SPECIAL REPORT: Neo-bolshevik U.S. “election” kikery plays out as expected after stage had been set to virtual under ZOG “COVID-19” sham ; Jewish Controlled Media declares Antichrist victory ; Jews bask after U.S. “election” dog-whistle signalling that organized Jewry possess nondetachable control over all mechanisms in power necessary for total subjugation of all non-Jews worldwide

UPDATED 01.09.2021

With all of the underhandedness, scams, parasitism and overall kikery that the extremist U.S. ZOG occupation regime and the corporate/elite establishment, including Controlled Jewish Media, it is tied to are engaged it, it is amazing that Caucasian sheeple— especially the “middle class”— still have faith in the integrity of the “voting” process.
I have NEVER voted nor taken part in any “demonstration”, “protest”, or “march”. The reason for it is that I would feel “stupid”— my money/power/magnetism would be lost/dead on something other than myself— because all of these things are in reality INEFFECTIVE outside of the neo-bolsheviks’ own parasitic agenda being that all of these actions are a virtual concession by any who partake that Sham Order/ZOG is not only legitimate but also a power above it. The ONLY point of it would be to show that the ZOG occupation regime is not representing the people. That no matter how many people oppose them that they will play those people as out-of-reality in an extremist fashion similar to “Holocaust deniers” or now “climate deniers”. No, the Man [power and galvanizing force] above all ZOG pseudojewry and puppetry is no longer the will of the people. When they come out utilizing an energy that they are Man-above-them in the shit they say, who is it then?
Sham Order/ZOG— the neo-bolshevik polarization of the U.S. occupation regime and corporate establishment— is in reality above NO ONE as they are now completely parasitic. As such, they choose to be completely dead on the source of highest-wavelength human magnetizing power— Caucasian males and any others that carry Caucasian male magnetizing power from their subconscious “attention” (the source from which conscious attention is drawn). They are the lowest power that there is and choose or are forced (in order to become pseudojewry or favored sheeple) to jew themselves dead on every wavelength so that no one can win power (subconscious “attention / magnetizing power on others) off of them in any situation— exactly as is the case biologically in NATURAL ORDER for ALL Jews and Negroes— being that JUST TO DEAL WITH THEM as anything other than a criminal parasite that must be contained and brought to justice is so far out of reality that the parasite wins your unconscious attention in all other situations.

“The Left”, which today is EXTREMIST, are individuals who are biological parasites and/or those who must parasite magnetizing power onto themselves because they are entirely external (save for magnetizing their external/consumption/rape wavelengths). Caucasians among them are DEAD ON THEIR OWN (racial) MONEY/POWER as they have jewed their biological money/power dead on others (herd animalization and the galvanizing force above it— Sham Order/ZOG), having been told or shown artificially magnetized examples by Controlled Media that these actions are not only “politically” protected but also “healthy” or “normal”. These actions are now artificially magnetized Man-above-them by Sham Order/ZOG and the Caucasian sheeple who built their “willpower” [way of seeing things in power— the whys of human magnetizing power via subconscious “attention”— that effects how and what you magnetize and put your power on] the wrong way- they trusted in the U.S. regime and establishment that all power is out in corporate society and anyone not recognizing this cannot be money/power— causing them to magnetize artificially whatever Sham Order/ZOG desires them to.To such sheeple and puppetry all power is Man-above. They have no other option to be money/power. This is why so many are now SHEEPLE: controlled electromagnetically. This means GALVANIZED by whatever magnetizing power— the subconscious “attention” of Caucasian males— is on Man-above-them. Those who are “leftists”: Jews, Negroes, non-“heterosexual”, degenerates and females are NOTHING BUT an “animal” now galvanized (power is on) by whatever parasites/saps/steals Caucasian male subconscious “attention” in the ONLY WAY that biology/Natural-Order will allow the mind of such a parasite (of subconscious “attention”) to accept that magnetizing power as their own— underhandedly or virtual. This has been the case since Caucasians were lowered under the threshold where without sufficient action their racial polarization is money dead only. Any action outside of dealing with it is so far out of reality that magnetizing power CAN NOT be on it anymore.
Nearly all Caucasians are today COWARDS who allowed the underhanded Sham Order/ZOG occupation regime to virtually box them in into not being able to stand behind or speak about certain topics, ALL OF WHICH ARE WITHIN A FRAMEWORK IN POWER THAT WILL JEW YOU AND YOUR PEOPLE— ALL CAUCASIAN RACES— DEAD. Anything any of you believe you are “working“ for out in the corporate/business establishment (“earning money” under anyone you do not know PERSONALLY. Anything where the highest man is unknown to you) can last for no more than one generation as Jews and their shabbos goy pseudojewry— those who they magnetize with the Jewish external wavelength to a “satanic“ power— have targeted Caucasians as the NUMBER ONE ISSUE. It is more or less ALL that their resources, time and energy is tied up in. Think about it: their corporations are ALWAYS on top of any posts that expose the neo-bolsheviks or their agenda. Worse, they suppress anyone who shows power in natural order — power the way power had worked for thousands of years prior to the malicious intervention of parasitic Jewry and their shabbos goy pseudojewry, including ZOG “intelligence”.

In short, there is NOTHING TO “WORK” FOR as all that you could possibly earn, own or accomplish will ALL be undone and your later generations will be virtually persecuted and blackballed for not destroying Caucasian genes through their absorbtion within the Negro gene pool.

THIS is probably the LAST OPPORTUNITY Caucasians will ever see to reverse the parasitic and sadistic neo-bolsheviks and eradicate them before they eradicate Caucasians either continuing their cowardly virtual method of empowerment/depowerment through “politics” or through methods previously seen in Russia. You should not be putting any other situation as a priority above this. Neo-bolsheviks will soon or eventually stop the artificial magnetization of your consumption— the sole reason many of you feel you are enough money/power that you don’t feel anything is that “wrong” or concerning to take EFFECTIVE action. ALL that they have to do is tell or show sheeple that sheeple have no power.

1/9/2021 UPDATE: neo-bolsheviks, in the form of magnetized punks in ZOG, executive and academic shabbos goy pseudojewry as well as sheeple seeking magnetization of their consumption, are now fitting to suppress the comments at odds with neo-bolshevik-desired “consensus reality”. All of them may be considered magnetized “punks”being that they are DYGENICALLY magnetized by a higher power dead on their own money/power (their race-exclusive biological magnetism, the polarization or “hive mind” created ONLY BY THOSE WHO ARE NOT YET ENTIRELY DYSGENICALLY MAGNETIZED BY A HIGHER POWER—- those who still possess their OWN magnetism, not having entirely psychologically submitted their subconscious “attention” to the neo-bolshevik establishment and regime.

Parasitic “communist” scum in positions of ‘authority’ are now prepared to suppress any and all public comments of fifty or more percent of persons of various races that they derogatorily term “White” ONLY (exclusively). Comments at odds with the neo-bolshevik racial and sexual dysgenic agenda or comments exposing neo-bolshevik methods of magnetic control (through knowledge of human “attention”) used by them to create and magnetically galvanize sheeple, whores & pseudojewry.

Neo-bolsheviks are more than prepared and now begin to play MILLIONS of people as so “out-of-reality” that such “offensive” or “hostile” persons must only be “censored”, suppressed and ignored in the interest of all. Lawyer Ling Woo and Donald Trunk (permanently “banned” by hipster pseudojewry Jack Dorskey’s “Twitter” while acting U.S. “President”) being two recent examples.

These actions are of course due to the Jewish-puppeteered neo-bolsheviks, or, “radical left”, having years ago decided to be entirely extremist in their “beliefs”, meaning they will not even acknowledge the slightest opposition to ANY of the jewish-determined essential components in the overall power of it.

Allowing this level of censorship, whether under the guise of Jewish “hate speech” or anything else for that matter— exclusively applied to the majority “white” races— allows for the eventual suppression of ANYONE for any or no reason; and this will grow to include those who Jews — and those magnetized dysgenically by Jews for use as shabbos goy pseudojewry— view as fucking with the minds of their sheeple: thru the ruining of the sheeple electomagnetic galvanization under the neo-bolsheviks— programming coupled with magnetization in compliance under ZOG lies and other “communist” programming.

Yes, the threat of exposure of the whys of human “attention” is THE motivating factor for ALL recent seemingly erratic actions of the neo-bolsheviks, including “corona virus”. The whys of attention are THE highest explanation for any human interaction and are also the whys of POWER. Without which parasites could no longer dysgenically re-engineer “white” hosts (of the highest-wavelength human magnetism; power in herd-animalization/“society” to force others to concede that THEIR magnetism is on you, further enhancing your consumer magnetization) to empower those who are already dead on our money. This includes jews, negroes, degenerates, etc.

The time is running very short on getting my information to the masses. Allowing their ability to unlock the whys of their own intuition and begin blocking others from jewing subconscious “attention” off them without their awareness. This will limit the amount of magnetic power that the neo-bolsheviks will have to jew onto all dysgenics. When we are at that state, they are near-finished!

Others who are anti-parasite/anti-communist are free to publicize my work with FULL CREDIT to me. Not one person among you could add even ONE essential point to my mass of work. In fact not one of you could even compliment or acknowledge me, instead choosing to stay silent in hopes of a virtual polarization forming of many of you until you could feel that all of you in that polarization, being the same (motivation in) “power” in it, could then have won enough power virtually that would not have to credit me, in effect “sacrificing” me onto your group just as you are “sacrificed” by ZOG and )other negroes) onto negroes through any dealings with them (because they are ENTIRELY dead on your money/power/magnetism). This because you are the most empowered in ONLY this way — to win or steal MY POWER/MONEY and your biology can accept it as YOUR power. How difficult do you think it was for me to break down the barriers to even begin thinking in these areas, let alone uncover and explain 80% or more of what could ever possibly be discovered in it?

If this is not acted on, all avenues of free (non-ZOG “echo chamber”) speech at odds with parasitic interest will be closed by the neo-bolsheviks. Without knowing the whys of your own power— how subconscious “attention” works— there is no possibility to thwart the parasites. I will win all of your power if you still choose to jew me.

**** To be Continued if and when there is time

“Political Correctness” ZOG intelligence op propaganda, including “racism”, to not only be reversed but to be exposed in reality as Crimes Against Humanity that the criminal neo-bolshevik communist regime and establishment committed

Editor’s Note: within the next month or less, you will find all articles on this site completely finished. Some will not like that thinking that the power on it was them. This is because the parasitic U.S. regime and establishment has conditioned the people using the same high-power attention that Slavics possess so that sheeple perceive the attention that is DIRECTED ONTO neo-bolshevik propaganda as their OWN feelings, senses and beliefs. This is only not true when that attention is in DIRECT CONTRADICTION with what they are sure of, in which case it will be an unpleasant feeling that will make them “mad”, as they do not have tye necessary knowledge higher than mainstream psychology i.e. it stops at feelings, emotions and “human nature” just as Sham Order/ZOG “political correctness” dysgenic social-engineering stops at the sacrifice (ruining, shaming, blackballing) of any “WHITE“ person who dares challenge any of it. This is because the CHOICE was made by them to be dead on our money/power— and Slavics were first in this for a reason— and that framework of power in consensus reality facilitates that.

also: there is also a piece of short to medium-length fiction coming. A story I believe will cause most of you to “get it” as you are incapable of realizing what human (magnetizing) power IS outside of this one area, being that you are in a state of near to total psychological submission to the Man (galvanizing force) above you, causing you to see Sham Order/ZOG’s polarized ‘wavelength’ as your own feeling or senses. readers must allow time for these. They are for sure the next two works of mine. Keep in mind that I do not artificially supplement my own energy with currency, consuming or parasiting off others. This is mentioned because everyone who learns off of me is taking energy/power from me as they feel they have virtual consent to do whatever it is that they do regarding it and this is never beneficial to me.

Neo-Bolshevik occupation regime doubles down on trillion-dollar “White Racism” negro empowerment PSYOP after negroes incited by Controlled Media loot, destroy billions in property — each individual negro now represents entire negro race — except in criminal activity

Magnetized externally and inspirited by neo-bolshevik jews and shabbos goy pseudojewry who created, organized, promoted and funded the “Black Lives Matter movement”, negroes are forced to seize more gibbins. The more of a rapist or criminal— the more underhanded the negroes are, the more that the negroes are aware that they are entitled to more money/power. The negroes WILL NOT just accept money or other gibs handed to them, though. The negroes must in fact TAKE IT BY FORCE or the negro biological galvanization in human power can not allow the negroes to accept the external empowerment as the negroes’ own power. Although, in theory the negro could accept it in a state of hostility if need be since the negro’s biological galvanization in power also will not allow the negro to turn down any gibbins : negroes are EXTERNAL-only empowerment. Self-determination of the negro is a negro dead on somebody else’s money/power, seeking to magnetize themselves underhandedly or through violence. No amount of money, power, or status can ever change the fact that the negro is EXTERNAL EMPOWERMENT ONLY. Negroes could be in every position of authority and hold all property and material possessions and they will STILL BE DEAD ON NON-NEGRO MONEY/POWER. Probably even more so. This is because the negro is a lower-wavelength and never evolved capacity for self-sustaining magnetism. Magnetism is held and transmitted through the subconscious “attention” of all races except negroes and Jews. It is the SOURCE OF ALL POWER. Negroes may only be magnetized/empowered at NON-NEGRO EXPENSE/CONCESSION (sacrifice). Power does not come out of products or money. Caucasians are not money/power because we have products, property and money. We CREATED products and property BECAUSE we are money/power. I have experimented to see if “white privilege” exists by going without money or any possessions for a long period of time. Not only does “white privilege” not exist, I was even more money/power without any of those things. A negro on the other hand would likely not even be able to swat the flies that are on them if they had to rely on their NATURAL power. This is why negroes generally seek to underhandedly play themselves up above others using whatever money or status they can obtain. Power comes from PEOPLE. One peculiarly found in the mid-1800s by Whites keeping tabs on the progress of freed negro “slaves” was that negroes were the ONLY RACE they had ever observed who were actually more criminally inclined the more money and status they obtained. They could not figure out WHY. The reason is NEGROES ARE EXTERNAL-ONLY EMPOWERMENT and are utilizing higher-wavelength magnetism that is not supposed to be on the negro at the negro’s stage of evolution. This magnetizing power can only corrupt negro intuition and galvanize the negro to be unconsciously EVEN MORE DEAD ON THE PEOPLE WHO ARE THE SOURCE OF THAT MONEY/POWER!

Editors note: this article touches on many of the same topics and thereby serves as a preview of my forthcoming book “Social Engineering The Male Negro : how the neo-bolshevik establishment dysgenically magnetized negroes

As was inevitable and completely expected, the neo-bolshevik establishment in the United States – ZOG, the controlled media, “NGO” interest groups, large corporations – are once again prioritizing some ‘reason’ justifying negro violence and destruction ABOVE crime itself.

That violence, hostility, crudeness, yelling, looting, disrespect, random property destruction — street TERROR — is only “outrage”, not terror, when it benefits Sham Order/ZOG dysgenic social-engineering goals: the depowerment and redistribution of Caucasians’ BIOLOGICAL power — the magnetizing power of Caucasian subconscious “attention”. This is redistributed through forcing the PSYCHOLOGICAL SUBMISSION of the Caucasian to non-Caucasians.

Sham Order/ZOG must adapt around the actions of the negro and play everything related to the negro actions as acceptable or risk critical analysis. The neo-bolshevik regime and establishment can not afford to have ANY CRITICAL ATTENTION on the negro as their trillion or quadrillion-dollar negro “empowerment” PSYOP, like everything else about Sham Order/ZOG today, is nothing but a house of cards or a “giant with feet of clay” that will fall part under any accurate analysis. EVERYTHING about it is a lie. Analysis will only lead to more analysis as the magnetic barrier holding this lie falls apart, opening it up further. The polarization created by many Caucasians who believe that lie creates a magnetic “barrier” preventing all but total nonconformists — those who are not semi-“hypnotized” from belief in Sham Order/ZOG lies — from any innovative analysis of it.

United States Jews, non-heterosexuals and negroes alone receive that type of concession. In that order.

Negro violence and hostility is now considered by Sham Order/ZOG as too ‘powerful’ – too much “emotional”/“dramatic” power is on the negroes – to do anything other than concede to the negroes.

This gives the appearance to sheeple that negroes possess the highest non-mainstream conformist magnetism in all of society. As if negroes are so much money/power that time and again they manage to force the authorities and officials, by having higher magnetic power, to concede to the demands of the negro.

In reality, Sham Order/ZOG is not magnetically compelled as sheeple are in herd-animalization. Sham Order/ZOG occupies and has the means of exerting REAL POWER in any way they choose.

Sham Order/ZOG only concedes to negroes in a reactive implementation of their OWN SOCIAL-ENGINEERING AGENDA to show non-jew Caucasians that their (non-jew Caucasians’) magnetic power is on the negroes.

Late August 2020 “Jacob Bake” shooting in Wisconsin: Neo-Bolshevik Controlled Media HAS NOTHING ELSE TO USE in purporting “white hostility” versus negroes other than bogus “racist graffiti” and POLICE INCIDENTS. No one else is challenging negroes. Out of 350 million people in the U.S. this is ALL THEY HAVE TO WORK WITH to try to purport some huge “racial struggle” involving negroes. In reality, police are routinely challenged by angry, egocentric gang-affiliated (or otherwise criminally-inclined) negroes while they are arresting them. Most every male negro aged 15-50 in inner-city neighborhoods also carries a gun on their person or with them. To publicize police shooting incidents in a bias purporting that the police are somehow “racist” and at fault only emboldens other negroes and causes them to provoke police even more, causing EVEN MORE SHOOTINGS OF NEGROES. The neo-bolsheviks KNOW THIS.

Despite the fact that nearly all of sheeple’s money/subconscious-attention/power is already on Sham Order/ZOG via their psychological submission in multiple lies, there is always more magnetizing power to sap out of them through going deeper into their subconscious “attention”, forcing the loss of even more of it to the negro.

ZOG can then ‘act’ in the interests of the negroes as if the prospect of additional entitlements and rewards had no practical effect in compelling the negroes to violently riot despite that being a certainty above them in it. Negroes are biologically galvanized toward their own magnetization/empowerment only. It is also Sham Order/ZOG retroactive ‘why’ creation so that the power [galvanizing force] on negroes was power-correct Man-above-them in it.

The neo-bolshevik occupation regime can sacrifice the host White biological power (our subconscious “attention”) onto the negroes and then play that if any White has a problem with the white’s lost power (subconscious “attention”) that that is only because the white is dead on the negroes’ money/power. In reality, one can not be dead on someone who is already and only capable of being dead on you.

THIS is the “Man” above any Whites who are still playing Man-above-them; those compelled by whatever conformist magnetizing power is on. Sham Order/ZOG programming and all outcomes related to power that are over their heads are considered by conformists to be their “senses”, intuition, or “feelings”.

Sham Order/ZOG utilize the populace to enable their Man — the neo-bolshevik regime/establishment polarization — to reactively become more dead on the people’s money/power [subconscious “attention” = magnetizing power]. They are able to utilize public incidents to further degenerate their Man — allowing greater extremism — and enabling them to “blame” the people.

Democratic” Puppet Regimes (ZOG) facilitating the Jewish paradise; without a doubt since 1941, rapidly since 1991 and with extreme rapidity and extremism of late.
RELATED READING: Jewish Atrocities In The Holy Land (1948) Same as the Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia, when the Jewish biological galvanization in power allows them, Jews seek to horrify and torture their victims in seemingly bizzare or indiscriminate ways that are actually chosen because they are THE most effective method possible toward magnetizing the Jewish external/rape/degenerative wavelength (empowerment dead on other people’s money/power). Knowing this, you can begin to figure out the whys of power for different races and genders based on Jewish choices within their aggressive actions.

ZOG is in effect claiming virtually that Sham Order/ZOG cannot control their own sheeple. That these sheeple keep underhandedly parasiting power from Sham Order/ZOG, forcing ZOG to be more and more dead on the populace (surveillance, suppression, black-ops, PSYOPS, etc.) — this is what I believe Sham Order/ZOG gets their pseudojewry (executives, officials, authorites) to believe anyway as the reason why ZOG is now nothing but a reactive predator dead on all White money/power.

White sheeple are UNDER SHAM ORDER/ZOG PROGRAMMING (virtual hypnosis; electromagnetic galvanization for empowerment only Man-above-them). To control them couldn’t be easier with the knowledge of human power/attention that Sham Order/ZOG is known to possess.

The framework in power — electromagnetic galvanization in herd-animalization for empowerment Man-above (conformist/consumer magnetization) — of “political correctness” allows the negro to “blame” the entire White races for the supposed unprovoked aggression of any single White against any single negro, yet negroes are protected from all critical analysis.

In fact, the political protections that Sham Order/ZOG have enacted for dysgenic negro magnetization (“empowerment” in electromagnetic galvanization, in which conformists are compelled above or below others unconsciously based on their conformist magnetization) allow a single allegedly unprovoked attack by any single White versus any single negro to then justify ALL NEGROES to from then on be HOSTILE AND VIOLENT toward the entire White races.

In reality, the negro “short fuse” and proclivity toward violence, rape and hostility in general is BIOLOGICAL, as the negro is degenerative/external empowerment ONLY and is therefore capable to be dead on all other races’ money/power ONLY. Although without knowledge of the whys of human vital essence (subconscious “attention”), Sham Order/ZOG covers in the whys of power all negro physiology at a level above any conformist sheeple are capable of understanding or in thinking of any defense against this higher-wavelength depowerment mechanism.

The negro is EXTERNAL EMPOWERMENT only. All political protections of the negro as well as the persecution and ruining/sacrificing of anyone critically analyzing negroes are in place to dysgenically magnetize the negro at White expense in a psychology higher in power than the populace is capable of understanding. This also hides the fact that the negro is biologically a degenerative-only power.

Think about it: the highest psychology of Sham Order/ZOG — the neo-bolshevik regime and establishment and all of their puppetry [officials, authorites, etc.]— is the ruining, blacklisting, public shaming, and retribution against any Whites who have spoke in “offensive” or “racially insensitive” ways? How much money/power is the System and Government when they are out to ruin people as the highest solution? Ruining people over speech while rape, violence and even murder are forgivable or ignorable. THEY CAN EXPLAIN NONE OF IT.

Sham Order/ZOG only have to tell (or show) their sheeple only what the power on their agenda is in order to act as if they are legitimate and not underhanded. Sham Order/ZOG can show the public what the situation is IN POWER ONLY. This only has to be shown VIRTUALLY [unspoken] in order for Sham Order/ZOG to be power-correct and defeat the intuition of the host peoples.

When Sham Order/ZOG elects to show sheeple the power only of a situation that is at odds with white interests, it will usually be done in a way in which it appears that it vaguely might be or is in the White interest.

In actuality this will always be a depowerment mechanism to win White subconscious “attention” through Sham Order/ZOG inferring the closest situation in human magnetic power regarding how power works for the host “whites” as is applicable to the parasite of them. The goal is causing them to believe as close to the exact opposite as possible while still defeating their biological intuition regarding power. Possibly winning even more subconscious “attention” at the point in time when “whites” are forced to realize what the actuality of it was.

As an example of this, “Israeli” Jews termed their kidnaping and sacrificing of thousands of “Yemenite” children disappeared out of official “Israeli” hospitals in the late 1940’s as “adopting” them.

Negroes are the ONLY race in the United States that Sham Order/ZOG — the Jewish-led regime and establishment — actively rewards and encourages within “multicultural diversity” to polarize racially in their racial interests. This includes negro-exclusive “entertainment” such as the Jew-owned “BET” network and negro-exclusive “awards” shows, magazines, films, interest groups, and music genres.

Controlled Media “news” propaganda often runs ‘stories’ of some negro “celebrity” chastising another negro “celebrity” for not being “black enough”.

