longer need to use OUR OWN PEOPLE (in the form of ‘shabbos goy’ pseudojewry) OR pretend that they are the same power/wavelength as us!

Deployment of the ZOG/controlled-media ‘extra-terrestrial’ propaganda “Psy-Op” is sure to be something that fits perfectly with the dysgenic social-engineering propaganda AND it will be as Jewish and ridiculous as the official “theory” beshat in recent years by the Jewish-controlled (thru psychological terror, of course) academia: that cow farts and shit are the cause of “Global Warming” or “Climate Change”, which in reality is a hoax that implants in sheeple subconsciously the reality of present and increasing ZOG weather modification that was designed to benefit the biological galvanization of the negro: hot and erratic weather and having no (or limiting) “Spring”, which stimulates Caucasian fertility. All peoples have evolved to be ‘in-tune’ with and greatly affected by atmospheric conditions, just as negroes, females, and children are affected by the higher-wavelength male (unconscious) attention through which their “own” power/magnetism is created and formed.

Harvey Epstein allegedy dead: Jewish ‘news’ media

Negative Magnetism junkie Epstein with Doald Trump, also degenerate empowerment
and probable chomo.

The Jewish mass media has alleged the suicide in jail of the extremely “well-connected” Jewish billionaire and predator/parasite Harvey Epstein. A body has not yet been viewed and confirmed by any reliable source, though. Although there has never been a confirmed case of a faked death in the United States of America, that is not beyond the realm of possibility as ZOG over time becomes more Jewish in all ways.

Those who are degenerate empowerment only are concerned with CONSENSUS reality only. This means what others can be convinced of in order to harness and win their power/magnetism. For predators and parasites, any means justify the ends as they are dead in reality and cannot be empowered any other way. Jews in occupied Palestine (the occupation that they want recognized and called “Israel”) even glorify false flag operations on jew television there:

ad for the jew television show “False Flag”, shown on jew television in occupied Palestine.

To stoke a sense of entitlement in parasitic empowerment among lower-IQ fellow tribesman, Jew media in occupied Palestine even have a show glorifying Jew vampires there:

actual ad for Jewish vampire ‘superhero’ propaganda for young and lower-IQ jews in occupied Palestine. Unlike the destructive propaganda shown to the host “Goyim”, the goal of Jewish propaganda FOR JEWS isn’t to create alienation and dysgenic behavior (in order to force host psychological submission of biological power to others), but to show them that the powers above them recognize their biological galvanization (their ‘power’) and are helping and behind them.
Similarly, the Jewish “Bar-Mitzvah” celebrates puberty, when the blood becomes “impure” as Jews become ‘dead’ on the host (source of power). This occurs when a Jew’s biological electromagnetism-parasiting ‘gift’ has become active. a Jew’s parents will then expect him to do all of his own jewing. An adult jew is responsible to independently satiate his own (biological) drive to jew host magnetism/power onto himself. Probably without exception, though, Jews WILL help a fellow tribesman who is low on power and in need of ”dope” (host magnetism), but this will never be out of a jew’s indolence regarding his degenerate empowerment, but rather a result of the host people somehow limiting or preventing him from jewing them. In extreme cases of power ‘famine’, “ritual” sacrifices are required.
Parasitic/Degenerate empowerment is natural order for biological parasites, therefore fellow tribesman who are most hostile to and parasitic of the host (the source of magnetism/power) are the most money to them.

Jew reports of this are legitimately suspect after the Jew media made a point of alluding to a failed attempt days before it when various Jewish ‘news’ outlets made mention of ‘marks on the neck’ of the now-dead (allegedly) Jew in question; with that now in consideration, weight should be given to the fact that the m.o. of Jew/ZOG, in their parasitism of non-jewish “white” sheeple, has always been to implant hints of what is to later to come, and it is done subconsciously/virtually the same way.

The entire communist/’politically correct’ establishment polarization, their Man, is dead in this. Organized Jewry and the entire parasitic corporate ‘system’ is also dead in any thorough, real investigation, which will never happen. That establishment polarization is a piece of shit that consists, as does every communist and neo-bolshevik regime, of every form of pseudojewry: degenerates, sociopaths, psychopaths, the venal, and every other type that can be used by Jews because they seek to parasite host power onto themselves so badly that they will become ‘shabbos goys’ in order to do it.