Sham Order/ZOG and their political puppetry KNOW that among negroes the term “not black enough” means that the negro in question is not hostile enough versus non-negroes. This may also include the negro in question not being in the polarization for negro racial interests as applicable to the current stage of dysgenic “social-engineering”

Negro biological galvanization in power being the hostile absorbtion of all other races’ magnetism/power onto the negro race through violence and subjugation of non-negroes and/or the absorption of other races’ females into the negro gene pool, which is a lower collective unconscious that is biologically at odds with all others and all but wipes out every non-negro distinguishing characteristic outside of fragments of the physical appearance.

Due to Sham Order/ZOG surreptitiously and underhandedly empowering negroes while at the same time acknowledging none of this, nearly all negroes today believe that negroes are ‘getting away with’ all types of underhanded degenerate empowerment that Sham Order/ZOG is unaware of.

Male negroes believe that when their rape/degenerative/consumer wavelength is highly magnetized that the negro’s “power” is so great that it bamboozles and forces others’ minds under it, almost hypnotically.

Sham Order/ZOG, as with all else related to the degenerative/parasitic empowerment of the negro, actually knows the whys in power behind EVERY negro interest in mixed-race society yet “pretends” to know only that power/money/attention is on the featured negroes in any Controlled Media propaganda.

The power/attention that Sham Order puts on their negro-glorification propaganda is most comparable to what the host of a show like “Kids Say The Darndest Things” might act like when showing a clip of a precocious yet amusing kid.

Intuitive Conformist Sheeple can then only ‘see’ the situation the exact same way, believing that the attention on it that they are immersed in and feeling is their own senses and not the reality of it being EXTERNALLY-SOURCED attention.

As the great majority of unconscious “attention” of intuitive-conformist sheeple is on the Man/galvanizing-force above them, sheeple are incapable of ANY realization regarding power that the Man [galvanizing force] above them does not recognize. The extremism of Sham Order/ZOG prevents conformist minds all capability to analyze anything outside of the extremism as there is no conformist magnetizing power to win Man-above-them for the sheeple, whose senses/feelings are “window-dressing” and lower-intelligence justifications for their own empowerment in herd-animalization. Sheeple are inclined only towards confirmation bias and have been encouraged by Sham Order/ZOG to ignore anything that creates cognitive dissonance in their programming.

If an intuitive conformist by coincidence happened to somehow realize anything in power higher than what is officially acknowledged by Sham Order/ZOG, the conformist, having unknowingly placed themselves high within or even above the common “collective unconscious”, would then feel “too much” natural [non-derivative/non-dysgenic] magnetic power, making them uncomfortable and compelling them to bring that realization to other sheeple or an official or authority – all of whom are Man-above-them – to have “consensus reality” rationalize it for them.

As with all ‘groupthink’, their consensus will always be the will of the Man above them. They will thus deconstruct the realization Man-above-them until they have decided how the Man (Sham Order/ZOG) is above it. After which their magnetizing natural power (which made them afraid as they were unconsciously losing their electromagnetic galvanization in herd-animalization tied to other sheeple) will go down to a normal conformist level that they are then comfortable with.

This is also why the Controlled Media know not to and have never shied away from the coverage of any issues or events concerning power that could otherwise lead to negative polarizations by conformists, who evidently believe that if the situation arose, Sham Order/ZOG will tell them that their Man is not above it.

All Controlled Media “news” needs to do is to release such a “news” story with the attention/power on it and allusionary subtext being that the Man (Sham Order/ZOG) is above the information or events and sheeple are no longer shocked, upset or confused by the information or events.

Controlled Media and ZOG have many times in the past released information that their Man is dead in; This is released for public consumption with the power on it being that their Man is above it and all relevant interest in the topic is supposed to end with the release of it also.

To sheeple, if the Man above them is either “confident” or unconcerned about it, then it could not be of any great concern of theirs either.

Most sheeple are completely unaware that the ENTIRE ESTABLISHMENT AND GOVERNMENT are polarized in a dysgenic “social-engineering” agenda – this is what enactment of “political correctness” politics was meant to facilitate – yet sheeple seem to believe that Sham Order/ZOG are actually under their will and working in the best interests of herd-animalization evidently because Sham Order/ZOG is always reactive-only off of society and always knows what sheeple feel after sheeple watch or read Controlled Media. In reality only meaning that Sham Order/ZOG also (cosmetically) felt and recognized the power on the virtual allusionary subtext that is not explicitly stated but built into their own Controlled Media propaganda.

Most sheeple even believe that if they post something online that in any way exposes some part of Sham Order/ZOG or the political puppetry thereof as underhanded that Sham Order/ZOG must at some point reverse themselves because Sham a Order didn’t realize it or know about it and are actually moral, virtuous, and not predatory in any way.

If Sham Order/ZOG chooses to ban or warn the account of someone exposing them or a person speaking too intelligently against the social-engineering agenda OR if Sham Order/ZOG elects to double-down off of that individual on exactly whatever it was that was exposed, this defeats the mind of any who are empowerment only Man-above-them and the intuitive conformist does not know what to do. They had mentally invested incorrectly in the situation and will have a “headache” or unpleasant feeling that they associate with having been “wrong” and/or foolish. Forcing them to concede that the Man must be above it or that the Man knows that the conformist is not enough Man-above-them to complain about it to their Man.

In reality, when someone who is degenerative/external empowerment Man-above-them [officials, authorities and any other pseudojewry] doubles down off of you, they are doing so because that is the most power for them, knowing that you are unaware of what the power on them is or have made other foolish errors in the whys of power.

The ability to elicit a loss of subconscious “attention” from you does not mean that the other party was “right”, it only means that they had higher knowledge in power over you regarding what the power on you and the situation was and defeated your intuition – likely by incorrect assumptions you had taken as 100% certainty.

The correct response to doubling down is to try to provoke the predator by exposing them with something very powerful that you were saving for just such an occasion; showing that you dare them to double down again because you don’t care what the power on them is (all sheeple care what the power on everyone is for some reason). Also showing that you are not trying to get the predator to change their galvanization in power because you know that it is not even possible.

Everyone who is most aware wants the neo-bolsheviks EXPOSED to as many people as possible until the predators are unable to play that Sham Order/ZOG is moral and virtuous or that they “care” about or have (non-psychotic) “feelings” for anyone’s well-being. In other words, the most aware people know to get Sham Order/ZOG out on their REAL Man. Anything else is just prolonging the time while allowing Sham Order/ZOG to prey upon the host power at a pace that allows them transparency to the majority of their prey.

Neo-bolsheviks are already working at an insane pace being that they are extremely close to subjugating the host “white” source of magnetic power at a point near closing all doors forever regarding any possibility of reversing what they have done.

Because Sham Order/ZOG only uses people that they completely jew all original/natural power of them dead onto the neo-bolshevik Man/polarization in order to re-power them artificially as external/degenerative empowerment Man-above [“shabbos goy” pseudojewry] only, pseudojewry are galvanized correct-in-power in their Man’s parasite psychology, which becomes their “intuition” and ONLY MEANS OF EMPOWERMENT. They are dead/finished if the Man (galvanizing force) above them — Sham Order/ZOG — is dead/finished.

The only hope of causing errors or anything incorrect in power for the neo-bolsheviks is to get them working as fast as possible on their reactive implementation of communist/dysgenic social-engineering, which is likely to partially ruin the intuition of their “shabbos goy” pseudojewry.

One important factor to be aware of that no one but me has realized is that the Jew knows to virtually concede to any non-Jew who believes that they have won power from the Jew — in all cases except racial and sexual, which the Jew is extremist in and will allow no deviation as it is essential to dysgenic social-engineering goals.

This is in order for the Jew to hide what the Jew actually knows about power. If the Jew did not virtually concede, whoever is intent on winning power from the Jew through showing their opposition and disobedience to the Jew will keep trying until they feel they have succeeded.

Eventually, in a “1984” scenario, White sheeple will believe that they have committed the equivalent of a major revolutionary act for some small disobedience such as stepping out of a concentration camp food line. Do so will satiate the inclinations of the White for a time, believing they have won a lot of power with their intuition telling them that maybe others are impressed or inspired.

If you believe in your mind that you are hurting some Jew every time you step on a crack in the sidewalk, that jew will appear agitated and VIRTUALLY concede enough to you that you will unconsciously feel that you have done enough. This is corruption of your biological inclinations and intuition in power by that Jew so that your intuition regarding power will be corrupted and you will not know what is actually effective.

They were able to viciously slaughter and subjugate nearly a hundred million highest-wavelength Slavics who saw the bolsheviks correct-in-power as evil, parasitic scum. A polarization of millions in reality had no effect on them. The “game”, or structure in politics/power, that White sheeple today believe is making things happen with their minds is a DELUSION that they are being allowed to believe for now. This game has been created for you to play in order that your need to be proactive is artificially satiated AND that you are under their magnetic control [programming].

Negroes and underhanded empowerment

The likelihood of any male negro being sent to prison is 1 in 3. In inner-city/urban areas, where 90+% of male negroes are in criminal ”street gangs”, this rate is more like 85-95%.

Even though the jewish ‘interest groups’ apply as much pressure as they can possibly get away with onto their pseudojewry, such as ZOG statisticians so that they are galvanized toward the most empowerment/magnetization Man-above-them in hiding or distorting statistics in order to best reflect the neo-bolshevist-desired communist social-engineering narratives, 2017 stats of ZOG “intelligence” agency the “FBI” still, even after ‘cooking’ these numbers, show that negroes and hispanics (combined these are 30% of the total U.S. population) are responsible for 73.9% of all murders, 75.6% of robberies, and 55.7% of rapes.

A book called ”The Color of Crime: Race, Crime, and Justice in America” (2016) by a Jew named Edwin S. Rubenstein relates the statistical finding that large cities such as Chicago and New York City would see a 90% reduction in all crime were non-Caucasians no longer there.

Neo-bolsheviks choose time and again to reactively prey upon Whites, who mostly just work and consume, instead of working on crime. As if eliminating crime — especially VIOLENT CRIME including rape — should not be of very high priority in a healthy society
or that crime is not any type of indicating factor for judgement of ones place/value in society. Criminal behavior is caused by being dead on other people’s money/power in external/degenerative/parasitic empowerment.

Sham Order/ZOG’s dilemma in this is that they are actively magnetizing/empowering negroes to be the most dead on White money/power — external/degenerative/underhanded empowerment of negroes that is the same motivation for empowerment as a criminal. If Sham Order/ZOG were to also be against crime, they would be incorrect in power enough that a strong reactive offense could be taken against them. Now you know why Sham a Order/ZOG does not have any type of strong anti-crime position anymore.

Controlled Media “entertainment”, through statistically false and biased propaganda, portrays Caucasians as a much higher percentage of violent (and often unhinged) criminal than is reality, through ZOG propaganda programs such as “Law & Order”. This and similar shows always glorify the negro, even the criminals, as ‘dignified’.

The “roles” of criminals in controlled media “entertainment” being one of the only areas you will never see negroes over-represented. Others are female negroes in sexualized “roles” and pornography OR negro serial killers and slasher film villains.

Like innocently calling some foolish or shucking negro an “ape” as you would anyone else if they were acting the same while not even thinking about race when you do it, the psychology of negroes as criminals would be too accurate subliminally and sheeple would be unknowingly ‘broadcasting’ correct-in-power into the collective unconscious — the highest power under Sham Order/ZOG galvanization being an unknowing VIRTUAL polarization while unaware/ignorant of the power on it yet you are intuitively correct in power.

One of the most power-incorrect films of recent memory is “The Intruder” starring Dennis Quade. A situation in power that (magnetizing) power would never be on: a White male terrorizing a dignified negro couple who are innocently just trying “to do they life”. The only way magnetizing power would be on a White man terrorizing negroes would be redeeming HIS OWN power from negroes that had raped his women or otherwise underhandedly stole from or scammed him. The “entertainment” industry is nothing more than the social-engineering propaganda department of ZOG and would never produce a film of some negro terrorizing a White couple — which is thousands of times more likely.

United States Controlled Media have expertly ‘covered’ all negro galvanization in power —-degenerate, parasitic, dysgenic, external empowerment — with virtual “reasons” that cannot be challenged effectively WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE OF THE WHYS OF ALL HUMAN POWER. Every facet of the negro’s degenerative empowerment is protected politically from critical analysis by the host of that empowerment- Whites. Most often the reason provided by Sham Order/ZOG for negro hostility and violence is “white racism.”

Externally-empowered parasites seek to focus the attention of the host on their own alleged plight and misfortunes. This, in turn, can only be countered by a focus on your own misfortune whenever a parasite is trying to get your attention on the whys they are not money or why they are dead on YOUR money, allegedly [example: “Holocaust” atrocity propaganda]. Parasites are capable of concern for THEIR OWN EMPOWERMENT ONLY.

Where is the alleged “racism” against negroes? companies are FORCED to hire negroes JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE NEGROES. There is literally a NEGRO QUOTA for large business owners if they want to keep ZOG and Jew attorneys off their back.

Negroes are also exempt from all “games” and “politics” played on everyone else at a job such as trying to make people quit in order to avoid paying their benefits.

A negro must be of EXTREMELY poor quality to be fired at any job now being that the expectations for negro job performance are usually less than half of what is expected of any non-negro. More or less negroes are expected to just show up, and even in that negroes will recieve much more leniency than any non-negro.

Also, as nearly ninety percent of male negroes are (sexually) “interested” in “white” women and Sham Order/ZOG now offers many virtual “incentives” to any “white” woman who “dates” a negro, most every male negro of today has “had” multiple “white bitches”.

ALL YOU CAN REALISTICALLY EXPECT in a society is the right to employment, ability to reproduce without interference from the government or System, and protection from violence against you. THAT IS ALL. “Racism” is a BULLSHIT EXCUSE encouraged by the neo-bolsheviks as a White depowerment mechanism.

What else do negroes expect? Are we supposed to just give negroes an equal amount of money and property? or do negroes feel that “white people” are supposed to ‘like’ each and every individual negro?

“Whites” do not even ‘like’ other “whites” for no reason. Unless you have some type of value that will empower a person, they are within their right to want nothing to do with you. Only sheeple who have interest in being within large groups should find it in any way difficult to prevent negroes from receiving virtual consent to prey upon you.

Possibly negroes feel that Whites are supposed to concede their power (via psychological submission) to every negro anytime a negro is around them and that negroes are going to tell us what the power on us is. [This is what the whys in power of it are but the negro is not aware of it at this level and is just externally galvanized off of the negro’s own senses toward being the most money/power].

As their sole means of magnetization is consumption, negroes feel that they are star consumers, though the negro only sees it as the negro knows that the negro is (i.e. feels like) money/power, and non-negroes should greatly admire and appreciate that negroes will consume and use our products, possessions, and/or women with a mindset that the power of all of it is all about the negro because the negro is (i.e. feels like) money/power using them.

Being degenerative/external empowerment ONLY, like a White female, the negro is able to have this mindset only until the negro is angered at the White source of that negro’s external empowerment for not allowing the negro to see their possessions as the negro’s own — which cuts off the ability of the negro to perceive the external attention as the negro’s own power and ends previous magnetization of the negro from if — and then, after angered, the negro will want to destroy the White’s property or obtain revenge in some other way for the White not appreciating that the negro would use White products.

Encouraged by Controlled Media and ZOG, negroes are now so ridiculously egocentric that most negroes believe that if they are not accepted in everything that they feel magnetizing “power” is on themselves regarding, such as a negro simply meeting minimum qualifying factors for a job, that it is “racism” if the negro does not recieve it. I once even overhead a male negro, after a “white” girl did not want to give the negro her phone number, say “why, is you raciss”?

This shows how much money/power Sham Order/ZOG is jewing/sacrificing onto the negro. So much power that the negro is so used to receiving whatever the negro desires that the negro expects this every time, which means that the negro had to be assuming that this phenomena is due to the negro’s magnetic “powers” that are never supposed to be defeated if the negro feels like the negro is money/power.

Nearly everyone now conceding their magnetizing power (subconscious “attention”) to a negro that is around just because it is a negro are creating a situation where everywhere a negro goes among non-negroes, the negro is magnetized. The negro will take this to mean only that the negro is more money/power than the non-negroes because the negro feels like and knows that the negro is money/power (magnetized) whenever the negro is around others, heightening his cunning abilities and reactive intuition.

The negro will soon be so acclimated to everyone conceding their subconscious “attention” to negroes as if every negro is a “celebrity” of some kind that should anyone be around a negro and guard their attention, the negro will believe, because no magnetizing power is on the negro in that situation, that that individual took the negro’s power [the negro will consider the loss of power the negro’s ‘senses’ alerting the negro to a possible “racist” or hostile opponent] and the negro is likely to become hostile.

Even before the Controlled Media-incited “George Floyd”/“Black Lives Matter” nationwide riots occurred, there was already a “news” media-ignored NEGRO MOB VIOLENCE EPIDEMIC that few people knew about. The neo-bolsheviks have used the “Black Lives Matter” rioting “movement” to ‘cover’ the whys in power of this phenomenon that is in reality caused by Sham Order/ZOG dysgenically magnetizing negroes, their smokescreen being “racism” that is not even happening.

Sham Order having already sacrificed insane amounts of White magnetizing power onto the negro is now giving official reasoning for negroes to be hostile and violent, which in reality is biological. The out-of-control negro violence epidemic in recent years was caused by neo-bolsheviks underhandedly magnetizing negroes with higher-wavelength magnetism that is not supposed to be on the negro in natural order. Sham Order/ZOG also jewed their own Man [the establishment polarization of power] dead on the populace in order that negroes would be the most money/power possible Man-above-them for a negro in their NATURAL/BIOLOGICAL inclinations. Also, White women (empowerment Man-above-them ONLY) are the compelled under the male negro.

Sham Order/ZOG play all situations in power as close as possible to the reality and will also cover up what they have done in power. This is why, after jewing their own Man dead on purpose, they are now dead on the populace in the opposite way playing Man-above every facet of people’s lives through the Covid-19 sham, surveillance, suppression, stimulus checks etc. This is so anyone who doesn’t know the whys of power will be incapable of understanding that.

In any area populated with COMMON/NORMAL negroes [negroes WITHOUT very much non-jewish ‘White’ subconscious “attention”/power on them], the following commercial establishment security measures are absolutely necessary:

1) bulletproof glass enclosure
2) a metal gate to protect storefront glass during non-business hours

In inner-city negro-majority areas, often an ENTIRE STORE is behind glass and the clerk gets the items that you want to purchase. These neighborhoods are NOT ‘ghettos’, except for the rotting 100+-year-old buildings [city spending no money in maintaining neighborhood in order to relocate negroes into White suburbs].

Most of the negroes there are taking in $200 or more per week just in government handouts. Those will less criminal inclinations can make $100-200 per day by buying an ice cooler and selling iced bottles of water or soft drinks for $1 each on the expressway offramp OR in “panhandling” — this in maybe six hours out of the negro’s day.

Why would that negro want to go and work at a legitimate “job” in which they will clear, after taxes, $60-80 per day (payable up to 2 or 3 weeks after the fact)?

There are many underhanded negro “hustles” that are common, including 2 or 3 negroes driving around and asking the unaware (usually Whites) if they want to make some money by applying for a cell phone. The negroes don’t mention that the phone will be on their mark’s “credit”, with the negroes reselling it for much more.

Sham Order/ZOG run a “sacrificial economy”

There is always the same amount of human power (electromagnetic energy; subconscious “attention”) in the world no matter how many people there are. Possibly this is tied to human absorption and use of Earth’s magnetic field. The result is zero sum power.

Exactly as is the case with the Law of Thermodynamics, human magnetizing power produced in our subconscious “attention” can neither be created OR destroyed.

Human subconscious “attention” is the source of ALL POWER in humans and is the highest motivating factor for every human interaction within a society. It is why certain individuals may be “outgoing”, predatory, “attention whores”, underhanded. It is why all persons physically attractive to others are magnetic.

Anything a person does, they are empowered in it — and usually immediately, having no ability for long-term empowerment due to their not knowing the whys of power while being compelled to politically win conformist magnetization i.e. empowerment Man-above. This means they are magnetized and feel like money/power doing whatever it is that they do. Analyzing them with this in mind will enable critical analysis more correct in the whys of power than however it is that you look at it now — likely unconsciously or in abstraction.

Were power not zero-sum, meaning there was unlimited human magnetizing power to win or lose, Sham Order/ZOG would seek in their social-engineering the breeding of more high-wavelength “whites” for harvesting the power/magnetism from [a “Brave New World” scenario that does not take into account the unrelenting human parasites that now galvanize the predatory elite class against the interests of all other humanity].

In mixed-race herd-animalization, Sham Order/ZOG’s societal galvanization, “zero sum” power means that power must be “sacrificed” from natural order onto Sham Order in order to empower/magnetize their dysgenic “empowerment” trips.

Humans with the most natural/biological magnetism are “sacrificed” (subconscious “attention” of theirs is actively forced) in the name of (thereby ONTO) those with LOWER natural/biological magnetism as this is the only method to “empower” externally-empowered individuals in herd-animalization, in which conformist magnetization determines status.

These lower persons that Sham Order ‘sacrifices’ higher-wavelength subconscious “attention”/power onto in order to dysgenically magnetize them can also be considered to be either biologically degenerative/external empowerment [jews, negroes, females, children] — this meaning that they must derive their magnetization/empowerment in society off others through winning or stealing their subconscious “attention” as a conformist [empowerment Man-above-them] or underhandedly — OR those who have unknowingly allowed the loss of their biological empowerment [naturally-occurring magnetization and/or empowerment through non-underhanded means i.e. power from others seeing you as money/power and not you seeking predatory magnetization by forcing the loss of others’ subconscious “attention” politically or in other parasite psychology] and are compelled to magnetize themselves at others’ expense [homosexuals, degenerates, feminized men, executives, authorities, officials].

Those capable of learning only virtually [visually through an analogy or example] about the whys of human power can see the film “The Wicker Man” (1973) – a very close analogy.

As Sham Order/ZOG add more privileges and entitlements to the negro, the neo-bolsheviks must attack WHITE “privilege” at the exact same time in order to sacrifice “white” higher-wavelength power onto the negro in order to magnetize the negro, which in mixed-race herd-animalization equates to “empowerment”.

As Sham Order/ZOG empower the lowest, most hostile and “hungriest” of all testosterone-fueled male negroes in order to magnetize the negro at the lowest rape-wavelength level, the neo-bolsheviks must at the same time polarize negative attention against the “Toxic Masculinity” of the male Caucasian, lowering their collective unconscious through stealing even deeper subconscious “attention”, in order to perform a power-correct sacrifice/redistribution/transfer of “white” magnetic power onto the negro.

Non-jew Caucasians can at best only abstractly ‘understand’ what they are shown regarding power as a indescribable feeling or image deep in their subconscious minds; they are capable of nothing higher as they do not know what their subconscious “attention” IS, why it is important, or how it even works. They cannot even control it usually, although having money (currency) is a way in which most conformists learn a few things about it virtually. Also within a power structure at a job.

Intuitive conformist sheeple are unconsciously compelled under the polarization of magnetic power for empowerment Man-above-them only while having been instilled by a Sham Order/ZOG that their (white) subconscious “attention” alone does not matter at all.

Jewry have long been accused of playing whatever it is that is in reality the most valuable to the Jew as entirely worthless or at best far below the reality.

Sham Order/ZOG – the neo-bolshevik underhanded coward occupation regime – long ago elected to sacrifice non-jew Caucasians onto the second-lowest of all races in natural/biological magnetism -the negro race.

Almost immediately after the end of “slavery” and conversion of negroes into “freemen”, in 1865 books were already being written by Jews recognizing the “possibilities” concerning the supposed benefit of ‘mixing’ the “white man” with the negro.

This in order to accomplish an exact reversal of natural order until all is in place for the taking of all magnetizing power by a race of parasites that happen to be THE lowest in natural/biological magnetism while possessing capability to pass themselves off as “whites”.

“You know, I could use my position of authority over the goyim to sacrifice the vital essence [subconscious “attention”] of some goy in the name of and onto this schwartza. I could tell the goyim there is a big Christmas ‘bonus’ coming and then fire a number of goy for no reason right before Christmas. I could also sacrifice the vital essence of the goy in creating a situation in power where I can force this schwartza on their shiksa. Then it would be even further beyond the capacity of the goy to understand it. Either way, the goy won’t even know that it is the goy’s money on the schwartza. The goy might even think that the schwartza is more money than a goy if he sees propaganda glorifying the schwartza only and we can legally prevent all criticism of the schwartza.”

Because Sham Order is a 100% power-correct inversion top-to-bottom of natural order, the electromagnetic galvanization within a Sham Order herd-animalization appears and feels as ‘normal’ as natural order to an oblivious conformist.

WHO exactly is behind the dysgenic “social engineering” happening in all Caucasian countries is apparent because all of the “psychology” [actually it is above psychology because it deals strictly in human power] used is higher than any non-Jew is biologically capable of realizing without being galvanized in power higher than their biological inclinations.

Were non-jew “whites” in charge of Sham Order ‘social engineering’, they might have, for example, done everything else similar but put Hispanics above the negro in their societal power structure (how electromagnetic galvanization works – the framework) and social interactions would not ‘work’ 100% correct in power.

Options for a 100% power-correct galvanization in a mixed-race society being one of TWO extremes only:

100% natural order or 100% Sham Order [an exact reversal of natural order]!

Anything less and the citizenry can win power off of the Man/galvanizing-force above them whenever situations happen to them as a result of the societal structure not being power-correct. [happening organically out of one’s natural/biological inclinations regarding how they ‘see’ the situation].

This is because whoever is the leader of a non-100%-power-correct society does not know what power is or they would know to accomplish one of the two extremes.

Power is possible to be redistributed by Sham Order/ZOG at will due to the many non-jew Caucasians [unknowing hosts of high-wavelength subconscious “attention”] whose money/power/magnetism is ‘dead’ [unconsciously lost from psychological submission] on the Man [galvanizing force] above them.

Sham Order/ZOG magnetizing negroes

Sham Order/ZOG are the sole enabling force behind consumer-only degeneratively-empowered negro magnetization in the United States increasing exponentially since 1990, which was not coincidentally also the beginning of neo-bolshevik/communist “political correctness” conditioning.

Sham Order/ZOG have been empowering negroes through mainly underhanded methods wherein nearly all ‘traces’ of it are virtual. The “political climate” and associated “political” pressures influencing the actions of the populace as electromagnetically-galvanized sheeple are unrecorded and are indeterminable outside of the immediate period in time.

This means all of the beliefs and reality that the populace is politically “forced” to keep to themselves out of fear of certain retribution and persecution. The factors causing them to create a superficial public persona that is at odds with what they truly believe and would like to be were there no “political correctness” communist pressures above them keeping them silent and forcing their appearance of willing conformity to those critical areas of communist social-engineering.

ZOG, through Controlled media propaganda, has inculcated conformists and instilled in them all types of bogus imagery and notions that incline them to buy into various ‘roles’ in society that, in reality, mean that the individual has NO POWER except Man-above-them.

Zero REAL power outside of their galvanization under a higher power that allows/wills them magnetization AS A CONFORMIST ONLY [empowerment Man-above] to enable A SIMULATION OF BIOLOGICAL/TRUE EMPOWERMENT that is as real to the sheeple as natural empowerment ONLY BECAUSE THEY DO NOT KNOW THE WHYS/HOWS OF MAGNETISM therefore they don’t know what the power on them is supposed to be — they judge themselves off of others and what magnetizing power is on. Also, secondary/sacrificed/external/debt-money magnetization ruins their natural intuition.

Every social-engineering component won by Sham Order/ZOG, such as prostitution and child sexualization [“molestation” that will be empowerment Man-above and magnetize the victim, who will feel like money/power and not be “traumatized”] in the near future, is especially dangerous if you are born into it and know nothing else. This is because they have lowered the collective unconscious and the galvanization within herd-animalization so that POWER IS ON IT.

This means those partaking are MAGNETIZED/EMPOWERED in it as the means for empowerment have been artificially lowered and limited within greater animalism [animals do and are compelled by whatever magnetizing power is on Man-above-them — for greater magnetized power over others within the herd, compelling the psychological submission of others magnetically].

How is anyone supposed to know what once was money/power for a conformist but no longer is due to changes in the electromagnetic galvanization of herd-animalization?

Conformist empowerment/magnetization in society magnetizes sheeple only and a previous electromagnetic galvanization that has been purposefully altered/lowered will not be understood when you don’t even know that you are NOW under electromagnetic galvanization.

“Brainwashing” [virtual hypnosis under magnetic power above; creation of intuitive conformists under] is possible only OUT OF reality, not IN; as it requires a belief in lies, not truth; thereby taking the available power of the victim and galvanizing them artificially in empowerment Man-above, ruining natural intuition in favor of intuition Man-above [programming].

The fact that there are so many sheeple today; sheeple that can’t be told ANYTHING — you could show them a mountain of evidence countering their beliefs and it won’t change their senses/intuition as they have no gauge of odds and probability outside of whatever magnetizing power is on Man-above — in itself shows that they are under MULTIPLE LIES.

Sheeple have been lowered into degenerative/external empowerment. This is electromagnetic galvanization for empowerment Man-above-them in herd-animalization to win conformist/secondary/others’ magnetism. Degenerative empowerment is the use of OTHER PEOPLES’ MONEY/UNCONSCIOUS-ATTENTION and intuitive conformists will be amused enough with the images and ideas that they extract from that external attention that they could never figure out what it is in a thousand lifetimes. White females especially. That is why ever since the 2010s, when they were considered money dead only by Sham Order/a ZOG, they become many drastically different images and in effect different people through their whoring years.

Sham Order/ZOG officially recognize NONE of the whys of human power despite their utilization of all whys of human attention/power in order to condition and program their pseudojewry, sheeple and whores.

Sham Order/ZOG have politically protected everyone else except the host “white” who happen to be the source of high-wavelength magnetizing “power” for all others. In fact, “whites” are the only group that Sham Order/ZOG tells (virtually through extremist ignorance regarding all facets of this) persons of that group that Sham Order/ZOG does not know what the power on any people of the group is.

Example: if you are of any race that Sham Order/ZOG calls “white” and a non-white “upsets” or “offends” you, Sham Order/ZOG will not recognize your feelings or, most importantly, that the non-white underhandedly took your power [subconscious “attention”] and magnetized themselves underhandedly at your expense. Nothing can take “white” power from a “white” according to Sham Order/ZOG – It is always the “fault” of the White. In this Sham Order/ZOG is claiming “whites” in effect have no “power” whatsoever.

Sham Order/ZOG have been empowering negroes in direct correlation with the state of and lowering of the “white” collective unconscious through all type of underhanded and virtual means, while suppressing in controlled media propaganda 80-90% of true negro galvanization in power including the real reason why negroes are dead on “white” money/power.

The more that Sham Order/ZOG dysgenically magnetizes negroes through the ‘sacrifice’ of White money/power onto them, the more the negro feels that the negro was ALWAYS THIS MUCH MONEY/POWER. Power that the negro KNOWS is more than sufficient to underhandedly take advantage of those with less (rape/external/consumer wavelength) magnetization, namely Whites.

This caused the negro to look back on the history of the negro race and believe that there is SIMPLY NO WAY that negroes could have accomplished absolutely nothing. This is why, during periods of Sham Order/ZOG heavy social-engineering of the negro, the negro can only assume that the entire history of negroes must have been falsified, repossessed, or suppressed.

Negroes are not in any type of “poverty”. If you don’t believe this, you can go into their alleged “ghettos” and see the type of vehicles parked there for yourself.

Negroes are in “poverty” ON PAPER ONLY

ZOG does not count Government benefits and illegal profits into a negro’s official earnings – if they even look at any negro critically, which I do not believe they have resources they are willing to waste in. Nor are the tax claims of a negro investigated as would be the case for any non-negro. That might be “racist.”

Few realize that 90% of all male negroes aged 13 to 40 that live in large cities are in criminal “street gang” operations — some 5-8 million such negroes!

Millions of dollars per day are accumulated by the numerous negro “street gangs” nationwide through illegal activities including organized robberies, drug dealing and “pimping”.

Negro “gangs” do not exist for purposes of “camaraderie”.


The vast majority of negro gangs’ illicit earnings result from “open-air market” drug-dealing of heroin and crack cocaine. These drugs are sold openly on most every inner-city street block within every negro neighborhood in EVERY MAJOR U.S. CITY!

Anywhere from 10-20 negro gang members are “posted” throughout the block in an illegal drug sales operation that happens underneath inconspicuous police surveillance cameras installed in most every streetlamp.

These negroes also responsible for tribal warfare happening EVERY WEEKEND in every major city in which negro “gang members” gun down other negro “gang members” over territorial or other disputes involving violations of the low-wavelength negro vision of “respect”.

Chicago sees double-digit shootings every weekend when the weather is not cold. Other large cities must see similar numbers, but the Controlled Media is in the habit of “localizing” stories that show the negro in an unfavorable light. Such stories are reported in the local “news” only and if possible, the race of the perpetrator will be purposefully missing in the details of their “report.”

Inner-City negroes also have, outside of the wealthy classes, the ‘’easiest’ medical doctors to take advantage of. Many negroes have endless prescriptions for opioids, painkillers, and Xanax, which they sell for profit.

Negro “street gangs”, in fact, are the main corrosive element behind the “opioid epidemic” affecting the suburban “white” middle class, who don’t even blame the negroes as that is not an option in empowerment Man-above.

Unlike how a reformed “white” drug user would inform on a suburban “white” dealer and blame them for ‘ruining’ their “lives”, those who come from the suburbs to negro “ghettos” for drugs are seeing a magnetic ‘underground’ world that has never been shown to them in the Controlled Media. This causes them to keep the information to themselves as one of their unique “life experiences”.

Negro gang “lifestyle” — minus most if not all of the criminal activity outside of tribal warfare — is also glorified on an hipster/sub-mainstream level in Jewish mass media “entertainment”, in order to allow a ‘virtual’ [unspoken] polarization among those partaking in it.

This psychology of Controlled Media virtually acknowledging alleged ‘underground’ scenes overpowers the reasoning ability of any conformist and they will never know the whys of it unless understanding the whys of their own (racial) magnetizing power (subconscious “attention”). It is too many levels of psychology in the whys of power for their minds to handle critically.

Negro “street gangs” are most likely supplied with the drugs that they sell through government black-op connected suppliers, possibly the Mexican “cartels”. The ZOG “War On Drugs” campaign of the 1980s coincided with the explosion of drug-dealing by negro gangs nationwide.

The true “War” was that ZOG “intelligence agency” social-engineering black-ops had likely “trained” in power-correct operations the negro “gang” leadership at some time, possibly the mid to late 1980s, through the use of “undercover” negro agents that were ‘embedded’ within negro “gangs.”

ZOG “War On Drugs” campaign (mid-1980s to late-1990s): In this “PSA” circa 1988, ZOG’s “War On Drugs” campaign was represented by Jew and probable pedophile Paul Ruebens PRETENDING TO BE A RIDICULOUS NERD ‘CHARACTER’ NAMED “PEE-WEE HERMAN” ACTING “SERIOUS”. In it, “Pee Wee” ‘warns’ the public of the dangers of the then-new drug “Crack Cocaine”, a drug almost exclusively appealing to and used by inner-city male negroes that ‘get off’ on their own hostility. The ‘campaign’ is now known to have been a “Black-Op” that was in reality designed to direct subconscious “attention” of the trusting White populace onto the increasing DRUG SUPPLY TO AND EMPOWERMENT OF NEGRO GANGS in the neo-bolsheviks’ war on ‘their own’ [in reality the neo-bolshevik leadership is an anti-American and anti-White element with foreign interests] population, namely White America. Due to their uncritical attention on it, White sheeple who saw this commercial at the time would have felt a loss of their subconscious “attention”, possibly a vague sense of being uncomfortable, and they would have associated the feeling as meaning that the “War On Drugs” campaign must be very serious. Today this “PSA” can hardly be seen as anything but a joke. Many people probably assume this “PSA” is a “Saturday Night Live skit”. Few if anyone knew this “PSA” was satanically malicious at the time due to the CIA-level parasitic psychology behind it — the true whys behind it being nearly impossible to realize at the time. There was a surge of White “Nerd” propaganda in the mid-to-late-80s that would resume in the late 2000s with the empowerment of negroes again taking center stage. Controlled Media propaganda in 2020 plays most Whites as ridiculously out-of-it, nerdish, or feminized in “entertainment” while negroes are portrayed as aware, masculine and “with it”. They want White sheeple to unconsciously believe that high-wavelength White power is only on the negro, in order to empower this using the “willpower” (‘broadcasted’ subconscious “attention”) of Whites until it is past the point of no return, at which time there will no longer be magnetizing power on degenerate empowerment or consumption and no need by Sham Order/ZOG for any more “empowerment” trips.

In light of these and other interests, namely the desire of ZOG to allow negroes to magnetize themselves underhandedly, neo-bolsheviks have been politically protecting these “street gangs”, which have operated nationwide virtually unobstructed for decades, through government prevention of any effective action taken against them by authorites. This includes any thought of eradicating them.

To do so would be able to be played as “racist” by Controlled Media [who are used by Sham Order/ZOG to give the appearance of galvanizing their Man in such causes that have nearly zero public interest or support] being that “gangs” are a racial polarization of negroes and anything done to a negro is always just because they are a negro.

Police departments are under so much political pressure by ZOG, in fact, that when investigating the criminal operations of negro “street gangs”, the police investigators are usually required to surveil a single gang for a year or more before they are considered to have “enough” evidence to prosecute a case against the “gang” – and this will be one street block faction of the “gang” only!

In Chicago, for example, negroes of the “Black P Stones” will be charged only for their drug sales operation on a single street block such as Pulaski and Gladys. Their affiliation in a larger “gang” operation will only be recognized by authorites when determining the floor and “housing unit” that the charged negroes will be assigned within the jail.

The incarcerated negro “gang” members will also be replaced with new negroes taking over the operation back on the street in as little time as the next day, possibly as long as a week later.

Controlled Media glorifies negroes only: Every part of a “story” featuring negroes in Controlled Media is carefully designed to play the power on negroes as desired by the Neo-Bolshevik regime and establishment. For example, rather than focusing on the negative impact on society by violent inner-city negroes, this Controlled Media “news” story, which few negroes themselves even read, seeks to focus higher-wavelength “White” attention onto the negroes’ alleged misfortunes, “dreams”, consumption and degenerate empowerment. Never will you see a “human-interest piece” in the Controlled Media focusing on the dreams, misfortunes and devastation caused to “white” suburban families due to the ZOG-backed negro “heroin” trade. If there was such a story, the focus would be on the poverty and alleged misfortunes of the criminal negroes involved  within the inner-city negro neighborhoods and how “community activists” are working on the problem, through making signs and standing outside gas stations or church preachers take on it. Can you not keep track of how many times they do this? (The template used again and again by Sham Order/ZOG). Controlled Media “news” stories that are unfavorable in any way to the negro race will for all intents and purposes be “forgotten” by Sham Order/ZOG in a few days and these incidents are never ‘added’ to past or future incidents as is the case of “white racism”, in which every new incident is seen as building upon the past incidents. * here is a tip for how Controlled Media “reporters” puppetry can find “the story” in a negro neighborhood: look for the magnetic negroes. Negroes will already have on them (they will be magnetized by) a significant noticeable amount of the attention/power they will later win that day. Some negroes even know abstractly the feeling/sense that means they will be money/power later that day.

Gang negro jail life

In Cook County Jail, within a gymnasium-sized “housing unit”, one commercially-produced “Newport” brand cigarette is split by the negroes into three very thin ‘pinner’ cigarettes rolled using the wrapper from a roll of toilet paper. The negroes then sell these for $5 worth of “commissary” items apiece.

Inmates who buy these cigarettes smoke them at the far end of the shower/toilet room next to a running shower head, which the negroes believe dissipates the cloud of smoke.

Because there is no other way to light them, anyone who buys one of these cigarettes is expected to share it with whichever negro has a (contraband) lighter and will light it.

Unlike most other jails, the guards at Cook County Jail never smell any of the smoke.

This could be because most of the guards are also negroes. Cook County Jail negro guards are known to be gang affiliated or have “gang” ‘sympathies’ due to family members, neighbors or associates that are “gang members”. The jail itself is in the middle of a negro neighborhood.

Possibly the negro guard is simply unethical. For whatever reason, these negro guards are paid by SOMEBODY to supply select negro inmates with the most wanted items in “contraband”: cash, cellphones, cigarettes, lighters, heroin, and crack cocaine.  

Illegal drugs such as heroin and crack cocaine are easier to obtain in jail than on the street, although the size is smaller and the quality of it is more diluted than the “street” product.

The few negroes without money/commissary get “high” at night by taking multiple doses of aspirin and/or “muscle relaxers” that were given to the negroes after they requested a trip to the medical unit and were ‘prescribed’ them by the jail “doctor.”

Negroes are truly in their “element” when the lights go out at 9 pm. A negro could have been mostly quiet all day long but when it is time to go to sleep, negroes are suddenly charged and feel like talking with other negroes for hours.

I suspect that the (non-negro) inmates who are trying to sleep and are irritated by these negroes are the reason why the negroes are compelled to do this.

Negroes win all higher-wavelength unconscious “attention” that is on them. The negro is not only unaffected negatively by higher-wavelength (non-negro) negative attention that is on the negro, but the negro is in reality actually magnetized/empowered whenever a non-negro is “mad” at them.

This is only as long as nothing is said about it to the negro and the negro sees no physical indicators of it. If the negro does perceive any indicators of this, the negro’s biological galvanization in power does not allow the negro to win this power because the negro cannot ignore the essential whys of it, causing the negro to feel a loss of your power that had been on him and the negro will become angry thinking that the power was his and you took his power.

Though quick to violence and not possessing much empathy, negroes are still in many ways “emotional”. Because of this, most negroes talk impassioned and LOUD. Much louder than one would need to speak if you were just trying to be heard by the other person.

When a negro is talking to another negro, the negroes usually stop anything else they are doing and seem to not even hear anyone else. The negroes are in some state of “ignorance focus” and cannot ‘pay attention’ to more than the conversation at hand.

Negroes may talk endlessly within the confines of only four different topics, which the highest meaning to the negro is their own and other negroes’ experience: 1. Sports (Basketball, American Football, and Baseball, possibly) 2. Other people, namely other negroes as well as “bitches” 3. Negro music, usually “rap” or “hip-hop” and 4. Consuming in general.

In conversation, if a negro feels he has said something particularly profound while in a strong vibe-immersion, the negro will punctuate the observation with “you feel me?” Most everything else a negro will punctuate with “you heard me?”, which is most likely related to negro “ignorance focus” or “vibe immersion” in which the negro will literally “block out” all but whatever the direct attention of a negro is on. Similar to “sports players” who have claimed in “interviews” to do the same during a “sports game”. In this the negro is simply making sure that the other negro did not “block out” at that point in the conversation, although negroes do say “you heard me?” at an annoyingly frequent rate that seems to indicate it is also a “catch phrase” showing they are “up on” the latest inner-city (gang) “street slang”.

The negro “ignorance focus” AT ALL TIMES wins any attention that is paid to the negro due to the negro’s biological focus on the negro’s own degenerative/external attention only while having the ability to see all power as the negro only.

To avoid a negro winning your unguarded subconscious “attention” and becoming magnetized off of you through that negro unconsciously ‘seeing’ at all times all external magnetizing power as his own power while you yourself see YOUR OWN MONEY — biologically-exclusive White magnetizing power — on others, and this is only due to Sham Order/ZOG social-engineering Whites as an increasingly-negrified external power, you always have to see all power on you only (or at least not on anyone who is external empowerment).

You also should not care what the power on anyone is, including why they are magnetic or why others are under them. You should not pay anything but dismissive attention to externally-empowered persons seeking to get retroactive attention onto their consumption and degenerate empowerment ex post facto to have your magnetizing power on it. Many negroes want to tell others just how much money/power that negro was in past situations. Usually this is highly exaggerated also — if not outright lies.

A similar comparison to negro “ignorance focus” for a non-Jew Caucasian would be if they could drink 5 or 6 shots of straight alcohol without any other inebriating effects outside of the heightened ignorance and ability to focus only through their own degenerative/external wavelength. This is because drinking alcohol jews your money dead on others. The negro is this NORMALLY. Except the external power of a negro is not any noticeable money on a non-negro.

With a negro, however, this form of “ignorance” is BIOLOGICAL and not a skill, although Sham Order/ZOG’s lowering of non-Jewish “whites” into more and more external/degenerative subconscious power in mixed-race herd-animalization HAS turned ignorance, egocentricity, cunning, controlled sociopathy and many other previously dysgenic/inferior traits into an advantage to all non-whites, sexual degenerates and conformist/degenerate-empowerment “whites” in magnetizing themselves off of other sheeple willing to pay unguarded (external) attention to them.

When it is time for the trial of the “gang member” negroes, the previously mentioned expectations by the police department heads over the investigation team regarding “enough” evidence is now known.

The investigatory team was required to have proof ten or more times over on every member of the street block criminal operation in order to have so much evidence that anti-police sympathies of an all- or majority-negro jury cannot realistically enable the negro jury to downplay and ignore such a gratuitous preponderance of evidence without appearing “ridiculous” – and this is saying a lot!

In jail jobs as with the outside, negroes given positions of decisive power will give to or choose for prime positions other negroes. This is not because they are having their first taste of power, either. Hispanics do it also. They are racially polarized.

ALL lower-wavelengths seek to ‘take over’ White-created society and possessions whenever possible and are polarized virtually for this goal. Sham Order/ZOG cover this up and want whites to believe that peoples of other races are racially polarized because whites have “kept them down”. This is not the case. This is their BIOLOGICAL galvanization and once was the same for “whites” [until targeted for deconstruction by Sham Order/ZOG laws, ‘virtually’-enforced politics, education and mass media propaganda].

Negroes are also known for their thefts of the commissary items of all non-negro inmates while they are at their jail job, attending a visit or at a court appearance.

Because there are no female inmates among them, there is no sexual competition among the male inmates. Therefore no one follows Sham Order/ZOG communist social engineering “diversity” bullshit in jail or prison. Inmates segregate themselves racially as much as possible unless there is some reason (relating to personal empowerment) to associate with someone of another race.

Few conformists realize that jail is not the same as prison. Jail is for persons charged with a crime who do not have bail money. Jail holds such persons until they finish their court case. Such a person is jailed until the charges are dismissed, they are found “not guilty” and released OR they are found “guilty” and are sent to a prison. Except in extremely rare cases, most people are held in jail for less than a year.

I have never been in a prison, but everybody knows that it is extremely common for male negroes to rape other inmates in prisons. These are negroes who do not consider themselves “gay” either.

To a male negro, sexual relations are all about personal empowerment that is obtained by that male negro. Unlike other races, the male negro wins the power in any sexual relations due to the biological mindset of the negro race – the natural galvanization in low-wavelength degenerative power.

As such, the male negro “gets off” on his own hostility and/or the degradation of his ‘partner’ only; so in the absence of females, the male negro partakes in “homosexual” relations in prison just as the male negro would in “heterosexual” relations when in the “free” world.

Inner-city negroes just doin’ they thang. We all did this though, didn’t we? It is not at all a Black-exclusive trait – making your opp suck they dick, I mean. The White kids that ran the block in the suburbs I grew up in always had a deep stable of hoes, too. They was pimping most bitches from our hood, in fact. Police there never even knew where our trap house be.