It is possible, however, that the Jewish media reports ARE true, in which case the Jewish m.o. would be similar to that of a pedophile Jew named “Arnold Friedman”, who starred in “Capturing The Friedmans”. After he and his predator sons were imprisoned for serial child molestation, he committed suicide.

Through the psychology I have uncovered over the past four years, we should all know by now that Jews are “DINDUS”. As Dr. William Pierce said, they are BIOLOGICALLY INCAPABLE OF SHAME [a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behavior]. As a biological parasite, they are incapable of this because ALL ACTIONS ARE TOWARD THEIR OWN EMPOWERMENT.

They are BIOLOGICALLY galvanized whenever amongst a higher-wavelength host people to use that host’s unconscious attention and jew it onto themselves. As a result, they are biologically power-correct in all actions. Because of this, from the time of puberty, a jew “knows who they are” moreso than most non-Jews EVER will in their entire life and THAT is extremely advantageous in society and is why almost every single jew is extremely confident and power is always on them (they know the whys of power more than any non-jew and is why they consider them animals). Note that this is only when they are among a higher-wavelength host, not among fellow parasites. This behavior may also be observed regarding negroes.

So, why would a piece-of-shit Jew commit suicide then?

Without the ability to parasite unconscious attention (negative magnetism) from a host, a Jew is like a dope addict without dope. Whatever the amount of magnetism that they are regularly jewing onto themselves will be what people expect their ‘persona’/aura to be. A serial chomo would be ‘used’ to children’s magnetism, a magnetism that non-Jews are biologically incapable of not ‘liking’ [they are under it for magnetic reasons] which is why the most parasitic Jews desire to rape or sacrifice “Gentile”/”Goyim” children. Anytime you see a Jew or ‘shabbos goy’ pseudojewry with that type of magnetism, it is 99% assured that they are raping kids. Add to this the fact that anyone who is empowered in consensus reality only, a parasite of others’ magnetism, loses power whenever they are under ACCURATE critical analysis.

IF this is a case of a faked death, the most famous example to compare the psychology of it to would be the mid-1940s relocation of ‘dead’ “Holocaust victims” emigrated out of Europe and into the Jewish occupation zone in Palestine (“Israel”), which came into existence simultaneous to the availability of a host power (Germans and Eastern European Slavics) to sacrifice onto it. Biological parasites have no power/magnetism and must sacrifice power/magnetism in the name of and thereby ONTO everything they do for there to be any magnetism/power on it in the collective unconscious of the host/source-of-power.

Even if they were in absolute control of everything in every way, a biological parasite is still BELOW the source of their power: they are electromagnetically GALVANIZED under the host of the power that they are jewing. This until they have jewed the last man, women, and children dead, at which point they will have won and absorbed all of the magnetism. Consequently, this also happens to be their goal.

Very few successful/powerful Jews would have wanted to go to the occupied zone in Palestine on their own accord as there was insufficient magnetism (Jewish “dope”) there to jew onto themselves. It would have been seen as too much of a risk. They also knew that they were not all going to move there, as organized Jewry had led all host peoples to believe was the case. Jews who did go were given credit as officially deceased individuals in order that they could then be the most money there.

official contemporary Encyclopedia data was in line with official Red Cross and German concentration/work camp record-keeping that shows less than 200,000 dead Jews in ”World War II”.

The Jews within occupied Palestine are empowered entirely by European and American ZOG regimes, who jew/sacrifice power onto them. This is transparent to anyone who knows what to look for: those Jews act like and ‘appear’ physically most as European/American. The entire ‘power’/’soul’ and societal persona of a Jew (and to a lesser extent the negro that re-appropriates/interpolates host culture and behavior into a lower and parasitic version that is all about the negro) will be made from the unconscious attention of those that they Jew off of.

The jewish parasite will be emulating, in power ONLY, an amalgamation of various host behavior, and this will be everything that they have seen work WITHIN THE HOSTS THEMSELVES (how they give/recieve psychological submission to each other). Jews, for thousands of years, have done nothing but critically analyze their host: they know what the host ‘likes’, ‘dislikes’, ‘loves’, ‘hates’, ‘fears’ and all the whys of host electromagnetic galvanization, as an animal, in various external stimuli.