Negroes and Food Service

Negroes seem to possess a “unique” degenerate-empowerment vision of how “customer service” and supposed “consumer rights” work.

For example, I once overheard a female negro call a food caterer that the female negro had used and say “Yes, I was very dissatisfied with your service. I bought catered fried chicken for 15 people but only 5 people showed up. I need to get my money back”. I could not believe it when they then actually refunded that money back onto the negro’s credit card. That is virtually unheard of being that this was absolutely in no way the fault of the caterer.

A negro such as this must believe that the negro is entitled to and purchasing the “magnetic power” of a high-quality “experience” in addition to the product. It is the fault of the caterer to the negro because the negro’s ‘party’ was not magnetic or enjoyable enough.

I have also seen negroes at a “fast food restaurant” demand all of their purchased food to be made “fresh”. This is because the negro at one time happened to get a freshly-made order when the restaurant was very busy and from then on nothing else is ‘enjoyable’ for the negro because the negro can only think about the higher-quality experience and it bothers the negro to think about the negro’s current inferior experience, which in reality is the common/standard experience.

Negroes are capable of thinking about their perceived disadvantages ONLY when thinking of someone other than or in comparison to that individual negro. Negroes keep no ‘track’ of non-negroes’ experiences outside of the perceived advantages they may have over the negro.

Negro “self-determination” is a negro dead on somebody else’s money/power — almost always non-negroes. All negro weaknesses must be projected onto their host and the reality of the negro galvanization in power must be hidden to prevent ACCURATE CRITICAL ANALYSIS, enabling the dysgenic empowerment/magnetization of the negro.

self-determination [the process by which one controls their own life] of the negro in mixed-race society is always tied to others — the negro dead on others’ money/power. This is not a situation unique to America or Europe. In Australia, negro aborigines are equally as dependent on the Whites there as is the case anywhere else. Sham Order/ZOG rebranded the negro aborigine as “aboriginals” for maximum negro glorification propaganda; to subliminally credit negroes as being some type of “original”, which is supposed to be taken as more dignified.

The negro is incapable of comprehending how non-degenerative/non-external (higher-wavelength) power works for non-negroes because the negro is degenerative/external empowerment ONLY. The negro knows no other way and can not possibly know or care how power works higher or differently than the negro’s own biological galvanization toward empowerment.

Whenever the negro has underhandedly magnetized himself in society and feels like money/power, it is all about that individual negro to the negro. When the negro is NOT magnetized and does NOT feel like money/power, or the negro sees that others are more money/power than the negro, it is always the fault of others to the negro, because the negro sees others’ magnetizing power as the negro’s own money/power. A negro in such a situation will be most dead on others’ money/power.

In a “buffet”-style food line, negroes are extremely SLOW. A negro must spend multiple minutes to put condiments on the food until the negro feels it matches their highest-quality prior experiences. For example, a negro will spend minutes in a state of “ignorance focus” as they spread mayonnaise or butter evenly over the entirety of the negro’s bread, then sprinkle salt and/or pepper slowly over every part of their entire entree – all while in line with others waiting behind them.

The negro has no sense of taking an abnormally long time either. UNLESS the negro is the one in line behind a non-negro doing this.

Negroes are also notorious for requesting SPECIFIC PIECES of food in a food line too. Pointing to an exact piece of chicken wing, for example. Negroes do this because the negro senses that the negro’s power/attention is on it and/or the negro does not want to feel “cheated” through having lost a higher-quality experience in missing the “better” piece of chicken over the piece of chicken that was otherwise chosen for the negro by a food service worker.

I once worked with negroes who were bused 45 minutes out of a Chicago “ghetto” to Romeoville, IL. These negroes made the same amount of money per week as me, $500, yet would steal items out of the break room refrigerator that others had brought in for their lunch break. The negroes did this if they were products the negro used. Negroes ‘see’ the products they use as the negro’s own power/attention on it, similar to how a child might view their personal possessions.

Negroes more often than not will chew food with their mouth fully or partially open and the negro will make all type of lip-smacking sounds while eating. This combined with food that is also “crunchy” would cause anyone who is listening to it but not looking at the negro to believe it was a dog or other animal eating.

After eating, many male negroes will put a toothpick or a small piece of straw in between their lips while the negro makes a sucking-type sound with the lips and tongue every 10-30 seconds, possibly due to whatever food or taste might still be in the negro’s mouth.

It is as if the negro is trying to find some type of rhythm or the negro is trying to find “the zone”. Many male negroes will also lick all of the grease and/or food remnants off of their fingers when finished eating.

If negroes happen to be eating at a “fast food” restaurant, they are notorious for not cleaning up after themselves and the negroes will even leave all of their garbage on their table after the negroes are finished eating.

By a WIDE MARGIN, negroes give the worst tips in the food delivery business. Even negro delivery drivers have complained to me about that after completing multiple deliveries in the “Little Africa” apartment complex (and others) in Darien, Illinois.

A negro will often tip absolutely nothing. Negroes will even say “my change?” if a driver does not immediately hand back whatever remaining coins are left over. On average, a dollar or two is the standard negro tip no matter what the size of a negro’s order. The average tip for all others is about five dollars.

Negroes will even use their children to avoid paying a tip. For example, many delivery drivers are met at the door by a five year old negro that hands them EXACT CHANGE or, if it was paid on credit card, the five year old negro obviously has no ability to decide an amount to write in as the driver’s tip.

Orders are often prepaid on a credit card, in which the receipt must be signed by the negro upon delivery. Because the tip must be written in by the customer when signing it, many negroes either do not see that line (because negroes often do not see anything that the negro may not be empowered in) or pretend to not know about it.

In these cases, it is almost certain that a negro will not write in any tip. One driver used to point out the tip line to negro customers by saying “did you want to leave a tip?” or “this is where you can write in the tip” yet most negroes still would not do this.

After over one thousand food deliveries, thinking back on all of the “greatest” tips I ever received, I can honestly say that not one negro was ever among them.

Nearly all negroes ordering food delivery are ex-inner-city “emigrates” being housed at large apartment complexes which will cost any delivery driver an additional five to ten minutes in comparison to any other delivery. A delivery to negroes is also almost always “out of the way” compared to whatever other deliveries a driver has. For example, it is quite common for a negro to order right after a driver returns from another delivery that would have been in close proximity to the negro had the negro ordered sooner.

In general, all negro orders are “oddball” orders. Most negroes do not order food during the normal “rush” hours along with almost all others. Instead, most negroes order late at night, in extreme weather (snowstorms and heavy rain) or during “slow” time periods when there are limited delivery resources.

Female negroes are also the most likely of anyone to complain about their food being “cold” or that there is allegedly part of the order missing, which is often a lie. It is not uncommon that most of the order will already have been eaten by the negroes when a driver arrives with the remade order.

Negroes in general are sulky and passive-agressive – what one might consider as being “in a bad mood” -and usually say nothing or next to nothing when delivering food to them.

Negro word pronunciations while ordering are equally amusing. For instance, did you know that “saw-shish” is how many negroes pronounce the word “sausage”? “pizza” is “pee-suh” and “mozzarella” is “moose-a-rilla”. Being that negroes pronounce “realer” as “rilla”, is “moose-a-rilla” a “realer” cheese to negroes than all other cheeses, such as “chedduh” (cheddar) or do negroes call it this because they believe that mozzarella has something to do with a moose and gorilla?

Negroes and Sales

In 1954, the propaganda department of ZOG produced a short “educational” film entitled “The Secret Of Selling The Negro” aimed at small business owners.

In my sales experience, I have found that unless a negro is already interested and calls YOU, it is always a much more productive day for a salesman to just avoid negroes altogether.

I once worked commission-only sales setting phone appointments for time-share sales meetings. Everyone I scheduled was told that they would receive a two or three-day Las Vegas or “Cruise Ship” vacation after attending the meeting. Every negro that I ever scheduled would seem very interested but never show up. When I would call to reschedule a negro, the negro would always have some excuse yet was also eager to set up a new time. Again, the negro would not show up to the meeting and again the negro would express interest in rescheduling. This would go on up to five or six times before eventually one or two of the negroes finally kept the appointment.

In other telemarketing I have done, negroes are the most likely of anyone to never answer their phone, become hostile or to hang up immediately. The negroes that do listen to a sales pitch seem to be empowered in wasting the caller’s time. A negro may ask many questions and then suddenly say that they are not interested anymore. Female negroes many times threaten a caller that the negro was not even supposed to be called (such as “Do Not Call” lists).

To discover what type of advantages salesmen of different races might have psychologically over White prospective buyers due to Sham Order/ZOG social-engineering, I tried many different voices in sales calls: I called as negroes — both “street”/jive-ass and the negroes who attempt to act in a commanding/businesslike way, flamboyant homosexuals, senile old men, Hispanics, etc.

I found that a negro voice, even somewhat uppity — acting ignorant yet total money/power — commands the most attention of the Whites I called. They will not hang up as they do otherwise JUST BECAUSE IT IS A NEGRO and they have been instilled to cater to and be unreasonably “respectful” to a negro.

In retail business, every store owner or cashier knows that a male negro aged 15-40 is the most likely of any to steal. And that includes attempting to scam a cashier.

For example, a negro will hand the cashier a ten-dollar-bill for a very small purchase, perhaps less than two dollars. After the cashier gives the negro the negro’s change, the negro will look at it as if the negro can’t believe this has happened again to the negro. The negro will then forcefully say “I gaves you a twenty”.

Cashiers eventually learn how to prevent this scam, though, by stating the denomination of the bill at the moment it is handed over by the negro]. Every one of these negroes also seems to have no clue how many times cashiers have seen NEGRO MALES ONLY do this!

In fact, it is jews and negroes that were more or less completely responsible for the end of “good faith” business practices in all “white” countries with the institution of every imaginable preventive measure regarding underhanded manipulation of trust.

Negroes steal even when they have money because negroes are compelled to spend money only on items that will facilitate their parasiting of higher-wavelength subconscious-attention in order to magnetize themselves. This means image or status-related purchases (clothes, automobiles, adornments such as jewelry, and home furnishings) OR purchases that can be turned into more money, such as drugs which will also magnetize the negro whenever a higher-wavelength purchases it off the negro.

Like the jew, a negro is empowered/magnetized ANY TIME they can lower a higher-wavelength further under electromagnetic galvanization [their money/power/subconscious “attention” is ‘dead’/external on others] because they are EXTERNAL EMPOWERMENT that is also ethnocentric [they are into their own tribe’s money/power only. This of course is after they have parasited higher-wavelength money/power onto themselves out of the host society]. They are ethnocentric because all of their fellow tribesmen are the exact same motivation in power when under a higher-wavelength host people. They are more similar to each other in the ways that matter (power) that a “white” immediate family will have more differences among them in power.

Negroes in mixed-race society

Because Sham Order/ZOG will no longer recognize any negative characteristics of the negro, that polarization of magnetic power over all conformists [those who feel they are “part of” everything they read or see from Sham Order/ZOG and psychologically submit their subconscious “attention” to Sham Order/ZOG] prevents those sheeple from all critical analysis of the negro. This includes any and all crude or hostile language used by nearly all male negroes, which sheeple apparently believe means something entirely different when coming from a negro.

The negro plays everything as worthless or a power under the negro in order to win the subconscious “attention” of those who don’t realize how important it is in mixed-race herd-animalization to NEVER submit your attention onto ANYONE WHO IS AN EXTERNAL POWER (anyone who is ‘dead’ on your money/power: those who seek only to critically analyze you and/or use cunning and polarizations of “attention” against you to win your subconscious “attention”).

Male negroes are extremely “misogynistic”. I have overhead many male negroes laughing among other male negroes regarding the negro’s degradation of non-negro, usually white, “bitches”. This is comparable to the most crude “locker room” talk imaginable from 13-year-old boys. Possibly this is due to the negro reaching “full” cognitive capacity around the same age.

If they truly wanted to limit negro-on-negro gang violence, ZOG could just set up a fireworks store in each negro neighborhood and allow the negroes to take as much of them as they want.

In Chicago, many negroes on most every block shoot fireworks off for three to five hours straight EVERY SINGLE NIGHT between early June and the end of July, which must be the entire time period that fireworks are available for purchase here. Negroes love any loud, jarring explosions that they have control over — one of the only ways that an external/degenerative power may show power to themselves and others is through destructive acts. Negroes seem to never get enough of this activity. Negroes often shoot their guns for showing power to themselves and annoying others.

In dealings with a negro, others should never claim to be part of anything in order to prevent the negro from winning ‘psychic liberties’ with you. The negro often tries to put others into some group that the negro is hostile to. Negroes in the inner city do this all the time. The negro is tribal and needs to see those whose money he is dead on as “against” the negro and part of some perceived group that they are in.

Negroes always know what the power on a negro is and can never be told anything higher. For example, I once tried to warn a negro who was about to start “panhandling” on a busy street median/island in an area that I was completely familiar with that the negro should be aware that the police drive past that exact area about every five minutes, definitely no more than ten minutes and that I have seen every other negro stopped by them when that happens.

The negro felt like too much money/power at the time and ignored my warning. Within a few minutes, the police drove past and stopped the negro. Instead of realizing that I knew what goes on in the area, the negro instead claimed I “jinxed” him. This is because the negro knew power was on him to do it, which means to any negro that they are supposed to be money/power in whatever that feeling/sense is associated with – in this case panhandling on that median. Anything above this sense is “supernatural” to the negro, as negroes are capable of “experiencing” ONLY being that they are entirely EXTERNAL.

As a side note, any “warning” to a “mud shark” regarding guaranteed male negro hostility and violence, which is BIOLOGICAL, is likely to elicit the same or similar response.

RELATED READING: Over the past ten years, the negro empowerment PSYOP of Sham Order/ZOG has indirectly resulted in many thousands of naive, unaware and otherwise innocent “politically correct” Coal Burners being murdered by violence-prone male negroes for lesser behaviors than White girls/women commonly exhibit with White males. This PDF is just a SMALL SAMPLE. The Coal Burners featured in it, like all other sheeple, did not know that negroes are degenerative/external empowerment ONLY, thanks to Controlled Media social-engineering propaganda and the neo-bolshevik establishment’s virtual incentives/rewards program for Coal Burners. Controlled Media have ignored every one of these stories except at the local “news” level in order to perpetuate the ‘dignified’ image of negroes desired by the criminal neo-bolshevist regime and establishment.

ZOG/AT&T “CNN news” main webpage May 29th 2020 covering hostile negroes’ violence, looting and arson in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The image chosen is a “Pulitzer Prize”-type photo for ‘dramatic’ propaganda value in order to virtually portray hostile rioting negroes as involved in some kind of dignified yet extremely vague “racial struggle” that needs no proof or examples shown to back it up. In (neo-bolshevik suppressed) reality, negroes in the United States now have more than ever – just for being a negro – while enjoying ‘political’ protection under ZOG/Sham Order as virtual ‘children’ with the rights of ‘VIP’ adults. Out of a total U.S. population of 350 million people, there are so few incidents of undeniable “racism” vs. negroes in 2020 that the controlled media must spin EVERY SINGLE APPLICABLE CASE that can be found by them into “Civil Rights”-type propaganda in order to continue the dysgenic magnetization of the negro rape wavelength at the expense of non-jewish Caucasians. Neo-bolsheviks are now entirely extremist in their “politics” and as such the controlled mass media will always portray the ‘power’ of every situation involving opposing sides as if ALL of the magnetic power is on one of the two sides – and this will be the individual or group of their choice. This choice will always be the opposite of natural order or whoever is the most dysgenic empowerment. Roughly this is as follows from highest to lowest power: jew male, jew female, non-heterosexuals, negro male, negro female, police or other authorites, mixed-race tan-colored female, mixed-race tan-colored male, European Caucasian female, European Caucasian male, Italian, German/Austrian or Irish Caucasian female, Italian, German/Austrian or Irish Caucasian male, Slavic Caucasian female, Slavic Caucasian male. In this case, controlled media portrays hostile rioting negroes as being the ‘power’ and not the authorites. A sure sign of a psy-op and a treasonous occupation!
Negroes believe that it is not ‘power-correct’ for non-negroes to know what the power on them is. This is because a negro believes that when they know that your power/magnetism is on them, that they have won some type of ‘transparency’. Unless it is on film, a negro believes that they are within the right to act as if their crime never even happened. NEGROES DO NOT FEEL ‘REMORSE’, ‘SORRY’, or ‘SHAME’
regarding the negro’s criminal, hostile, and/or violent activity. This is because, as the lowest wavelength degenerative/externally-empowered race, negroes are automatically ELECTROMAGNETICALLY GALVANIZED under higher-wavelengths ONLY. All actions are related to their own empowerment only at the expense of others. Empowerment as parasites of anyone who is more money/power/magnetic. Negroes are too egocentric to look at or care about the hows and whys of anyone else’s empowerment, so negroes can only think that everyone else is also degenerate empowerment and that police are disproportionately going after and charging negroes.
The negro is compelled to do whatever that negro feels the negro has to do to possess sufficient magnetization/power to be able to compete in a higher-wavelength society that has controlled media falsely portraying all races as the exact same (galvanization in power) when in reality there are hosts and parasites (those who are biologically degenerative/external — dysgenic— empowerment ONLY).
Rayshart Brooks case: June 13, 2020: Sham Order/ZOG Controlled Media is now virtually [unspoken] “training” police nationwide that absolutely NO negroes or other “minorities” [responsible for 80+% of ALL CRIME] are to be shot by police in any situation now, except possibly if they have wounded or killed an officer. The death of another armed negro, this time named “Rayshart Brooks” of Atlanta sparked hostile negroes to arson a Wendy’s “fast food” restaurant there. Possibly the negroes there associated Wendy’s with “whites” from having seen the Dave Thomas TV commercials or they noticed there are few if any pictures of negroes on the walls in Wendy’s. Negroes [only 13% of the population] feel they can do what they want with their own businesses and their own negro neighborhoods but because ZOG told them in the early 1960s that negroes were wanted in white communities [and this exploded in the late 80s as ZOG moved many inner-city “projects”-housed negroes into more expensive suburban apartments surreptitiously at middle-class “white” taxpayer expense], negroes now feel that negro consumption is extremely beneficial to society and negro patronage is to be highly respected, whether they spend a few dollars a day there or just come in to take a shit every now and again. We may never know why these negroes burned down Wendy’s but I can remember in the “Dawn Of The Dead” (1978) film, a character posits why the zombies were compelled to descend upon the shopping mall: “Some kind of instinct, memory of what they used to do. This was an important place in their lives.”
Gustave Le Bon’s “The Crowd: A Study Of The Popular Mind” (1895) sought to explain the odd behaviors of “white” sheeple when they are within large groups. A “white” group will be a lowest-common-denominator magnetic polarization compelled under whatever their attention is on. Negroes are even more extreme.
Because many rapists and unrepentant killers were “lynched” over one hundred years ago in the South and many of them were negro, nooses are now always associated with the negro. The noose is always a virtual ‘psych-out’ ploy by hostile Whites to mentally disturb law-abiding, innocent, dignified negroes just doing they life. This in order for the White to win the (non-existent in reality) magnetizing power from the negro’s subconscious “attention”: Like the slightly-diluted negro [“mulatto”] “football player” known for “kneeling” in 2017, possibly fellow slightly-diluted negro Darrell Wallace, who strategically uses the name “Bubba” as a “NASCAR” driver in order to appeal to Southern Whites [Sham Order/ZOG has successfully been negrifying Southern culture over the past decade or so in order to switch them under negro culture only at the applicable time — as has already happened with the rest of the country], was just trying to identify as a full-blooded negro when reporting to police like a bitch that the rope used for manually opening the negro’s garage door was a noose. Nearly every “hate crime” against Jews or negroes is a hoax perpetrated by the alleged victim, who are biological degenerative/external empowerment ONLY and thereby utilize almost exclusively underhanded methods to magnetize/empower themselves in higher-wavelength society. Jews, having much higher IQ than a negro and possessing reactive “ESP” with any non-Jews, will have much more intelligence behind THEIR hoaxes (except the Jewish graveyard tombstone knocking-over that Jews always are claiming. This must be a “dog whistle” of some kind being an extremely ridiculous notion that magnetizing power would be on a White in doing it) than the negro, who understands NOTHING of Whites that is in any way different than the negro biological galvanization in power [external/degenerative]. I have seen negroes at jobs attempt to blame White males for bathroom or locker room ‘graffiti’ that the negroes did themselves, which is always low intelligence and is never related to the true reasons why any White would be angry with negroes that are dead [externally fixated on underhanded magnetization at higher-wavelength expense and incapable of expected magnetization if Whites protected their subconscious “attention” from those only externally-empowered] on White money/power. Examples of what a negro will write in a hoax: “kkk”, “die nigger”, “white supremacy”, etc.
June 22, 2020: Desperate to advance the Sham Order/ZOG “White Racism” negro empowerment PSYOP through finding a reason to reactively prey upon Whites as a group or in use as added fuel to all perceived “racism” incidents, poop-butts from the “Justice Department” were sent by ZOG to investigate the garage door opener “noose” — being a top priority of the investigative arm of ZOG, which took over the investigation from the local police. Did they not have photos taken by the local police or consider the stats showing the astounding number and frequency of “hate crime” hoaxes (especially at opportune times such as this one)? This story was also a top priority on malicious dysgenic social-engineering “news” website “CNN”, who are also looking for any stories that can be used in negro glorification propaganda or in the “white racism” PSYOP hoax.

Negroes and music

“Rap” and negro music in general are EXTREMELY BASIC. As all music, whether knowingly or not, utilizes mathematical formulas, negro music in math terms could be considered Basic Math.

Negroes of today rely on mantra-type hypnotizing/“psychedelic” devices or dynamics to unconsciously magnetize the negro musicians through the negro capturing White subconscious “attention” that the negro was unaware the negro was in actuality aiming for capturing when devising or recording the music. The negro only knowing that the negro feels like the most money/power that way. The negro must also compensate for the lack of negro capacity in music of higher intelligence (higher mathematics and formulated precision).

This would be music such as White “progressive rock”, which the negro is not capable of. Even negro “jazz” musicians were extremely over-rated — usually image-only with applicable dignified-sounding name — and relied on meandering improvisation to capture White unconscious “attention” underhandedly instead of through highly technical musicianship.

Often credited falsely as a negro innovation and as the impetus of White “Rock and Roll” by a Controlled Media seeking to rewrite or retroactively create a dignified “history” and unique culture for negroes while simultaneously deconstructing everything White, “Blues” music was simply the negro’s loose, sloppy, and testosterone-fueled rendition of the music played by White southerners in the late 1800s to early 1900s that the negroes heard. Prior to this, the negro was capable only of tribal drum beats and chanting. Some recordings of White musicians similar to the originators of the music negroes bastardized as “Blues” may still exist on the Smithsonian Folkways label.

Negro music no doubt lowers the intelligence of any non-negro listener while also negrifying them into more degenerative/external empowerment, whereas highly technical and formulated White music such as classical, psychedelic rock of the mid-to-late 1969s, progressive rock of the 1970s and the (White, mainly German and English) jazz fusion of the early-to-mid 1970s — all of which were commercially suppressed through a purposeful lack of promotion by “entertainment” industry jewry (and their “shabbos goy” pseudojewry playing Man-above-then) as well as that jewry ‘sacrificing’ the subconscious “attention”/power of EVERY innovative White artist through the promotion of lower-quality artists directly off of the innovator — actually increases intelligence, creativity and overall brain function through challenging the mind.

Negro music of today is unconsciously formulated by the negro to win White subconscious “attention” onto it despite the fact that negroes are otherwise all about the negro only (negroes are into their own negro money/power). This is due to the fact that the negro, being degenerative/external empowerment ONLY, is capable of perceiving and processing all external attention as the negro’s own money/power.