Jews will subvert all of these things for optimal use in jewing. EVERYTHING they do is regarding power. At a certain stage of host subjugation, the Jew develops an ‘uppity’ sense of entitlement, and they will increasingly show [pereption of which is the ‘magnetic image’ or ‘psychic fingerprint’ and is formed in the whys of power only] that they are merely hostile, hateful “Rain Men” who, like those with “OCD” or “autism”, have to do everything a certain way in power. So much so, that eventually they will “burn themselves up” under the host. Their behavior and modus operandi, which is biologically determined and is not planned and executed, becoming more and more obvious, ridiculous, irritating and intolerable until, mercifully, “The Jewish Question” is finally raised among the host peoples seeking to dislodge the destructive parasite.

Not without ‘hardship’: the lean, early years of the Jewish occupation in Palestine sometimes required desperate measures to satiate the magnetism/power required by the Jewish leadership. One known example being the widespread and obviously “official” operation that organized Jewry of the present day refers to, flippantly, as the “Yemenite Children Affair”, in which THOUSANDS of newborns and children “disappeared” from official Jewish hospitals in “Israel” for use in sadistic Jewish “ritual”/”Kosher” slaughter designed to extract maximum magnetism out of the sacrifice.

did neo-bolshevik U.S. ZOG regime use electromagnetic ‘weaponry’ to create ”Racial” attack?

It is too coincidental. A violent shooting of the specific type desired and in effect ‘willed’ by ZOG just a couple of days beforehand when ZOG ”FBI director” Cumey announced an alleged large-scale ”white supremacy” problem:

Why have we never heard mention of ANY other group ”supremacy”? and why is this a priority above gang violence and other violent crime? also why, for at least 3 decades, has the United States government been nothing more than a dysgenic social-engineering propaganda disseminator and a parasite/’vampire’ protection service while facilitating the conditions for the optimal empowerment of those who are empowered only through artificial empowerment, the redistribution of natural-wealth higher–wavelength magnetism, especially Jews?

Directed by the Jews above, the announcement by their actor was intended to cover and subvert the reality of increasing negro criminality in the United States. Negro violence on a grand scale has been the unavoidable ‘blowback” resulting from ZOG ‘social-engineering’ the empowerment of human ‘junk bonds’* in general and the male negro in particular.

In advancement of ”Human Rights”-violating dysgenic, natural empowerment-ruining ‘social-engineering’ designed to empower the male negro at his LOWEST state, absolutely every story involving police shootings of negroes has been amplified and given biased media coverage, thus placing male negroes in all practical effect ABOVE the occupation police nationwide.

The negro male is above the police in power as the police and EVERY OTHER POSITION OF AN ‘OFFICIAL’ CAPACITY have been socially-engineered to psychologically submit to, thereby ‘giving’ their unconscious-attention/power to, the male negro, which converts to magnetism/power on and for the male negro. To not do this, they risk being sacrificed in these ‘politics’ despite all ‘Political Correctness’ being VIRTUAL. That is it has NEVER been explicitly defined or even enacted as ‘law’. ‘Political Correctness’ is communism that is unlawful and therefore must be VIRTUALLY enforced through psychological terror above the heads of all conformists, thereby informing their ‘intuition’.

In addition, controlled-media propaganda glorifying negroes and suppressing 80-90% of true negro behavior, anything showing the negro in a negative light, aims to lower Caucasian non-Jewish ”white” females under the male negro ”rape” wavelength so that they will submit to a male negro who ”feels”/”senses” and is adamant that power/magnetism is on him to sexually overpower/”rape” a white female.

This is the predicted and convenient racially-motivated attack:

Jewish-owned propaganda ”news” outlet CNN coverage of alleged shooting. According to Jews and their shabbos goy pseudojewry, if it is not neo-bolshevik propaganda, anything someone has read or seen is the primary influence over them. This is because ZOG and the controlled media are not at all purely propaganda. Any dissenting views, especially in groups, are a conspiracy. It is not possible that it is simply many people realizing the same things independently. Sheeple do not realize that the bias, allusionary subtext, and ‘vibe’ of mass media is intentionally created so that they ‘connect-the-dots’ within and see it as their own ‘feeling’. In other words, jew media writes all articles as they want YOU to feel.

Being REACTIVE ONLY, in order to advance dysgenic communist social-engineering of the host and highest-wavelength with the onus on the populous, these are the type of events that are absolutely required for ZOG to suppress all information that they are dead in and provide a reason for doing so that is non-debatable by programmed sheeple.