Were there no Whites paying their attention onto the negro’s music, negroes would no longer be doing the hypnotic/“psychedelic” style and would be compelled to develop music that is truly all about the negro in order to work with the only available power — low-wavelength negro rape/external/degenerate attention.

Whites who listen to negro music will in effect work for that negro musician through being compelled to direct additional White attention onto the negro’s music as without White attention, negro music does not have any magnetized power. Also, another compelling factor being that any White attention that later will be on it, if it is certain to occur, will already be partially or fully on the negro and the negro’s music when it is recorded by the negro.

Negroes also have an identifying characteristic in the negro voice that automatically identifies any negro vocalist as a negro. Possibly this is a limited vocal timbre. Whatever it is, it is exactly the reason I don’t listen to any of it anymore and will never own any race record. I also believe that the limited timbre is why nearly every negro is capable of singing at a much higher ability than is common with others. The highly limited range within certain vocal components making it much easier for the negro to be in key.

There is also a limited range of unique negro voices. I estimate there are a dozen or so different negro voices for each gender of negro. White sheeple, especially Hipster Sheeple, of today probably take overall similarity among all negroes as a plus being that sheeple believe preventing critical analysis — to avoid being polarized against as an individual that is not as much Man-above as other sheeple — through being as similar as is considered expected within herd-animalization is being the most aware, fashionable, or trendy and sheeple have been instilled that the negro is exactly the same (galvanization in power) as the White.

Because it would take skill in polarizing for Whites to do the same, Whites must think that negroes are so similar to each other because negroes have utilized the same intelligence it would have taken Whites to accomplish the same polarization. In reality it is due to the biological similarity between all negroes being the same as you could expect to find within a single White immediate family. It is not a coincidence that negroes took to calling each other “brother” and “sister”.

As a highly educated listener of music, having heard around 200 thousand songs and having ability to decide if a song is up to exceptional standard in 2 to 5 total seconds of random sampling of different sections of it [this would be knowing the overall sound and standard of quality it must be up to in order to be within the highest overall quality 50 thousand sand possibly as many as 100 thousand songs. Probably the top 1 or 2% of everything released in those genres and a fraction of a percent of all music released. I still have not heard about 60% of the total music from genres capable of producing it] I can state with full conviction that there is exactly zero negro-created music that is essential or required listening for anyone who has heard an extremely large amount of White music, namely of the genres that were listed above. I have also found that the most innovative and talented of those musicians were also always suppressed commercially. The reason being that they are of an exceptional ability that is uniquely White and Sham Order/ZOG social-engineering goals are total negrification and subjugation.

There are many tens of thousands of exceptional, innovative and highly-skilled White songs that are of a much higher quality — above — the best or closest equivalents from the music of the negro.

Controlled Media-induced “Negromania”

Sham Order/ZOG and Jewish “interest” groups are almost entirely focused on their dysgenic social-engineering now, expending immense resources in the monitoring of “whites”.

As such, they keep track of who does and does not follow the bullshit they believe they have won. Jews feel that if they have a certain percentage of “whites” under some part of their programming and/or other lies, that those who are NOT under the programming or lies are “outcasts” and they play them as if their power is on those who ARE sheeple.

Because there was SO MUCH OF IT following “George Floyd protests”, Sham Order virtually forced any “whites” who were not hypnotically under and promoting Controlled Media negro-glorification propaganda on “social media” (or in public places) to be in essence “dog whistling” NON-support, which can then be played by Sham Order/ZOG as if such individuals not yet having caught a controlled media-instilled case of “negromania” are not under that programming only because they then are in support of “white supremacy”, which sheeple have allowed Sham Order/ZOG to play as the opposite of non-white and non-heterosexual ZOG-backed “rights movements” [because such “movements” may only be magnetized/empowered at “white” heterosexual male expense!].

Sheeple have unknowingly given Sham Order/ZOG virtual consent to blame entire (real or perceived) groups for the actions of an individual.

A related example: during “World War 2”, the U.S. ZOG regime purposely shorted [“rationing”] all essential and popular consumer items in order to harness the subconscious “attention” of unaware sheeple who were inconvenienced and irritated due to the “rationing”. Psychological submission of subconscious “attention” to a factor that is under the will of a higher controlling power is the same as placing money in a “gambling” situation. Like money on a bet, the subconscious “attention” of inconvenienced sheeple adds to the larger magnetic polarization of subconscious “attention” that is created from all others who psychologically submit their subconscious “attention” in the same way. This large polarization of power is thereby on a future in which the communist/ZOG “allies” defeat the non-communists as that is the determining factor for an end to “rationing”!

Many conformists are hostile to “whites” who do not concede defeat to Sham Order/ZOG simply because Sham Order/ZOG blames them and acts against them whenever an alleged “white supremacy” or “white racism incident happens.

Such sheeple are led to believe virtually [unspoken] that Sham Order/ZOG will leave them alone and not make them “uncomfortable” if only such incidents did not happen. These sheeple are foolish enough to believe that if that were true, Sham Order/ZOG would also continue to empower and magnetize their consumption and other degenerate empowerment!

Sham Order/ZOG empowers/magnetizes conformist consumption so that when the power on that is taken off of it through Sham Order/ZOG critical attention, conformist sheeple will experience an “unpleasant” feeling which they will associate with their having been “wrong” regarding the reason/cause for it or whatever situation in power has recently happened that they were not a participant/supporter in.

Such sheeple are so under the power of Sham Order/ZOG that they can only blame the impetus of the reactive predation by Sham Order/ZOG as the sheeple are compelled by their loss of magnetization/power, through which all feelings, senses, and justifications are processed abstractly.

Similarly, nearly all alleged nonconformists will blame any fellow nonconformist that can force Sham Order/ZOG to double-down off of them, thinking that that individual made some error in the whys of power rather than realizing that Sham Order/ZOG can exert this type of power ANYTIME THEY SO DESIRE.

Reactive predation is the neo-bolsheviks’ m.o. presently only because they have not yet been forced to degenerate to a lower state where that “game” can no longer be utilized. A “game” that was actually more money/power for Sham Order/ZOG to utilize to take most advantage of oblivious sheeple, their preferred method for desired external/degenerative magnetization off of (cage-free animals).

This because, like their negro “cousin”, Jewry are biological degenerative/external empowerment ONLY. However, with Jewry, due to the anomaly of high IQ coupled with degenerative/external empowerment only — something that is supposed to occur naturally in LOW INTELLIGENCE ONLY — Jewry will be external/degenerative empowerment only as long as there are any non-Jewry on earth.

Parasite Jewry, unlike the negro, do have the capacity to hold all of their parasited magnetism IF their biological galvanization in power will allow them. This is due to their higher IQ — allowing an awareness and understanding of human power preventing the loss of it. Jewry will not be dead on animals or their fellow tribesmen (though they probably will selectively breed the type of Jewry who today are the most parasitic and dead on other people’s money/power — possibly the ones that they classify as “Asskenazi Jews”) like the negro would if all non-negroes disappeared.

Instead, Jewry will no longer be dead on anything. They will also have no need to put their parasited power — now fully theirs in natural order — back in “play”, which their biological galvanization in power forces them to do when they are still dead on other people’s money/power.

As Jewry utilize the subconscious “attention” of a host for their own lifeforce/magnetism/empowerment, they prefer a “cage free animal” sheep-herding environment to utilize what is better external “attention” for them. External power that will not force them to show their dormant violent inclinations unless all other situations in power make it the most favorable.

Like the negro, male Jewry have very violent tendencies but the higher IQ of Jewry means that it takes many more factors in overall power than it does for the negro before forcing it to surface by their biological galvanization in power. This is because the biological galvanization in power of Jewry compels them toward all other methods before degenerating into violence as the other methods are MORE EFFECTIVE overall — it is more money/power for the Jewry.

in 1933, twelve years before ZOG regimes forced “Holocaust” atrocity propaganda on defeated NSDAP Germany — propaganda that was nearly identical to what Jewish Bolsheviks HAD ACTUALLY DONE in Russia (including Gas Vans) — the German government warned their citizenry of the Jewish mass media proclivity toward over-exaggeration, claims of persecution and their eventual implementation of ATROCITY PROPAGANDA on their host. Lies in the Controlled Media today are the first steps toward implementation of atrocity propaganda on the host White races. Whites have no hope at all playing Man-above-you and must see the neo-bolshevik regime and entire establishment for what it is: the equivalent of a FOREIGN REGIME. An underhanded cowardly occupation using the most venal and sociopathic Whites (as “shabbos goy” pseudojewry) in order to act in a White image as if Whites are in control and jewing themselves dead on all others because that is what power is.

Offer of free services to “amplify” any legal case vs. a corporation, government institution, official, or authority – pending judgement

If families of innocent people killed by hostile negroes or the owners of properties that were destroyed by negro arson could sue the controlled media outlets for inciting these negroes to riot and/or ZOG for ordering all police departments nationwide to “stand down” to the negroes, representatives of those entities would then be forced in a “court of law” to explain WHY.

Their “explaination” would have to, at minimum, ALLUDE to those entities’ knowledge of negro psychology. Negro “crowd psychology” in particular.

That would open the door for the introduction of the whys of ALL power : human subconscious “attention” — (non-jew) Caucasian males are the sole magnetizing/empowering force of ALL OTHERS in mixed-race “multicultural society.”

Every other race (as well as non-heterosexuals, females, pre-pubescent children, and male Caucasians who have been lowered into external/degenerative empowerment) may only be empowered in the depowering/lowering of the magnetizing force above them (higher-wavelength persons) within a mixed-race herd-animalization (“multiculturalism”).

All of Sham Order/ZOG “social engineering” propaganda can be completely destroyed and debunked with the information I have ONLY. Anything less is a lower intelligence and the neo- bolsheviks can easily defend against it. Also, without knowing WHY they do what they do, you would fear too many topics and areas of discussion that you have already psychologically submitted to for that reason.

The only information that will depower the neo-bolsheviks, who consist of innumerable jews and their “shabbos goy” pseudojewry, is the whys of power. They depend entirely upon its use and the non-realization of it by their victims.

Each person who learns about power will better guard their subconscious “attention” from then on and Sham Order/ZOG as a result will have less parasited money/power to redirect onto their pseudojewy, conformist sheeple, whores and sexual degenerates. Eventually we will be seeing that many or most of them are no longer magnetic/empowered.

Anyone who has already started a legal case that is any way a result of Sham Order/ZOG’s “white racism”/negro-empowerment psy-op (police officers fired, business owners looted, somebody fired for “racist” comments etc.) can contact me through the form at the bottom of the page.

Large gatherings of negroes are reason enough to spark negroes to riot. Negroes riot when they ‘sense’ that the ‘atmosphere‘ is ‘right’ and/or their ‘emotions’ are sparked: In the above video, Chicago negroes riot after the “Chicago Bulls NBA championship victory” in 1991. Negroes also rioted for the same reason in 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997 AND 1998!
In riot coverage, Controlled Media will always choose the images with the least amount of negroes or if it is possible, the most Whites. If there are images of very out-of-control Whites, this is guaranteed to be shown multiple times, appearing in every “recap”. This is of course to hide the fact that in instances such as these, that abberant behavior is almost entirely negro-exclusive.
Los Angeles negroes riot after the “Los Angeles Lakers NBA championship victory” in 2000. The negroes there also rioted for the same reason in 2010!

Various Images with comments section (to allow observations that might otherwise not be made)

The controlled media and ZOG have never provided the public with a figure representing the value in tax dollars of all of the destruction that United States negroes have wrought since 1963 (this can be considered the beginning of the Sham Order mixed-race herd-animalization black-op) while adding this to dollars spent on provision of “welfare” benefits (including free housing), medical insurance and costs (including victims of negro violence), court and prison costs, “unemployment” and “workman’s comp” [many negroes look to get “hurt” on the “job” or to ‘maximize’ a minor injury], retail and home security and anti-theft measures (an extremely low priority prior to the “Civil Rights Movement” and 1965 “Immigration Act”) as well as corporate losses for “affirmative action” hiring. There are 40 million negroes in the U.S. and the associated costs must easily be 25 to 50 thousand dollars a year per negro!
Negroes become hostile in direct correlation with the amount of higher-wavelength power/magnetism/unconscious-attention/money that they have dysgenically parasited onto themselves or have had sacrificed onto them by the neo-bolsheviks! At the time of these nationwide riots, U.S. citizens had just days earlier received a $1200 “Stimulus Check” from ZOG!
When compared with ANY OTHER RACE, negroes have a less-evolved nervous system and extremely high testosterone – this is why most negroes use extremely crude language and have a “short fuse”. The negro is also extremely egocentric on average. Higher intelligence, greater brain capacity, narrowly-defined craniofacial features, more advanced nervous system, lightened skin pigmentation, finer and more complex hair of lowered eumelanin (creating pigmentation colors other than black), iris pigmentation of colors other than brown, lowered testosterone, diminished egocentrism, and genetic diversity all developed only in races that evolved in COLD-WEATHER ENVIRONMENTS. RELATED READING: DNA co-discoverer implies that Negroes are less evolved.
Sham Order/ZOG no longer recognizes ANY racial differences. Different races are just “different skin colors” now according to the mainstream neo-bolshevik establishment propaganda, including “science”. Sham Order/ZOG ‘dog-whistled’ their total control over academia when they began promoting actors Neil Degrassi Tyson and Bill Nye as the top scientific minds.
Negroes are DEGENERATIVE EMPOWERMENT ONLY, being in an evolutionary state of magnetizing themselves only. As such negroes are a DESTRUCTIVE ‘power’. In an advanced (non-negro) society, they are capable of showing power to themselves and others through destructive acts ONLY!
Sham Order is empowering negroes by artificially supplementing negroes’ biological inclinations – the negro’s natural galvanization in power – so that the negro is also empowerment Man-above-them in society/herd-animalization. The only way to do that is to concede that the negro always knows what the power on the negro is – in fact exactly what Sham Order/ZOG has done! Every non-negro official or authorite, no matter how much they have accomplished, will be sacrificed onto Sham Order dysgenic empowerment social-engineering if applicable. As such, police are BELOW the negro. They are forced to psychologically submit their power/unconscious-attention onto the negro if only out of fear of being sacrificed by Sham Order/ZOG!
Controlled Media propaganda regarding “white racism” always has allusionary subtext built into it by the neo-bolsheviks aimed directly at the male negro, who is only capable of considering that individual negro’s perceived disadvantages whenever “analyzing” others. At some point, the Controlled Media has conditioned negroes to believe that if an authority or official commits a wrong with any negro, that all negroes are within their right to loot and riot Man-above-them. This is the reason why negroes now riot over any negro killed or beaten by police, no matter the extenuating circumstance.
It once took the assassination of a media-glorified negro “leader” or “hero” such as Martin Luther King to ignite negroes to riot. Now – actually ever since the Balack Obala “presidency” – all takes is a “perfect storm” of events brewed up by the Controlled Media “news” propaganda – usually the death of some criminal negro in police custody with that event in close proximity to one or two other Controlled Media “news” stories on “white racism”!
Almost every male negro will at least one time commit a rape. Crime data shows that the negro chooses victims from not only the negro’s own race but actually prefers to choose from the ‘pool’ of ALL OTHER RACES, which is unique to the negro male ONLY. This is because higher-wavelength females the negro rapes will magnetize (“empower”) the negro. Due to the fact that negroes are still in an evolutionary stage of magnetizing themselves, each individual negro has very little ‘power’ unless polarized in a group of other negroes. This is one of the reasons that negroes are TRIBAL and many of their rapes are GANG RAPES. In South Africa, a favorite pastime of negroes is “jack rolling” (gang raping). In fact, in South Africa one in every four negroes ADMITS to being a rapist, having ‘pride’ in it due to this being a BIOLOGICAL INCLINATION IN THE NEGRO RACE. Any unsolved serial killer case where there are multiple or mostly negro victims will always turn out to have been perpetrated by a male negro. There is NO POWER on it for anyone else because negroes are BIOLOGICALLY capable of being DEAD on all others’ money/power only – thus there is no magnetizing power for a non-negro perpetrator to win from the negro. This means there is no compelling force for empowerment in harming a negro. Any non-negro can only be compelled to PROTECT THEIR OWN MONEY/POWER from the negro if they are taking some action against a negro. Controlled Media always seeks to “spin” any events it is possible to use in this way into making it appear that “whites” are dead on a negro’s money/power. In reality, the negro’s money/power is SOURCED DIRECTLY from the “white” host. The “white” can not be “dead” on a negro for the negro being dead on the “white”s money/power. There is only one level of being dead on someone’s money/power, and we know that the negro is BIOLOGICALLY external/degenerative empowerment ONLY which means that the negro may only be DEAD ON ALL OTHER RACE’S MONEY/POWER [this also means that were each non-negro race to act only in their own racial best interests with no concern for others, the negro would be almost no money/power. In the same scenario, the Jew likely could not exist at all]. In order to know the correct situation in power, though, you need to know all whys of power including all racial physiology.
Truth-defying sheeple feel that they have a right to take as indisputable fact or reality whatever degeneracy, lies or dysgenics Sham Order/ZOG institutes AND that all others must accept whatever it is as indisputable fact or reality also when in fact this is nothing but a Sham Order “fake consensus reality”. It will anger intuitive conformists to hear or read anything that shows Sham Order/ZOG as the bogus fabrication propaganda that it is as they have been instilled to ignore all information countering Sham Order/ZOG lies to avoid being upset. Non-communists do not have to do this and know to accept all reality. Sheeple must ignore or attempt to blame the impetus of it all of their Cognitive Dissonance [the dichotomy of instilled programming vs. reality/natural order] which is caused by their acceptance of institutionalized lies (consensus reality). The foundation for the entire mindset of sheeple is created Man Above Them only; believing that NO natural power [electromagnetic galvanization in herd-animalization Man above it] is power. Instead seeking conformist (secondary/others’) magnetism for highest magnetization in society. “Communists” are concerned only with CONSENSUS reality, which they seek to subvert to empower degenerate empowerment at the expense of natural order, being that they are parasitic empowerment and are dead/finished in reality.
“Entertainment Industry” jewry, specifically “Interscope Records”, were responsible for promoting hostile/crude “Gangsta Rap” which began, along with “Political Correctness” conditioning, in 1990. To “whites” at the time, this “music” was so crude and ridiculous that it was to them akin to “Dr. Demento” or “Weird Al Yankovic” – a “novelty” [examples: “Too Live Crew” and “The Ghetto Boyz”]. At the time, virtually no “whites”, especially females, could understand what some crude “jiveass” “Ebonics”-talking negro was even trying to say. That was because sufficient higher-wavelength White magnetizing power (subconscious “attention”) had yet to be “sacrificed” onto the negro collective unconscious, therefore non-Jewish Whites could not sufficiently ‘connect’ to any negro’s ‘wavelength’ as there was still little to no “white” magnetism on the negro. Sham Order/ZOG had conformist “whites” in a preparatory stage toward mixed-race herd-animalization for close to three decades at this point but Sham Order/ZOG was conditioning them as consumer-only degenerate/external empowerment within their own race only. There WERE magnetic negroes back then, but they had to be negroes with low egocentricity that tried to ‘fit in’ on the fringes of “white” groups – negroes were not automatically the center of attention. Negroes such as these could be seen at the 1983 “Return Of The Jedi premiere” [where was all the “racism” in the 70’s and 80’s? I can’t think of even one negro riot during the time period after “civil rights” and before “political correctness” conditioning began. Why were there so many happy negroes during those times and why wasn’t the Controlled Media even hinting about “white” subjugation of negroes. Whites do nothing but work and consume, so how are they so racist toward negroes now but not then?] Today there are few negroes “interested” in anything outside of their own negro “culture” – this while they are ‘dead’ on and critically hostile of all non-negroes, who they use to magnetize themselves dysgenically with only and then return to their own racial groups to talk about how much money/power they are and how stupid those they took advantage of were. 35 years on, “rap music” is still going strong, whereas COUNTLESS “white” genres have been deconstructed by Sham Order and relegated to the past.  “Whites” are also the ONLY race that has to conform their “art” to the expectations of what the public allegedly wants or what allegedly sells [actually this will be conformity to “political correctness” which today means weak Whites are acceptable only]. In reality, sheeple follow anything that has attention of other sheeple on it – promotion is all that is needed. A chapter of Henry Ford’s “The International Jew” documents how before radio or television, Jews were already doing this. “Stage Manager” Jews were promoting/marketing unknown stage actors of their choice immediately as “stars” in order to create that reality through spectators that then empower/magnetize those they spectate upon. Then and now, the mass media bosses are diabolical ‘geniuses’ [actually it is biological intuition] in how to “sacrifice” or direct polarized subconscious “attention” (power) onto whoever they want. More or less this is all they choose to do, their primary method. Intuitive Conformist Sheeple are then compelled under (they can only “like”) the highly-magnetized individual. Today, any “whites” that are heavily promoted by Sham Order/ZOG mass media will always be “whites” that lose the most polarized “attention” to those OTHER THAN the heterosexual “white” male SOURCE of that high-wavelength power/attention. Especially NEGROES. “Whites” have not even noticed that in “entertainment” propaganda, those of the “white” race are the only ones who are not seen as representing their race and thereby shown in a favorable/dignified manner only. It has not yet been noticed by conformists because they submitted psychologically to Sham Order/ZOG when they were told through “political correctness” conditioning to not analyze others racially.
This relates to the same chapter of The International Jew. “Entertainment Industry” Jews, as with their tribe at large, have always worked at “sacrificing” the current standard of “white” individual onto a lower, more negrified (more external/degenerative) individual. This is a method of lowering the entire White collective unconscious – some call it “dumbing down” or negrification, but this does not get across the fact that it is an ELECTROMAGNETIC phenomenon wherein the lowered collective unconscious will be a magnetic barrier over the minds of the sheeple who would need to ‘break’ through it to have any intelligent thoughts above the average. The practice of ‘consolidation’ of White power onto lower power could never be noticed by most “whites” until “whites” were being “sacrificed” onto ACTUAL NEGROES! The negro “movie-goer” market is extremely slim. Most negroes today purchase “bootleg” video discs of the latest theatrical releases from other negroes selling them outside of gas stations. At a financial loss, “Entertainment Industry” Jewry chose to start magnetizing negroes through glorifying negroes in films at “white” consumer expense. They began through using “Uncle Tom”-type negroes with “classy”-sounding names (such as Sidney Poitier). In the years 1971-1976, a Jewish-produced “genre” known as “blaxploitation” was created to direct as much “white” male subconscious “attention” as possible at the time onto a much lower, more degenerate-type class of negro. Blaxploitation served to magnetize the negro male rape/consumption wavelength through the amusing yet hostile negroes featured in such films. What other way could “white” males be compelled to see criminal negroes that are the most ‘dead’ on “white” money/powero — pimps, drug dealers, thieves — as money/power? Today, Controlled Media are ‘sacrificing’ White subconscious “attention” (magnetizing power on the negro) onto the most ignorant/egocentric feral negroes so that intuitive conformists (sheeple) will be unable to ‘see’ animalistic traits as animalism/weakness once it is fully absobed/accepted into the WHITE collective unconscious (the unconscious minds of the majority in the same thoughts which creates a large magnetic polarization over all others). They are jewing unconscious-attention/power onto ALL of the negro’s weaknesses and animal traits ONLY. These are RAPIST traits. Meaning that the same things that cause the negro to rape are why they are this.
Mixed-race herd-animalization is termed “multiculturalism” (what do they consider European culture to be amongst the multiple cultures?) and “Diversity”. Almost no one with firsthand experience is promoting these social-engineering black-ops. Instead, it is ZOG, Jewish “interest” groups, the controlled media, and large corporations (this includes “shabbos goy” pseudojewry and “celebrity” sheeple motivated to empower excess materialism). Most of them have never observed large groups of negroes in their natural environment, instead making all judgements off of the sum of what they have viewed through Controlled Media. A controlled media who HIDE every “news” report (except at the local level) that exposes the negro as BIOLOGICALLY dead on all others money/power (rapes, child abuse, attacks on the elderly, etc.) see http://newnation.org
Those who are degenerate/external empowerment are also empowered ANY TIME A HIGHER-WAVELENGTH LOSES POWER. This is why power was not on Americans and Europeans to care as 66 million Slavics were genocided in Europe during the early to mid 1900s and why all non-“whites” (as well as white pseudojewry, degenerates, whores, and jews) today do not care what is done against “whites”. They are empowered/magnetized in it! That is all that being “right” is in mixed-race herd-animalization. Magnetizing power will no longer be on degenerate empowerment once Sham Order/ZOG has sufficiently depowered (and negrified/feminized) the required number of Whites into degenerate/external empowerment. Sham Order/ZOG sacrifices/redirects all magnetic power onto conformists in such a stage so that sheeple don’t sense that they are dead/finished in it. This is the ONLY reason anyone is magnetized/empowered in behaviors that are at odds with the ENTIRE PREVIOUS HISTORY of the human race.
Negroes, along with non-heterosexuals, are the only ‘causes’ that Corporate America and the Controlled Media have ever promoted AT A LOSS financially. Corporations that had previous to this been increasingly concerned with financial profits ONLY. Being that male Caucasian magnetic power, via subconscious “attention”, is the power behind currency/money, doing so is actually a ‘win’ and not a loss in power. This is only until the neo-bolshevik leadership is ready to liquidate their “white” pseudojewry after sufficient “white” power has been “consolidated” onto them!
Anything Caucasian “whites” concede to Sham Order/ZOG will only lead to further demands and expectations for (non-jew) Caucasian “whites” by Sham Order/ZOG. Miscegenation (race mixing) was once just supposed to be tolerated but in 2020 the neo-bolshevik establishment is able to aggressively pressure (through rewards, negative consequences, or Sham Order/ZOG cosmetically ‘acquiescing’ to “coalburners” as if the “coalburner” has won some type of power above Sham Order that forces Sham Order to exempt the “coalburner” from critical attention that would otherwise be on the “coalburner’s” consumption and social interactions by Sham Order/ZOG!) Caucasian women (ONLY) to “date” negroes. Where are the Hispanics in all of this? the U.S. is 8% Hispanic male and 6% negro male. The Controlled Media have been “hiding” Hispanics of late. In 2018, ZOG created fear in the Hispanic community with public ‘threats’ of unleashing “ICE” immigration authorities to possibly deport illegals. As Hispanics are extremely family-oriented [their family inclinations have not yet been targeted for deconstruction through Controlled Media propaganda], the empty threats were enough to pressure Hispanics into keeping a lower profile!
Outside of their homes, negroes are on their “game”*. Society is seen as something to take advantage within. Caucasian males who believe that some negro is their “friend” do not realize that EVERY ACTION OF A NEGRO MUST BE SOMETHING THAT THE NEGRO IS DIRECTLY EMPOWERED IN! *minus the negro desire to take advantage of others, this is the correct mindset and once was the mindset of non-jew “whites”. After decades of external/consumer/degenerate-empowerment “social-engineering” by Sham Order/ZOG, however, “whites” now act as if they are at a “tailgate party” barbecue or in their own living room when they are at work or out in public.
”Diversity”, like “communism”, is a ZOG Sham used to depower the highest-wavelength host peoples ONLY! “Communists” are liars and will NEVER deliver on their empty promises! [Read Dr. Joseph Goebbels’ “Communism With The Mask Off” and Dietrich Eckart’s “Bolshevism From Moses To Lenin” * note: all previous writers before my discovery of the whys of human attention were wrong in their assessment of the Jew, believing that the Jew was jewing himself dead with the jewing of the host. In reality, all human magnetizing power is being sacrificed by the Jew and put back onto conformists in herd-animalization, who are consumer empowerment only. Cutting consumption will then transfer ALL magnetizing power to the Jew. By making such incorrect assumptions, all previous writers showed jewry that they did not know the whys of power. This is something that you never want to do UNLESS INTENTIONALLY and this would not be within a context that is exposing a hostile enemy, in which case you are trying to polarize critical attention in reality against them]. After Sham Order/ZOG’s liquidation/ethnic-cleansing goals – redistribution of higher-wavelength magnetism/power – are accomplished, Sham Order/ZOG fakes a new regime or covertly ‘backs’ a ‘popular movement’ that ‘changes’ the social systems. A neo-bolshevik social-engineering black-op utilizing “zombie” sheeple will be covered by the Controlled Media “news” in a way in which the allusionary subtext is that power/money/attention is on the movement but the establishment does not know what the power/money/attention on it is – they just know that the power/money/attention on it is so powerful that they are forced to concede.
Sham Order now gives “non-conformist” credit and empowerment to those who fill needed slots in their dysgenic “social engineering” that can enable ZOG to act off of a protest or march [an underhanded coward Sham Order regime must be REACTIVE only or their “magnetic image”/“psychic fingerprint” will be exposed]. In reality, Sham Order/ZOG do not do ANYTHING THEY DO NOT WISH TO DO! Regarding “social justice warriors”: All Sham Order/ZOG has to do is infer that they need and/or expect many sheeple to do something and each conformist knows that this means them. If they don’t act upon it, other sheeple can play higher Man-above through being part of it sooner. Intuitive conformist sheeple can not even explain any of their media-instilled beliefs other than that they know/feel that power is on it and that others are supposed to know/feel also that power is on it. Possibly they could recite some sentence or term that they have heard used in the Controlled Media that stirred ‘emotions’ in them and that feeling is associated with truth – they felt power was on it. With sheeple, this is the foundation of all ‘beliefs’. Entire generations of people do not just “evolve” on their own. They are conditioned into it and therefore nothing but “products of the times”. The same “white” who today is a media-instilled ‘lover would have been an ardent “white supremacist” if they lived 150 years ago, for example.
United States military and “intelligence agencies” now utilize “Israeli” psychology – anything goes if it obtains their goal! This has been in full force since the 1945 communist/ZOG “Holocaust” atrocity propoaganda psy-op to mentally subjugate the defeated Germans. Almost immediately after “World War 2”, the communist/ZOG “allies” began another psy-op known as “The Cold War” began in order to publicly distance the openly-communist Russia from the underhanded coward ZOG regime of the United States that utilizes groups of sheeple to be able to reactively implement communism with the onus on others. Human experimentations by U.S. “intelligence agencies” also began around the same time in order to discover the best ways to subjugate the population electromagnetically [human subconscious “attention” is electromagnetic “energy” similar to yet not exactly “radio waves”] and how to spread viruses or other chemicals against the U.S. population should their agenda be exposed. The 1950-53 “Korean War” and the 1955-1973 “Vietnam War” also made it appear that the U.S. was “against” communism. Vietnam also served to sacrifice and harvest the magnetism of the U.S. soldiers, most of whom were middle class “white” men, onto consumer sheeple and whores magnetically compelled under the “peace” and “civil rights movements” in the United States. ZOG “intelligence” agency the “CIA” found it worthwhile to have an important hand in and finance two British film adaptations of George Orwell anti-communist literature: Animal Farm in 1954 and 1984 in 1956 in order to make sure that they were power-correct subversions that would make it ultra-confusing for Americans to understand even abstractly the whys in power of Communism — Communists want sheeple to believe they are motivated by economics or equality and not subjugation/parasitism. In 1962 a Jew named “Lyman Lemnitzer” (“chairman” of the “Joint Chiefs Of Staff”) and the “Department Of Defense” proposed “Operation Northwoods”, a “false flag” terrorist attack by U.S. “intelligence” on their own military bases as well as civilian targets in order be able to blame it on Cuba. Ostensibly to again portray the U.S. as “fighting communists”. A few years before this, the Controlled Media and ZOG had slandered “Senator” Joseph McCarthy and surreptitiously ruined his investigation and exposure of communist takeover within the United States “State Department”. Russian Jews (and their “shabbos goy” pseudojewry), the United States and Israel have all committed numerous “Crimes Against Humanity” yet have never been held to account for any of them. This shows the neo-bolsheviks control the puppet committees purported to investigate such crimes, such as the “United Nations”. Communists are responsible for over 200 million innocent people slaughtered worldwide yet have never been held to account. This is reserved for hunting “Nazis” and “white supremacists”. It may only be a “red scare” according to the jew Controlled Media for anyone to be concerned about communists, who in actuality are parasites who will fight to the death for the right to subjugate those who are natural sources of human magnetic power that they desperately desire to parasite onto themselves.