In many cases, the sheer magnetic power, this diabolical force being exactly what conformists think of as ”satanic” power, that is wielded by those in positions of power under ZOG and others in official positions of power, is enough to virtually ”hypnotize” and/or influence ANYONE who does not know what their OWN magnetism/power is and what is EXTERNAL attention that is on them [see the case of Reverend Matt Hale – his ‘entrapment’ regarding kike** U.S. Judge Jean Lefcow], accomplished through confusing the intuition of the intended victim:

creating victim belief that power/magnetism on them is their own ‘feelings’/’senses’ and NOT unconscious-attention/magnetism/power which is externally PROJECTED onto them to electromagnetically ‘galvanize’ them to do something that will adversely affect them. A higher magnetism person can accomplish this simply by lying to someone, attempting to influence them negatively while their unconscious mind ‘sees’ the target individual only as money DEAD. This could be done by playing Man-above-you in an official capacity and considering the person a piece of shit. [note- it is amazing that many pseudojewry, acting in concert with sometimes HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of other pseudojewry in an official capacity galvanized UNDER an EXTREMELY powerful entity above them, feel that such a magnetic polarization was not the SOLE reason for beating ONE individual. Most sheeple and pseudojewry, and you can see this with the negro (combining forces of many negroes within packs/gangs), have significant power only within a polarization]

if electromagnetic frequency ‘weapons’ are used, ZOG and neo-bolsheviks have an even greater advantage, and because they are DEAD in reality, being empowered ONLY IN LIES and CONSENSUS REALITY, they MUST do these things.

Below: a link for a 1996 radio program on such weaponry, which has been in use since at least 1995. Though, after the defeat of anti-communist Germany in “World War II”, ZOG officially began all type of “mind control” experiments [MK-Ultra, etc.] with the intention to ruin, subvert, and dysgenically reprogram the highest-wavelength hosts’ NATURAL wavelengths and empowerment, thereby creating sheeple: INTUITIVE conformists whose ‘intuition’/’senses’ is for whatever negative magnetism/power/money is on. They will see this as their own intuition. Such sheeple are galvanized to recognize artificial empowerment ONLY [money and higher status above them] and will be compelled to jew/’cannibalize’ anyone still naturally-empowered. Sheeple that have been re-engineered in propaganda, ‘negrified’ so that they are an EXTERNAL power [they are unconsciously transmitting their own magnetism/unconscious-attention to herd-animalization at all times, just as a low-wavelength negro is absorbed automatically within a higher-wavelength, and as such must go around and jew power onto themselves Man-above-them]. This was done by organized Jewry and ZOG below them in order to SAP AND STEAL ALL MONEY/POWER AT ITS SOURCE. AUTOMATICALLY.

*a human ‘junk bond’, as in the standard definition, is ARTIFICIALLY INFLATED power, in order to jew others under the power/magnetism of it in order to take advantage of them. It is something that is only VIRTUAL power. It has NO POWER in reality UNLESS people believe it does, and that means they empower it through psychological submission to it.

**definition of ‘kike’ is ”A Nation”, and not the racially-disparaging meaning commonly known.

ZOG: immediate protectivve measures needed

Nations under ZOG administration must safeguard themselves against all information in which they are dead in. For example, it cannot be shown that Adolf Hitler or ANY of the white ”racists’, neo-Nazis” and ”anti-semites” were correct. If Jews could be exposed in anything it would cause those individuals to be known as the power/host above the parasitic opposition. For this reason alone, Jewish power is able to continually debase the people of ZOG nations by jewing themselves dead in an increasing number of areas, all of which necessitate protection under new laws and suppression tactics, lest it be shown that their regime is nothing but a parasitic operation to sap all true wealth/power/magnetism out of the highest-wavelength peoples (Slavic followed by Aryan) and host of all others, who simply USE (and the Jews are NOTHING but the power of their host on themselves, which is why they are Chameleon-like.) the unconscious-attention of the higher wavelength.

ZOG must immediately enact measures to safeguard the exposure of the modus operandi of all other Jews by suppressing the Jeffrey Epstein case. This will have a ‘positive’ effect in that it will ‘tell’ all other pseudojewry [parasites of white attention/magnetism] that the Man above them is dead in pedophilia so long as you have money, and it will create an explosion of it, making the desired future of a meat market in which Jews, negroes, and pseudojewry are using the females and children, the CARRIERS of the magnetism/power of the race they want to jew onto themselves (Caucasian- Slavic followed by Aryan). These parasites want to jew the brothers, fathers, boyfriends, etc. of the exact females that they use to empower themselves, in other words.