For historical perspective, the following is a speech by then-President Kennedy, who obviously had little clue the extent of the neo-bolshevik takeover of the U.S. establishment and regime (as this was not in full force until the “peace” movement in the late ‘60s, exemplified by the “moon landing”) on the communist Controlled Media:

President John F. Kennedy
Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City
April 27, 1961

Mr. Chairman, ladies and gentlemen:

I appreciate very much your generous invitation to be here tonight.

You bear heavy responsibilities these days and an article I read some time ago reminded me of how particularly heavily the burdens of present day events bear upon your profession.

You may remember that in 1851 the New York Herald Tribune under the sponsorship and publishing of Horace Greeley, employed as its London correspondent an obscure journalist by the name of Karl Marx.

We are told that foreign correspondent Marx, stone broke, and with a family ill and undernourished, constantly appealed to Greeley and managing editor Charles Dana for an increase in his munificent salary of $5 per installment, a salary which he and Engels ungratefully labeled as the “lousiest petty bourgeois cheating.”

But when all his financial appeals were refused, Marx looked around for other means of livelihood and fame, eventually terminating his relationship with the Tribune and devoting his talents full time to the cause that would bequeath the world the seeds of Leninism, Stalinism, revolution and the cold war.

If only this capitalistic New York newspaper had treated him more kindly; if only Marx had remained a foreign correspondent, history might have been different. And I hope all publishers will bear this lesson in mind the next time they receive a poverty-stricken appeal for a small increase in the expense account from an obscure newspaper man.

I have selected as the title of my remarks tonight “The President and the Press.” Some may suggest that this would be more naturally worded “The President Versus the Press.” But those are not my sentiments tonight.

It is true, however, that when a well-known diplomat from another country demanded recently that our State Department repudiate certain newspaper attacks on his colleague it was unnecessary for us to reply that this Administration was not responsible for the press, for the press had already made it clear that it was not responsible for this Administration.

Nevertheless, my purpose here tonight is not to deliver the usual assault on the so-called one party press. On the contrary, in recent months I have rarely heard any complaints about political bias in the press except from a few Republicans. Nor is it my purpose tonight to discuss or defend the televising of Presidential press conferences. I think it is highly beneficial to have some 20,000,000 Americans regularly sit in on these conferences to observe, if I may say so, the incisive, the intelligent and the courteous qualities displayed by your Washington correspondents.

Nor, finally, are these remarks intended to examine the proper degree of privacy which the press should allow to any President and his family.

If in the last few months your White House reporters and photographers have been attending church services with regularity, that has surely done them no harm.

On the other hand, I realize that your staff and wire service photographers may be complaining that they do not enjoy the same green privileges at the local golf courses that they once did.

It is true that my predecessor did not object as I do to pictures of one’s golfing skill in action. But neither on the other hand did he ever bean a Secret Service man.

My topic tonight is a more sober one of concern to publishers as well as editors.

I want to talk about our common responsibilities in the face of a common danger. The events of recent weeks may have helped to illuminate that challenge for some; but the dimensions of its threat have loomed large on the horizon for many years. Whatever our hopes may be for the future–for reducing this threat or living with it–there is no escaping either the gravity or the totality of its challenge to our survival and to our security–a challenge that confronts us in unaccustomed ways in every sphere of human activity.

This deadly challenge imposes upon our society two requirements of direct concern both to the press and to the President–two requirements that may seem almost contradictory in tone, but which must be reconciled and fulfilled if we are to meet this national peril. I refer, first, to the need for a far greater public information; and, second, to the need for far greater official secrecy.


The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment. That I do not intend to permit to the extent that it is in my control. And no official of my Administration, whether his rank is high or low, civilian or military, should interpret my words here tonight as an excuse to censor the news, to stifle dissent, to cover up our mistakes or to withhold from the press and the public the facts they deserve to know.

But I do ask every publisher, every editor, and every newsman in the nation to reexamine his own standards, and to recognize the nature of our country’s peril. In time of war, the government and the press have customarily joined in an effort based largely on self-discipline, to prevent unauthorized disclosures to the enemy. In time of “clear and present danger,” the courts have held that even the privileged rights of the First Amendment must yield to the public’s need for national security.

Today no war has been declared–and however fierce the struggle may be, it may never be declared in the traditional fashion. Our way of life is under attack. Those who make themselves our enemy are advancing around the globe. The survival of our friends is in danger. And yet no war has been declared, no borders have been crossed by marching troops, no missiles have been fired.

If the press is awaiting a declaration of war before it imposes the self-discipline of combat conditions, then I can only say that no war ever posed a greater threat to our security. If you are awaiting a finding of “clear and present danger,” then I can only say that the danger has never been more clear and its presence has never been more imminent.

It requires a change in outlook, a change in tactics, a change in missions–by the government, by the people, by every businessman or labor leader, and by every newspaper. For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.

Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed. It conducts the Cold War, in short, with a war-time discipline no democracy would ever hope or wish to match.

Nevertheless, every democracy recognizes the necessary restraints of national security–and the question remains whether those restraints need to be more strictly observed if we are to oppose this kind of attack as well as outright invasion.

For the facts of the matter are that this nation’s foes have openly boasted of acquiring through our newspapers information they would otherwise hire agents to acquire through theft, bribery or espionage; that details of this nation’s covert preparations to counter the enemy’s covert operations have been available to every newspaper reader, friend and foe alike; that the size, the strength, the location and the nature of our forces and weapons, and our plans and strategy for their use, have all been pinpointed in the press and other news media to a degree sufficient to satisfy any foreign power; and that, in at least in one case, the publication of details concerning a secret mechanism whereby satellites were followed required its alteration at the expense of considerable time and money.

The newspapers which printed these stories were loyal, patriotic, responsible and well-meaning. Had we been engaged in open warfare, they undoubtedly would not have published such items. But in the absence of open warfare, they recognized only the tests of journalism and not the tests of national security. And my question tonight is whether additional tests should not now be adopted.

The question is for you alone to answer. No public official should answer it for you. No governmental plan should impose its restraints against your will. But I would be failing in my duty to the nation, in considering all of the responsibilities that we now bear and all of the means at hand to meet those responsibilities, if I did not commend this problem to your attention, and urge its thoughtful consideration.

On many earlier occasions, I have said–and your newspapers have constantly said–that these are times that appeal to every citizen’s sense of sacrifice and self-discipline. They call out to every citizen to weigh his rights and comforts against his obligations to the common good. I cannot now believe that those citizens who serve in the newspaper business consider themselves exempt from that appeal.

I have no intention of establishing a new Office of War Information to govern the flow of news. I am not suggesting any new forms of censorship or any new types of security classifications. I have no easy answer to the dilemma that I have posed, and would not seek to impose it if I had one. But I am asking the members of the newspaper profession and the industry in this country to reexamine their own responsibilities, to consider the degree and the nature of the present danger, and to heed the duty of self-restraint which that danger imposes upon us all.

Every newspaper now asks itself, with respect to every story: “Is it news?” All I suggest is that you add the question: “Is it in the interest of the national security?” And I hope that every group in America–unions and businessmen and public officials at every level– will ask the same question of their endeavors, and subject their actions to the same exacting tests.

And should the press of America consider and recommend the voluntary assumption of specific new steps or machinery, I can assure you that we will cooperate whole-heartedly with those recommendations.

Perhaps there will be no recommendations. Perhaps there is no answer to the dilemma faced by a free and open society in a cold and secret war. In times of peace, any discussion of this subject, and any action that results, are both painful and without precedent. But this is a time of peace and peril which knows no precedent in history.


It is the unprecedented nature of this challenge that also gives rise to your second obligation–an obligation which I share. And that is our obligation to inform and alert the American people–to make certain that they possess all the facts that they need, and understand them as well–the perils, the prospects, the purposes of our program and the choices that we face.

No President should fear public scrutiny of his program. For from that scrutiny comes understanding; and from that understanding comes support or opposition. And both are necessary. I am not asking your newspapers to support the Administration, but I am asking your help in the tremendous task of informing and alerting the American people. For I have complete confidence in the response and dedication of our citizens whenever they are fully informed.

I not only could not stifle controversy among your readers–I welcome it. This Administration intends to be candid about its errors; for as a wise man once said: “An error does not become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.” We intend to accept full responsibility for our errors; and we expect you to point them out when we miss them.

Without debate, without criticism, no Administration and no country can succeed–and no republic can survive. That is why the Athenian lawmaker Solon decreed it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy. And that is why our press was protected by the First Amendment– the only business in America specifically protected by the Constitution- -not primarily to amuse and entertain, not to emphasize the trivial and the sentimental, not to simply “give the public what it wants”–but to inform, to arouse, to reflect, to state our dangers and our opportunities, to indicate our crises and our choices, to lead, mold, educate and sometimes even anger public opinion.

This means greater coverage and analysis of international news–for it is no longer far away and foreign but close at hand and local. It means greater attention to improved understanding of the news as well as improved transmission. And it means, finally, that government at all levels, must meet its obligation to provide you with the fullest possible information outside the narrowest limits of national security–and we intend to do it.


It was early in the Seventeenth Century that Francis Bacon remarked on three recent inventions already transforming the world: the compass, gunpowder and the printing press. Now the links between the nations first forged by the compass have made us all citizens of the world, the hopes and threats of one becoming the hopes and threats of us all. In that one world’s efforts to live together, the evolution of gunpowder to its ultimate limit has warned mankind of the terrible consequences of failure.

And so it is to the printing press–to the recorder of man’s deeds, the keeper of his conscience, the courier of his news–that we look for strength and assistance, confident that with your help man will be what he was born to be: free and independent.

Suburban middle class “whites” pay nearly all taxes yet are the most out-of-reality of any class. They will soon be led to believe that “reparations” for negroes will solve negro hostility, just as they had previously believed that the “election” of Balack Obala as “the first black”* U.S. “President” in 2008 was going to do the same! If the white populace had any awareness of the whys of power, they would never let persons who are legally or politically protected from critical analysis into any position of power over those who do not require that type of “protection”. Such individuals need these protections to prevent criticism of them because they are NOT MONEY/power in reality — they are in fact the highest level biological degenerative/parasitic empowerment [dead on other people’s money/power] artificially inflated like a “junk bond” and are dead/finished in any accurate critical analysis. With political protections against criticism, they can claim others are dead on THEIR money or against their race in any disagreement that is to their racial benefit and it allows them to be extremist as well as to underhandedly polarize racially as they are protected from such allegations in “political correctness”. For example, a Jew president of the U.S. will allow ZOG to claim that it cannot be called “ZOG” because that then is “hate speech” due to a Jew being the alleged “leader” of it. This enables ZOG to be extremist in jewish interests (underhanded absorption of all non-jew/host magnetic power). Groups and races that need legal protections from criticism are able to be used by the neo-bolsheviks in underhanded “conspiracies”. For example, the Controlled Media and others are free to accuse Whites or Russians of conspiring underhandedly but a protected group or race such as Jews, negroes or homosexuals can never be accused of anything as a group. How easy it would be for neo-bolsheviks to use any of them in an underhanded “conspiracy” knowing this. Anyone part of a group that requires protection from critical analysis — those who believe that they no longer have to acknowledge certain facts or topics because Sham Order/ZOG led you to feel and believe that you can ignore it Man-above-you due to their political backing — are fit only to work (without no protected persons under their authority) and consume. Unfortunately these are the types of people that are adamant and compelled to critically analyze ONLY all others. Their main ambition being to tell everyone else what the (galvanization in) power on everyone else is supposed to be. *The neo-bolshevik establishment in the U.S. now offers so many virtual ‘rewards’ and entitlements for negroes, that virtually all “mulattos” now ‘identify’ as full-blooded negroes. ZOG also seeks to add part-negro ‘achievements’ to the list of negro achievements in general in order to build a more substantial list!
Middle-class “whites”, especially the women, have been “rocked to sleep” so well by the neo-bolshevik establishment through dysgenic magnetization as external/degenerative-empowerment consumers dead on their own money/power/magnetism, that “white” males today are not only unwilling to sacrifice themselves for/onto future generations but actually seek to sacrifice those future generations ONTO THEMSELVES . Part of this is a result of their belief in slanderous Controlled Media propaganda, including “entertainment”, regarding later generations. Conformist ‘Whites’ today, through propaganda and the psychological terror wrought by hostile controlled media and corporate jews and their Shabbos Goy, have been lowered into the status that was known in the United States EUGENICS (before neo-bolsheviks could reveal enough of their power to begin social-engineering the exact opposite: Dysgenics) movement of the early 1900s as “MORON”.
Conformist whites today are mentally around 10 years old regardless of their age. They are nothing but grown children seeking to play Man-above-them trips over others.
Lies in the Controlled Media serve a purpose for the neo-bolsheviks. First and foremost they are ‘dog whistles’ alerting other neo-bolsheviks as to what they have to ‘work’ on and make ‘true’. Controlled Media fabrications also create FAKE HISTORY that no one can challenge later. In the future, all of the printed lies and biased propaganda will be considered impartial facts!
Negroes are incapable of “shame” in a mixed-race society as all of their actions are toward their own empowerment. There is no entitlement or privilege that negroes could be given by Sham Order/ZOG that the negroes will not accept as a “right” that they have legitimately “won” (out of the power/magnetism on them from consumption being so high that it is above others). Many “whites” believe falsely that negroes are non-conformist. Negroes are the most conformist of all races but are for NEGRO INTERESTS in their conformity. Negroes are biologically galvanized to ‘hide’ illegal or immoral (to the rest of society) truths related to their degenerative empowerment – this is not because of intelligence/cunning! A negro, especially a female negro, is the most likely of anyone to go to a teacher, official, or company representative and complain about others who they perceive to have slighted them. The type of negro that will NOT go and tell on someone is going to create a loud disturbance or loud verbal outburst* that will force the teacher, official or authority to respond to it, with the negro knowing full well that it is the negro that is most likely to be believed and catered to by “politically correct” conformists in any confrontation. Conformists can not think of any other reaction because power Man-above-them is only on catering to the negro. Because of this facet of their electromagnetic galvanization, sheeple concede that the negro must be money/power because there is no way to win the power/magnetism off of a negro the way the conformist can with other conformists in the same situations (sheeple only know abstractly – they only know that the feeling is not right). This is because the negro is a carrier of “white” male magnetic power, same as a “white” female or child. Outside of this the negro would have little to no energy/power/magnetism! Non-conformists need to be against anyone who gives Sham Order/ZOG authority/“consent” to focus on societal interactions! True non-conformists don’t want ANY type of authorites playing Man above us! Negroes are total “bitches” in this respect!
* Controlled Media propaganda would call an uncontrolled outburst or violence that is Man-above – in the interests of Sham Order/ZOG – as “outrage”.
Negroes come out to commit violence or wreak other havoc in order to magnetize their degenerate-empowerment/consumption/external/rape wavelength. They are magnetizing themselves at the lowest wavelength. In a war, if you were to bayonet an enemy soldier, you would want to do a “war cry” at the time in order to do the same. This is only “white” versus “white”, though. Killing a negro will not win power unless possibly the negro is in the process a few moments before killing you. Otherwise it will be a slightly unpleasant feeling that many sheeple think means that they are “wrong” – I explain it as similar to “TV snow” or an “ice cream headache”. It will be a very small spot in the frontal brain you will feel this in. Those who are degenerate empowerment Man-above-them [negroes, jews and “shabbos goy” pseudojewry such as police, officials, corporate executives, “celebrities” and “politicians”] can do this ONLY. They do not have magnetizing power to lose as they magnetize their external/degenerative/consumption/rape wavelengths – any time they are “mad” or inconvenienced they can produce this effect on a subject reactively!
Reports of negro brutality almost never make it out of the local news area in which they occurred. The only recognition of them by ZOG is to enhance a police/surveillance state. Anyone who wants to can look through the hundreds of city and town local newspapers’ crime sections to see the astounding number of bizarre crimes that negroes are committing. If you do not do this, you would probably be apt to believe ZOG’s bogus “Racial Disparities In Prisons” propaganda in which the allusionary subtext is “we don’t know why negroes are 8-15 times over-represented in prisons. “Social Justice Warriors” and the Controlled Media outlets should get to work on retrying the cases of the 8 million negroes in prison!
As Sham Order recognizes no negro-exclusive traits, “coalburners” have no Man above them in any areas of power regarding abberant behaviors of the negro male toward them. “White” females will be compelled [the most power is on it for them] to hide abusive behaviors of the male negro simply because of political pressure to do so. Others will view the situation as their fault or at best that they are not as much ‘in control’ because the negro could not be handled properly. Sham Order/ZOG seeks to GLORIFY negroes only, so there is no interest by authorites or “news media” in hearing of abuses at the hands of some negro. Were they willing to listen to that, they would be dealing with hundreds of thousands of such cases a day. Sham Order/ZOG dysgenic social-engineering [magnetizing negroes with “white” subconscious “attention] would then be inefficient and take decades longer if even possible under such a scenario. All sheeple, including “coalburners” had at one time went to an authority or official to complain about some hostile negro. After multiple times of being shunned in favor of the negro, they have “given up” and foolishly “came to terms” with the situation, deciding not to pursue similar situations in the future. Power stops at the Man above to sheeple and they are incapable of doing anything once the Man above them has decided the power on it.
 Through any “sexual relations” with a negro, “coalburners” transfer and lose to the negro all “white” male magnetism/unconscious-attention that the “coalburner” was at the time ‘carrying’. Those males’ subconscious “attention”/power is also from then on tied (as a host) in “real time” to that negro. Unless action is taken, from then on, the male negro is tied in synchronicities to the “white” male(s) whose magnetism that the negro had parasited off of the “coalburner” – the negro is a virtual “tapeworm” ‘feeding’ off of those males’ money/subconscious-“attention”. The negro wins all magnetizing power in “sexual relations” because the negro is the lowest wavelength human and has the most egocentric “ignorance focus” of any race, except possibly Jews. “White” males’ magnetic power that the “coalburner” had been carrying and lost to the negro goes into the low-wavelength negro collective unconscious, helping to magnetize/empower all negroes. A HYPOTHESIS: if a “white” male has a daughter, sister, friend, or partner that is a “coalburner” and they do not want to lose a significant amount of their own subconscious “attention” to the negro(es) that “fucked” the “coalburner”, and if they feel that they can “reform” the “coalburner”, they *could* theoretically let an animal “fuck” the “coalburner” – a dog (such as a Great Dane) or any other animal that is known to be capable should work. The animal, being a lower wavelength than the negro, should ‘win’ an amount – maybe all – of the “white” magnetic power that had been lost to the negro and the low-wavelength negro collective unconscious. If the animal is immediately sacrificed after, this should release to you as much of the “white” power/magnetism that is possible to recover which was previously lost by the “coalburner” to the negro (and thereby into the low-wavelength negro collective unconscious) through the “coalburner”s sexual relations with the negro! note: inner-city negroes as far back as the late 1960s have actually done this with a dog and some drug-addicted “white” females [see the negro Donald Goines’ books “Dopefiend” and “Whoreson”] but that was for purposes of degradation to empower/magnetize the negro that did it!
Few “white” males realize that “white” coalburners are “interested“ in negroes only because of Sham Order/ZOG conditioning/programming. IF Sham Order/ZOG dysgenic social-engineering focused on Down Syndrome male empowerment/magnetization instead of negro male magnetization/empowerment, and redirected/sacrificed the same money/power onto Down Syndrome males as they did for the negro male, “White” females who are today “coalburners” would be just as “interested” in Down Syndrome males!
The negro male can “jew” a ”coalburner” for anything that the negro male knows that power is on the negro male in. In a negro relationship, all power is on the negro male ONLY. The male negro “decides” what the power on all others is.
Neo-bolshevik “communists”, their puppetry and propaganda-instilled sheeple demand to handicap the 30+ point negro IQ deficiency – without any meaningful attempt at education- and call it “equality”. Of course all of these concessions are expected to be out of the middle class “whites” and not the predatory “elites” producing and promoting this propaganda, such as Jews [total Jewish tribal earnings averaged over the 6 million total Jews in the United States are over $2 million a year per Jew. That 6 million number includes Jew children. Factoring adult Jews ONLY and the average yearly earnings number would be much higher. Approximately half of all Jews in the United States are in the top 1% ,or, elite class], whose wealth continues to grow at a staggering rate amidst all of the “social justice” issues that they consider to be the greatest concern in the United States. These types also elect to live in fortified communities and/or heavily-secured compounds, segregated from “minorities”. Related Reading: “THE TESTING OF NEGRO INTELLIGENCE
an official study done in 1965-66 before neo-bolsheviks had the “political” ability to psychologically terrorize ALL ‘officials’ and ‘authorities’ employed in EVERY FIELD into suppressing all non-glorifying information regarding negroes and jews in the name of neo-bolshevik ‘social-engineering’.
Aware persons know to be extremely guarded (pay critical attention if any) when confronted with some Sham Order/ZOG-produced magnetic negro. The most magnetic of negroes are almost always the most underhanded and parasitic of all negroes. Even other negroes do not ‘like’ a magnetic negro (unless a “celebrity” in which case the negro believes that the “celebrity” negro has transcended degenerate empowerment and, like a “white”, no longer has to be parasitic because they are enough money/power), knowing they must be “on bullshit” [abnormally “hungry” to magnetize themselves underhandedly]. Negroes can win subconscious “attention” dysgenically many ways if you are paying uncritical attention: pausing to waste time with your attention on them or getting your attention on their degenerate empowerment, consumption and the reasons why they are dead on other people’s money/power – such as the negro pictured.
Caucasian “whites”, no matter how much they claim to be for “peace” or “human rights”, can personally witness a negro do anything – a negro could rape somebody in front of them – and the “white” conformist can only accept and otherwise rationalize this subconsciously. That is because Sham Order/ZOG – the Man/galvanizing-force above “white” conformists – is looking to suppress such things as being virtually non-existent. In the absence of the Man/galvanizing-force above them, a conformist can only perceive abberant negro behaviors as a ‘psychic phenomenon’ or “twilight zone” moment that, quite possibly, was caused by their own mental “deficiencies”! This is how confused Sham Order has made these sheeple that they don’t even know what the power on it is. Crime must be the highest priority above all else! Sham Order/ZOG have relegated crime under “social justice” [dysgenic social-engineering the redistribution of (non-jew) “White” biological magnetism/power until all magnetic power is on Sham Order/ZOG and is redistributed by Sham Order/ZOG at will onto those who are the most ‘useful’ – people are otherwise entirely unmagnetic/powerless. At this point, power will be on ‘work’. All sheeple will be eager to go to work and will only have power at work. Is it a coincidence that a popular communist slogan in Russia was “all power to the workers”?]!
Through propaganda and “politics”, Sham Order empower words negatively while encouraging and rewarding emotional weaknesses (being “offended”, “hurt”, etc.) and then they persecute persons of targeted groups (only) for using those words. Hearing somebody say “hey nigger!” before the 1980s was only as offensive as hearing somebody say “hey asshole!”. It had not yet been built into what it is today by the Jewish media. Sham Order keeps lowering the ceiling on what is “offensive” regarding past “white” behaviors (exclusively). Just allowing Sham Order/ZOG to decide to pressure everyone to start calling negroes “African Americans” in 1992 then makes everyone who previously called them “negroes” (when THAT was the most glorified name they could be called) appear to be “racist”. This is because Sham Order constantly works to turn past speech into appearing more offensive than what it truly was. This is done through Retroactive Why Creation and in their production of new “entertainment” propaganda. This must be stopped!
Sham Order/ZOG gives superficial “intellectual credit” to non-jew “whites” who are for the interests of anything that is in opposition to their own biological/“racial” interests, especially if using the “academic” terminology created by the neo-bolshevik establishment for their dysgenic social-engineering agenda. Many sheeple and whores have no clue this is being done and are completely under this programming to create an “intellectual” conformist persona. Similar to sheeple who purchase “critically acclaimed” book “classics” to fill their bookshelves with but will never read them. Sham Order has all of their pseudojewry under this “political” pressure
Many sheeple seek to sit on the fence as close to true nonconformity as possible, recognizing as much as is allowed while still being “politically correct”. Most of this reason is financial – Sham Order/ZOG can otherwise persecute and/or cut the funding of any person or group who voices opposition to dysgenic “social-engineering”. This is done against non-jew WHITES ONLY! all others can say and do as they please since they are not a threat to the Sham Order/ZOG dysgenics social-engineering agenda. At best, a mainstream “nonconformist” will act as (controlled opposition puppet) Donald Trunk did, ‘virtually’ [unspoken; virtually “alluding” to “inside” or exclusive information] appealing to non-mainstream polarizations as much as possible. In reality, nothing can be accomplished through virtual (outside of parasitism) OR fear of voicing ANY AND ALL that is known to be true or is related to your biological empowerment! The lowest of these are those who denounce the non-violent “extremist” side, those without fear of speaking on race, as pieces of shit. These types must be seen as dead to those who are not puppetry when they do this. All others of the past have done this exact same thing and have gotten nowhere. Only the communists must suppress free speech!
Sham Order/ZOG ensured the cowardly “ethnic cleansing” (via electromagnetically-galvanized sheeple) of Caucasians through Sham Order/ZOG “anti-racism” legal protections and awarding of “rights” to all but Caucasians. What would it be like if a bank secured everything there but the money – that is what ZOG and Sham Order have done. How is it that only non-Jewish Caucasians can be “racist” or “supremacist”? Does that mean that non-Jewish Caucasians are in some way above the others but this reason cannot be mentioned by Sham Order/ZOG because it is not “politically correct”? similar to when ZOG first integrated the negroes and it was understood by all that the negro was less capable (outside of sports and consumption)?

Thanks to Sham Order/ZOG Controlled Media fabrications, racial incitement and propaganda, negroes are insatiable and healter skelter is at all times above non-jew “whites”. Sham Order/ZOG and Controlled Media are in COMPLETE CONTROL over how to incite these negroes at any time and virtually galvanize/mobilize them to commit violence. This will Sham Order/ZOG jews and pseudojewry hide in their rat holes. Controlled Media and Sham Order/ZOG do not want and will never allow “peace”. The best solution for all involved probably is to stop “fighting” or ignoring this fact and to just let it come down (healter skelter).
America is ALL ABOUT RACE. Controlled Media propaganda constantly conditions the public in two areas: race and sexuality. Sham Order/ZOG are using race and gender-specific knowledge against the public! This while there is virtual terror above the public preventing them from talking about any of it openly for fear of persecution!
“Communists” are LIARS and rely on institutionalized fabrications, suppression, persecution and propaganda. Communist regimes condition the populace as dumbed-down consumer sheeple. What do you think it means when the power above you wants you to be SHEEPLE? do you think that power could possibly be “good”? The Conmunist regime utilizes human tools to realize their ends and is working for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN INTELLIGENCE! If a “communist” is foolish enough to ‘debate’ a non-communist who knows the whys of them, the “communist” depends upon and relies on the use of Logical Fallacies Man [their higher power – Sham Order/ZOG] above them. The “communist” believes that the “communists” higher conformist magnetism means that they are “right”. Intuitive Conformists, being herd-animalized sheeple, act upon what power is on Man-above-them (conformist magnetism). A natural order regime does not need to persecute anyone for any kind of speech but because “communism” is a SCAM, it is absolutely essential for Sham Order/ZOG to utilize psychological terror and certain persecution over the heads of the populous to prevent their voicing any concerns or blatant facts regarding EVERY CRUCIAL AREA OF DYSGENIC SOCIAL-ENGINEERING. This is the only way to ensure the continued magnetization of lower-wavelength non-whites and sexual degenerates at the BIOLOGICAL expense of the heterosexual “White” male. “Political Correctness” also accomplishes the same through a ‘framework’ in power that “whites” can only end up dead/finished in IF they adhere to it. It was no coincidence that the Controlled Media labeled the children of the “World War 2”/“baby boomer” generation [“grandfathered in” as the last generation that Sham Order/ZOG would not completely prey upon. This in order so that their intuition was correct that they would be money/power defeating the anti-communists in “WW2”] as “Generation X”. Today, we are at “Generation Z”, after which the entire “white” race in the U.S. is supposed to be for all intents and purposes ‘over with’ (according to Sham Order)!
”White Supremacy” and “Racism” are BOGUS. Where are the crimes to justify Sham Order/ZOG negative attention and resources on this? They can’t even handle all of the violent crime and robberies out there! Also, why are ALL but heterosexual “white” males allowed to polarize in their interests? Does Sham Order/ZOG believe that they can operate as if “whites” are ‘in charge’ just out of Sham Order/ZOG’s use of white “shabbos goy” pseudojewry and utilization of “white” whys of power in their reasoning and other propaganda? yet also be against every European-American-exclusive interest in order to condition “whites” for empowerment Man-above-them as virtual employees of some tourist resort tasked with ensuring the comfort and enjoyment of their “guests”, all of whom are NON-WHITES? Once “whites” are a minority in the U.S., the ZOG regime will no longer have to “act” in their image. There will be no rights forthcoming as a minority either. “Whites” will be prized in a way, though – the neo-bolsheviks and former “minorities” will be legally ‘raping’ “white” children [because depowered “Whites” will be otherwise unmagnetic, sexual abuse with monetary or other empowerment will magnetize these kids. Because of this and the fact that sex with minors and prostitution is legal, parents can not reject this correct-in-power] and legalized prostitution will be the main means of empowerment/magnetization of “white” girls and women.
I have noticed that most “whites” who commit retaliatory acts against Sham Order/ZOG always show low intelligence afterwards. This is often due to Sham Order/ZOG magnetizing/empowering them only this way, which they will not realize is external attention on them. Many also have “manifestos” [Controlled Media term for any writings about power that their Man is not above]. Unless someone is at MY level of knowledge – unless they have ORIGINAL OBSERVATIONS and are explaining the whys of power that has never been explained before – this would mean it is at a level in which others’ perceptions, their entire lives even, could be affected once they understand it, you are better off saying absolutely nothing. No one is going to look at the writings of someone who has committed a violent act and be influenced by them – at least not yet. None of these individuals yet have even had enough intelligence to deny absolutely everything and claim that they were “communists”, “social justice warriors”, “zionists” or “black lives matterists”. This is actually power-correct because you can claim to “be” anyone whose power/subconscious-“attention” you have won onto yourself. Many now realize that Sham Order/ZOG will use EVERY INCIDENT THAT THEY CAN – even doing “false flag” operations themselves when applicable – to target the host power as perceived “Nazis” and “White Supremacy”. As time goes on, they will also apply these terms to more and more people for increasingly less reasons. Sham Order/ZOG also will always parasite an amount of power MUCH GREATER THAN whatever was won from the public psychological submission in any attack. This is whenever Sham Order/ZOG are able to reactively target someone to prey upon afterwards.
Rudolf Hess, Deputy Führer of the Third Reich*, realized through intuition only that there was a “secret force” above others that compelled them somewhat irrationally. This force was human subconscious “attention”, polarizations in the present and the power of the future over present senses and intuition. Only those who know the whys of human power/attention act in the whys of power ONLY. All others are SHEEPLE to some extent or another: utilizing their senses in electromagnetic galvanization toward empowerment Man-above-them. Unless you know what the power on you is — what is your own FORMULATED knowledge based in the whys of power and not hypothesis surmised through observation OR relying on feelings and senses (intuition that is not based correctly in the whys of power only), someone with higher knowledge of power can ‘sacrifice’/redirect others’ subconscious “attention” onto you, which will magnetize you dysgenically and cause you to believe it is related to your own senses/feelings, altering your intuition. They then have “power” over you by knowing that you don’t know what the power on you is.
* as a communist/ZOG “dog whistle” of how important it was to subjugate Hess, in 1946 he was convicted in the “Nuremberg Trials” despite having been in communist/ZOG custody since May 1941 when he was captured after flying an unannounced peace mission into England (not realizing that England was a ZOG regime. NSDAP Germany, if anything, forced ZOG regimes and organized Jewry to show much greater power than they were desiring to still hide at the time — organized Jewry is biologically galvanized to show in power ONLY WHAT THEY HAVE TO SHOW i.e. only when they are more money/power doing so). Sentenced to life in prison, Hess was imprisoned at Spandau Prison where, for 21 years (1966-87), he was THE ONLY PRISONER HELD THERE. All operating costs of the large prison and a staff of 100 or more communist/ZOG military personnel were allocated to hold a single inmate. Hess was one of the only NSDAP officials who could not be brainwashed in communist/ZOG atrocity propaganda that they were extremist in putting on NSDAP Germany. Showing that he was the most money/power — the best intuition in power — of the NSDAP officials captured for sacrifice onto Sham Order/ZOG, Hess faked amnesia knowing that there was no point in talking with brainwashed communist/ZOG underhanded puppetry believing ZOG-instituted atrocity propaganda and believing that they are a moral and upstanding regime. THINK ABOUT IT: Why would NSDAP Germany set up concentration camps and multiple relocation plans [such as Nisko, Theresienstadt, and Madagascar — a fitting name for a Jewish state if there ever was one^] for Jewry and other communists if they knew the extent of the threat that they posed to natural order? The anti-communists would have just summarily executed any captured communists — as the bolsheviks m.o. with millions of non-communists — instead of honoring “international law” and rules of war. ^ as a side note, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, or places with a name like it — a name that can’t be played in any propaganda in an “evil” (communist projection of their own magnetic image/psychic fingerprint) image — should be used if the communists of the U.S. are ever encamped pending charges of crimes against peace and crimes against humanity. RELATED LISTENING: “My Father Rudolf Hess”, a 1995 radio program on the probable murder of Hess at Spandau in 1987, featuring his son Wolf Rudiger Hess. In this program, you’ll hear how ZOG made Hess “social distance” (long before that was “a thing”) with his own family members the few times that they were allowed to visit. This, along with the money and attention on all of Hess’ biological functions, degenerate empowerment and consumption, which only sheeple think is money/power, were for purposes of psychological warfare.

UP NEXT: “They gave us the KUBARK manual. The information we have is of the highest intelligence available. My work in our domestic social surveillance program is in no way the same as being a Peeping Tom or a Norman Bates because they gave us the KUBARK manual and other sensitive information of national importance. We know how the Man is above us in it. Everyone else here is on the same page as me. When everybody else sees it exactly the same way, it has to be true. We are team players that think outside of the box. We are earning our chops and looking to raise the bar and take it to the next level. Intelligence work challenges me, which is totally in my wheelhouse. Actually, I get a kick out of the fact that there are always too many things on my plate. We have to work extremely hard to put all of our ducks in a row but failure is not an option. I feel like money/power Man-above-me as an intelligence agent and, after attending our training for this program, I know that I am doing work of extreme importance for the future of our nation. That always means that it is right. We are in fact surveilling the social behaviors of White Americans exclusively, generally the 18-30 age range, but that is due to an alarming prevalence of racism against African Americans.” — a top CIA agent reveals latest programs

Have you seen the little piggies
Crawling in the dirt
And for all the little piggies
Life is getting worse
Always having dirt
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Have you seen the bigger piggies
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You will find the bigger piggies
Stirring up the dirt
Always have clean shirts
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In their styes with all their backing
They don’t care what goes on around
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What they need’s a damn good whacking

Everywhere there’s lots of piggies
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Where I stop and I turn and I go for a ride
Till I get to the bottom and I see you again
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Do you don’t you want me to love you
I’m coming down fast but I’m miles above you
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Well you may be a lover but you ain’t no dancer

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Will you won’t you want me to make you
I’m coming down fast but don’t let me break you
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helter skelter (3x)

(Look out, cos here she comes)

When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide
And I stop and I turn and I go for a ride
And I get to the bottom and I see you again
Yeah yeah yeah

Well do you don’t you want me to make you
I’m coming down fast but don’t let me break you
Tell me tell me tell me the answer
You may be a lover but you ain’t no dancer

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helter skelter (3x)

Look out helter skelter
She’s coming down fast
Yes she is
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Biological Differences Between the Slavic and the non-Slavic “White” Male and how they can de-negrify

In this article, in order to avoid confusion, Jews are not mentioned as “Whites” [example: non-jew “whites”] in order to explain the differences of Slavic and non-Slavic whites. Jews are not truly “white” anyhow – their biological parasiting “gift”, which passes at full strength through female jewry, is at odds with all other “whites” – actually any non-Jews!

2020 already appears to be the year of the most shams pulled off by Sham Order. Every one of their shams puts the populous even further under magnetic control [programming].

For some reason, non-Slavic “whites” must follow everything that Sham Order/ZOG and the Controlled Media want to tell or show them. Out of this, for some reason, they always are guaranteed to believe at least part of it.

Sham Order is nothing but a “show”, similar to “WWE wrestling”. At best they will show you VIRTUALLY what the power on it is, though subverted.

Because of this non-Slavic “white” proclivity, non-Slavic “whites” have truly ruined it for everybody.

I no longer believe that non-Slavic “Whites” are capable of anything outside of empowerment Man-above-them. I do not believe any more that they can detach Sham Order/ZOG from their own galvanization in power, having lost their natural magnetism/empowerment at a very early age if in fact their inclinations Man-above-them are not just part of their biology that they cannot change.

Non-Slavic “whites” must agree with and “like” 60-80% of consumer products and “white” shabbos goys that the Controlled Media uses in mass media propaganda, including “entertainment“.

If not, other sheeple can consider them ‘dead’ on (the subject under critical analysis is considered by others to have their power/attention on) too many things and win conformist magnetism (the Man is higher above them). The fact that they consider each other ‘dead’ on things just for not supporting these, instead of when they are actually a CONSUMER using the products or IN SUPPORT OF a media shabbos goy, shows that Non-Slavic “whites” are likely incapable of anything outside of empowerment only Man-above-them – ‘their’ money/power is only on Sham Order/ZOG.

Also, a Non-Slavic white,  like the negro among all non-negroes or a Jew among “whites”, feels that it is the higher-wavelength who is jewing their money/power whenever power/magnetism is on the non-Slavic “white” to jew power/magnetism off of the higher-wavelength. In other words it ‘jews’ them if they allow a situation to pass without ‘jewing’ the higher-wavelength individual. For example, unless they know what the power on it is (such as at a party, sports game, lunch break, etc.), they feel that their power is on anyone consuming around them. This is their own biological deficiency as they cannot control their own subconscious “attention”. It is degenerate/parasitic/“political” empowerment to be dead on other people’s money/power unless they are parasitic/degenerate empowerment.


The most logical explanation for why non-Slavics are dead on Slavic money/power is that non-Slavic “whites” are ‘using’ Slavic magnetism that non-Slavic “whites” regularly parasite onto themselves and/or Sham Order/ZOG sacrificed/redirected onto them directly AND automatic (by forcing their subconscious “attention” onto any others through subjugation of Slavic peoples) – same as the negro enjoys today.

From 1918-1954, the “communists” (Sham Order/ZOG) may have sacrificed/redirected the money/power/magnetism of the 66 million murdered European Slavics (as well as the many more millions subjugated) onto non-Slavic “whites” in the U.S. (the neo-Bolshevik “base of operations” prior to “Israel”) in order to then control, via electromagnetic galvanization, those non-Slavic “whites” knowing what the power on them is. That would explain why non-Slavic “whites” don’t know what the power on them – or anyone else – is.

The 20 million Slavics in the U.S. are vastly underrepresented by Sham Order/ZOG and always have been. For every two negroes [40 million U.S. negroes] you see in Controlled Media, there should be one Slavic. Instead they are underrepresented around 10,000 percent or more.

Being a different power/wavelength, power will not work as desired by Sham Order/ZOG if a Slavic is in a position of authority over non-Slavic sheeple. This is one of the reasons Slavics are prevented from reaching high levels in Sham Order.

Those with extremely high levels of electromagnetic energy, such as Slavics, are natural attractants to parasites [those empowered in underhanded manipulation ONLY in order to magnetize themselves correct-in-power as a parasite at the expense of others]. Anyone compelled to parasite energy (magnetizing power) from another’s subconscious “attention” CAN NOT SEE THEIR “HOST” AS MONEY/POWER. The biological galvanization of external/degenerative empowerment forces them to believe that the power is theirs and that the host is not money/power. All justifications that external/degenerate empowerment parasites use to explain what they do are a result of this law of nature.

Non-Slavic “whites”, being a different (lower) wavelength, are compelled to parasite Slavic money/power as their own just as negroes do with ALL higher-wavelength subconscious “attention” in order to magnetize/empower themselves.

Non-Slavic “whites” did not even need jews above them to be compelled to do it – this has always been the modus operandi in all non-Slavic “white” countries.

In controlled media “news” and other propaganda, They play Slavics such as Russians as “satanic” money/power over other “whites” but at the same time non-Slavic “whites” are above them because non-Slavic “senses” regarding power are defeated and they don’t know what the power on them is. They can only feel that Slavics are not supposed to be more money/power. They can do this because that is what non-Slavic “white” sheeple are biologically galvanized to believe, being a different (lower) wavelength/power.

No matter what a person of a different wavelength/power has done, a person of a different wavelength/power cannot recognize the “power” on them UNLESS the higher-wavelength utilizes the whys of power as relates to the lower-wavelength.

The higher-wavelength has to act faultlessly in the image of a lower-wavelength. This is not possible except under conditioning from birth OR knowing all whys of human power (including different racial and ethnic differences). Only Jews have proven successful at this, being that they are biologically equipped to emulate whoever the power is that they take subconscious “attention” from (while being against all interests of those people).

Conformists do not understand that different people of different races and “ethnicities”, most of which SHOULD in reality be considered as different races, may be different wavelengths/power.

Meaning that “power” does not have to work the same as it does for another! Slavics, for example, have evolved the capacity to handle alcohol or other degenerate empowerment and not be what a non-Slavic “white” would consider it to be as relating to how power on them is were they the one who did it.

Power is not the same for Slavics – we don’t have to do everything the way that non-Slavic “whites” do. Slavics are not under as much electromagnetic galvanization as is the non-Slavic “white”, which is similar to jewish “autism” mentioned in a previous article.

Non-Slavic “whites” have many lower-wavelength-type quirks regarding what they believe is virtual or what it takes to consider something reality. When they feel they can lie, steal or hide something. Also feeling that a situation or setting in which a stimuli occurs in has a different meaning than if the same happened in a different situation or setting, similar to “autism” or “OCD”.

For example, many non-Slavic “white” sheeple want their personal weaknesses in degeneracy “legalized” in order to do these things Man-above-them, in which case other sheeple cannot win higher conformist magnetism off them by playing higher Man-above. Such sheeple also believe actions mean something different depending upon whether the Man [Sham Order/ZOG, incorporation, higher status official or authority, or group polarization] is or is not above them in it.

Slavics do not have to do as much of this as the non-Slavic must. Because of this fact, Jews and Sham Order/ZOG utilize all of the non-Slavic “white” peculiarities of electromagnetic galvanization (for empowerment only Man-above-you) in “white” countries for the highest mental subjugation!

In non-Slavic “white” countries, the way power works for a Slavic as opposed to other “whites” is NEVER SHOWN in controlled media “entertainment”, causing many Slavics to believe that they are biologically the same but for some reason a less capable “power” than other “whites”.

A Slavic is only a power under a non-Slavic IF the Slavic will allow it. This can be through unawareness regarding power or in being a part of a group of non-Slavics, in which case the Slavic is giving virtual consent to acknowledge the way power works for the others. In such a scenario, “power” will always be on the subjugation of the Slavic by the non-Slavics in order to force the Slavic’s money/power/subconscious-attention onto themselves because to them, the non-Slavics are more Man-above.

Exactly how it would be for a non-negro among a group of negroes!

A Slavic is not under you just because a polarization of non-Slavics “decides” that we are under you, as would be the normal electromagnetic galvanization within YOUR groups. Unless we decide to be – that’s what you don’t understand about us. We’re in control of our ORIGINAL/BIOLOGICAL money/power/magnetism.

Non-Slavics have no ‘feel’ for the power on a Slavic because Slavics use and keep their own biological/original power. We do not want or parasite others’ money/power/magnetism like the non-Slavic, who is made up of supplemental/secondary power Man-above-them only. If a Slavic can defeat you power-correct, they will not accept that magnetizing power in most every case.

We don’t want your secondary artificial empowerment. You are made up of mostly ape-on-man money. To a Slavic, this magnetism is similar to drinking too many beers to us.

Despite the many non-Slavics copying off of my work, they still seek to critically analyze it only in hopes that they will uncover at some point the whys of how they are in fact above – that the power on me was in fact below them – the discoverer and first to explain THE WHYS OF ALL HUMAN POWER!

Before I broke down the magnetic polarization of power that made these discoveries nearly impossible, which is what ALL INNOVATORS must accomplish, the most any others could hope to accomplish is the gathering of information and facts that they knew was relevant. Example: “Jews do 1) This 2) This and 3) This”. However they could explain NONE OF IT as far as the compelling factor because they have INTUITION ONLY regarding the power on it. They could not even simply GATHER all previous quotes regarding (abstract) explainations of human compelling factors to show that they knew human attention even mattered.

Although this information is known by jewry, I was the first person to fully explain the whys of human power. All others are the equivalent of “cave men” without that knowledge.

Do you believe that you could go back in their time period and primitive man would recognize your superior intellect and make you the leader of them or do you realize that the best you could hope for is that they would take whatever consumables and valuables you could give them and then when you have nothing more kill you to magnetize themselves because “power” for them was on it? Low intelligence and sheeple utilize magnetism NOT intelligence and there is no lower wavelength who can understand or care about how power work for a higher-wavelength because it is beyond their capacity, similar to a blind man incapable of understanding color.

There is nothing higher than knowing why a human does what they do above their own awareness. Absolutely all human interactions are related to it. All feelings and emotions are a lower intelligence explaination for it. This knowledge alone is why jewry feel they are entitled to subjugate non-jews as if they are running a cattle farm.

The fact that individuals who learned off me choose to keep that knowledge to themselves for advantage over others and/or they believe they can play themselves up above me shows that they do not know that anyone who learns enough about human power from another may from then on be only under (in power) whoever they learned from. This is why “shabbos goys” never burn the Jews above them – they can’t.

Sheeple look to play any reason they can think of that plays them as a higher power up above whoever they feel “politics” allow them to. This is because they are negrified. This is EXTERNAL EMPOWERMENT. You do not have to “act black” and talk in “Ebonics” [negro-bastardized English] to be negrified. Anyone on a consumer “lifestyle” trip is degenerate empowerment external power.

Many such individuals feel there is virtual “consent” Man-above-them to consider me part of their subconscious minds only because they have more perceived followers/sheeple of them or they don’t like to see certain uncommon words.

Power is always on anything that tells power, including Any words that best ‘paint’ the writings in the whys of power. White sheeple, though, feel that everything, like a “fad” or “trend”, expires and when enough positive attention on it is no longer there, they stop using it.

Only conformist sheeple stop using terms as if they are media “buzzwords” or “played out” when in fact they are the most applicable terms to use. The highest intelligence is to keep building a collection of terms until you are speaking almost exclusively in a way that explains the compelling force above sheeple.

Unless you aspire to be Hipster Sheeple [politically-empowered Sheeple who are glorified consumers; image and status are of it most importance and their image will be mostly out of the array of products or entertainment they use and feel they are a part of because their attention is on it], you do not drop any words that best illustrate human power UNLESS it is for a word that is even more descriptive of the exact same situation and renders the previous one obsolete, being of lesser quality.

Unlike non-Slavic “whites”, Slavic power/money is not dead on the Man [Sham Order/ZOG] above them or on Slavic-produced goods. All Slavic goods have about as much magnetic ‘power’ on them as U.S. “generic” products did before the 1990s.

We do not sacrifice subconscious “attention” in the name of our products. If our products were imported and on store shelves here, sheeple would see these goods as fucked-up or pieces of shit. This is only because there is no magnetic power on them – sheeple senses would ‘tell’ them that something is ‘off’ about them.

The communists knew that Slavic money/subconscious-attention is on ourselves not our degenerate empowerment and had to go straight to violence and forced famines in order to subjugate Slavics. Non-Slavic “whites” only need “shabbos goy” pseudojewry that act like their “gym” teacher or uncle and/or play that the power on them is highest Man above them. Under such an image, non-Slavic “whites” will put up with anything and genocide themselves for empowerment Man-above-them.

Non-Slavic “whites” are dead on their own (racial) money/power. For example, if there was a city in the u.s. where many “white” children were being sacrificed, non-Slavic “whites” – the women even more than men – as long as they were not told what the power on it is, will find the “atmosphere” there irresistibly magnetic, similar to a “tourist spot”.

Sham Order/ZOG has “white” conformist sheeple dead on their own money/magnetism without the sheeple even realizing that race-exclusive “white” money/power/magnetism is what the power [magnetic atmosphere and personal magnetism] IS within the sheeple’s countries. They have no clue what the power is here, only that it is money/power for them to do or not to do certain things.

Every other White that I have seen or known is utilizing to some extent “political”/external PARASITE PSYCHOLOGY. This is largely due to Controlled Media instilling Whites this way. Whites use political/parasitic psychology that has been used against them at jobs to seem cunning and make others see them as more Man-above.

Whites have increasingly been shown and instilled in parasite psychology only over time. As organized Jewry are the source of this knowledge and know ALL WHYS OF HUMAN POWER/ATTENTION, Whites know ten or more times how power works on the parasite psychology (political/popularity/cunning) side ONLY. Because they had at one time tried this psychology and it worked above anything else they knew, Whites trapped themselves in jewing their own money/power dead on herd-animalization over not caring about Sham Order/ZOG or jobs [why do all White sheeple “invest” their real selves and unprotected mind in their jobs in order to believe that they are ‘doing something’ or that they are somebody. Why can’t they just do what is required at a job and not care about the rest of it?] and building power from people who see you as money [political/parasitic empowerment compels the negrified individual to jew those who see them as money/power].

Non-Slavic “Whites” (and also Hispanics) are somewhat homosexual in the reasons why they “like” [to have “positive” feelings or other unexplainable emotions for] other purposes males as “friends”, “role models”, etc. – almost exclusively for their image  – including the male’s attractiveness to females – or possibly status.  

White males are unknowingly empowering women (including many whores) – giving these women decisive power over all types of situations in power (and the most power Man-above-them for such women is to jew-only those with highest male natural power) that affect and enable the outcomes- through judging the status of other males off of the females under them magnetized from that male’s subconscious “attention”. Actually, these type of people would probably feel to be the most money/power to them the males with enough empowerment Man-above-them [political power] that the women around them are not empowered by the male but are actually jewing OTHER males’ subconscious “attention”/power onto the male, similar to what is the situation today between whites females and male negroes.

White females today are under so much programming and lies of Sham Order/ZOG that they are actually compelled in high-level degenerate/parasitic empowerment Man-above-them. For example, many “white” females are compelled [they sense that it is the most power Man-above-them] to either post pictures of themselves online (to magnetize themselves with “white” male power/attention) and/or jew a “white” male immediately prior to “dating” some male negro. This in order to have put power on that negro and to have even a very minimal amount of control over the negro through knowing what the power on that negro is. Sham Order/ZOG also can only minimally control negroes through jewing/sacrificing others’ power onto them. There is no other way to affect a person that is ENTIRELY external other than artificially inflating them (as a junk bond).

Non-Slavic Whites also feel a person’s name or image is enough to know whether that person can be money/power or not. The persons who DO fit the image requirements will recieve the peculiar “sports team fan”-type political backing that non-Slavic Whites are exclusively known for in which they overglorify the person and back them almost unconditionally. In reality, you are supposed to support on a situational basis ONLY if you have the intelligence in power.

Because of those and other factors, non-Slavic Caucasians can easily be conditioned through Controlled Media propaganda to be non-heterosexuals if not full homosexuals in the future, through continued conditioning of new generations from birth.

The Controlled Media and ZOG black-op “advertisements” are already working on it [“Bromance” and “Mancrush” being two examples that come to mind] yet sheeple think someone like their “gym” teacher makes these to amuse them while “laughing WITH them”.

I have also noticed that non-Slavic “whites” for some reason believe that comedy [especially “farce”, “satire” or “camp”], commercials, non-dramatic shows, cartoons, or children’s “entertainment” may be nothing more than amusement. They do not realize the allusionary subtext that is built into them for use as propaganda: examples in power to “program” those who watch them, through eliciting unexplainable “emotions” and “feelings” of the impressionable viewer [any viewer who does not know the whys of their own power/subconscious-“attention” and is thereby open to “suggestion”].

White sheeple seem unable to realize that Sham Order/ZOG and Controlled Media can depower them by seeing/playing them as MONEY dead, foolish, weak, etc. — this means seeing you as money/power [conformist magnetization in empowerment only Man-above] for being much less money/power than you should be. This to incrementally ruin your intuition in power to completely the opposite of what is your biological best interests (your ORIGINAL biological galvanization before corruption by parasites).

White sheeple seem ingrained in the belief that they are supposed to detect/sense a hostile vibe/sense/feeling about it or it could not be something hostile in nature — especially when they are amused by it as well. Sham Order/ZOG ARE NOT “laughing with you”.

Author MS King and artist David Dees both worked in ZOG “advertising” psy-ops. Because the officials above them have to tell them about human power VIRTUALLY as it relates to the the imagery that is desired [this would include the current desire of advertisers when showing white children in a state of “amusement” to show their eyes as lunacy], having realized there was a method behind the madness, it is no coincidence both have produced, along with A. Wyatt Mann, the most power-correct work outside of mine. They are all more multi-layered than average; a step above just pointing out that they know power is on A, B, and C or they know D will happen because they pay attention to the actions of degenerate/external/empowered persons because they are “irritated” by it and know that their senses/feelings mean something that, unlike others, they cannot ignore. However, they are still intuition only.

Non-Slavic “whites” seem to only understand human magnetic power – and this would be an virtual/subconscious “understanding” that is ABSTRACT ONLY – in relation to male-female relations. That is why I will rarely utilize those.

Conformists who are looking for information that can be used for advantages in Sham Order can get that type of information at Englishman Simon Shepherd’s Heretical Press website.

Those with more willpower seeking to de-negrify (or de-Judaize) themselves into natural, non-external, non-“political” magnetism/power — in which you use cunning and parasite psychology only against those who utilize those methods themselves — can utilize methods for de-negrification such as this:

First discover what original/biological power you still possess. Eliminate all Controlled Media and all but essential consumption. Do this until you can be doing “nothing” all day every day and not be “bored” i.e. your subconscious attention can not be on any others outside of those you live with [example: thinking about what a group of people is doing means that you are psychologically submitting your subconscious attention onto them – maybe most of your power comes from them, in which case that is not your own money/power] and you have to not put any mental stake in what can or cannot happen to you, outside of probabilities if you are capable. Non-Slavic “white” sheeple seem to make all types of assumptions. Assuming is psychological submission to that POSSIBLE outcome. If it does not happen, you lose power.

Once you know what your natural empowerment is, you must always adhere to REALITY (not Sham Order/ZOG consensus reality, including groups of sheeple) as the whys of power do not change based on whether others know about it or not. STOP JEWING PEOPLE politically and start empowering those who are the closest in biological power to you and those who are least degenerate/“political” empowerment until you have the beginnings of a non-degenerate magnetism (i.e. real power), then build upon that magnetism through working to expose Sham Order/ZOG and never go back to degenerate empowerment. You must stop caring about Sham Order/ZOG — criminals that have committed NUMEROUS CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY with Whites and negroes — and see Sham Order/ZOG as entirely corrupt, a piece of shit, and money DEAD/FINISHED only.

When you have earned the power that you have, meaning you did not use “politics” (parasite psychology) it can no longer be taken through “politics” [use of cunning, lies, and polarizations of others in order to magnetize yourself dysgenically off of a higher power].

This would be too hard for non-Slavic “whites”, though. To them, it would be equivalent to beating an addiction because it may take months to years to rewire their brains. 

Sheeple need immediate results as Sham Order/ZOG herd-animalized them to be compelled by whatever “attention”/magnetic-power is on in the immediate situation only!

negrified [external/degenerative/political empowerment] Whites do not understand, and in many cases do not care to know what anything actually means, preferring to maintain the highest ignorance state possible for maximum electromagnetic galvanization amongst other sheeple. If not, it might expose them later for not knowing what the power on it is. They “care” only what CONSENSUS reality is — what others know or believe.

Some do not ‘like’ seeing words used that are not built/promoted by multiple others [the Man (galvanizing force/power) above them] and are thereby compelled to give those using them ‘negative ownership’ of it. Unfortunately, without understanding these concepts, Whites have ABSOLUTELY NO HOPE to understand or reverse what Sham Order/ZOG have socially-engineered.


ATTENTION – the act or state of applying the mind to something;  transmission of human electromagnetic power (or negative energy) to a subject or polarization, which will be magnetizing/empowering the subject.

CONFORMIST – a person who consciously or unconsciously [an intuitive conformist] acts in accordance with a wish, command, rule, standard, or law by adopting the accepted, established, or consensus behavior with their primary motive being to not draw critical attention to themselves. See SHEEPLE.

CONSENSUS REALITY – a polarization of human electromagnetism/unconscious-attention that is not based in fact or reality but is a general agreement, official/group policy, or societal norm.

CONTROLLED OPPOSITION – any person or group purporting to be for a cause (including reality, natural order, non-subjugation) that has no plan for expansion, empowering followers [they do not create/turn any other people into money/power], or any effective action; usually just seeking to win subconscious “attention” of anyone paying attention to it; also promoting to readers/viewers belief in the System as not entirely corrupted and controlled; this including promoting the simple support of any Controlled Media or government officials (including politicians) as a legitimate or effective course of action.

Anyone that Controlled Media will allow to reach the masses is CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. They are all forced to play Man-above-them and anyone who puts their attention (subconscious or conscious) on them is ultimately empowering the Man above the Controlled Opposition [Sham Order/ZOG – the neo-bolshevik regime and establishment]. Many of them don’t even realize that they are Controlled Opposition, instead believing that they were so much money/power that they forced Sham Order/ZOG to recognize them and allow them out. Also thinking that it takes great skill to ride the fence of “political correctness”. In reality, nothing can be or ever has been accomplished by ANYONE SHOWN ON TV. Anyone who cannot speak on any topic and is hiding their real beliefs FOR ANY REASON is CONTROLLED OPPOSITION whether they know it or not.

Controlled Opposition does not have to even be aware that they are controlled opposition. The (galvanization in) power of people is ALL THAT MATTERS in reality, not what somebody is allegedly aware of or claiming to be the whys of them [this you cannot know unless you understand the whys of all human power, which I am the innovator of and first to explain]. A common tactic of ZOG-infiltrated groups is to allow them to pursue only NON-EFFECTIVE means of sustenance: talking about anything is OK but expansion is not. They are allowed to be STAGNATE. Controlled Opposition will usually parasite subconscious “attention”/power (via politics/parasite-psychology) of anyone who is money/power but not a widely-known name onto themselves, their egocentrism likely causing them to credit themselves for finding it over the author himself. This is especially true if an original author disappears from the internet — they are then seen as part of the subconscious mind of all pseudojewry/hipster-sheeple Controlled Opposition, who then are Man-above-them in stealing just about all of it. Like the next article on negroes in which I explain the whys of “rationing”, those who cannot back/like/acknowledge anyone who is not enough Man-above are generating their subconscious “attention”/power into a polarization against the innovator/non-political person towards jewing their magnetizing power [subconscious attention] dead onto lower persons — the same as the Man above them [Sham Order/ZOG] does with them and negroes. I have proven that NO MATTER WHAT YOU HAVE, and I have come out with the HIGHEST EXPLANATION EVER for the whys of human behavior — above all previous criminologists, psychologists, sociologists, philosophers, etc. — and “power” is STILL on readers to superficially ignore it, play themselves up above it any way they can and to see me as part of their own subconscious mind to unconsciously attempt to parasite my money/power onto themselves. RELATED LISTENING: Christopher Bollyn podcast explains (virtually i.e. he only knew what was fucked-up and not the whys of it) how the “American Free Press” newspaper was turned into controlled opposition. Another important factor to be aware of is what the mindset/power/vibe of the person is. Any podcast or radio host with a nonchalant or entertaining spin on it will limit the ability of any listener in understanding the seriousness of the topic and usually to submit their subconscious “attention” Man-above-them when the host himself is under all types of neo-bolshevik subconscious “attention” traps such as TV, “entertainment”, official job credentials, number of other sheeple who follow, etc. Whatever the “host” of the show is under, any non-critical listener will be under and lose power to it. Controlled Opposition often spring up as “popular” out of nowhere*. Controlled Opposition often recieve publicity or recognition in a Controlled Media that otherwise does not acknowledge their most intelligent or real opposition/host/enemies outside of reporting arrests or other extremely negative discrediting information. Controlled Opposition often will claim that some Jews or negroes are money. That some Jews or negroes are rewarding to put their/our non-critical attention on or associate with — that the Controlled Opposition person is “friends” with decent i.e. non-parasitic Jewry or negroes when reality is that these races are BIOLOGICALLY external/degenerative-only empowerment galvanized to completely consume higher-wavelength biological power AND CANNOT SEE THEIR HOST AS MONEY/POWER.

Pictured above: “Brother” Nathaniel Kaepner, a Jew utilizing psychology so high — “satanic” power compared to an unaware White — that he is able to act like a lunatic and still get recognized by Jewish opposition. Kaepner seeks to convince the unaware that a conversion to “Christianity” overpowers and eliminates all inherent parasitic inclinations. Jews infiltrating their own opposition automatically discredit anyone willing to use them. Whites have INTUITION ONLY regarding human power — the highest compelling factors in a society. This ability has been largely corrupted by ZOG and Controlled Media to the extent that Whites are almost never highly aware. This enables magnetizing “power” to be on any unaware White for recognizing or using a Jew infiltrator simply because it is a Jew criticizing other Jews and a White person using them feels it is lending credibility to the arguments against Jewry [“look, even a Jew agrees with me”]. In reality, Controlled opposition Jewry will offer NOTHING HIGHER IN PSYCHOLOGY (the whys of human power) ABOVE WHAT HAS ALREADY BEEN SAID. Without a doubt, Jews have what we would consider “ESP”. Even “telepathy” [the ability to “talk” to each other entirely in their heads — a biological “Neurophone” if you will] should not be discounted, due to the astounding success/supremacy of the Jewish minority as well as the large amount of negative propaganda on the capabilities of the mind within Jewish mass media (and the leading role of Jewry in discrediting interest and work in the late 1800s and early 1900s on these and related topics — because parasites are DEAD/FINISHED IN THEM). Non-Jews are prone to consider these topics “crazy” due to the polarization of the collective unconscious against it. In reality, White intuition/senses are GARBAGE. If it was me, I would stop thinking I am so much money/power if my people were subjugated IN POWER ALONE to where they are now below THE NEGRO. Just because you feel like money/power and know ten other guys you believe to be money/power that are nearly the same beliefs and knowledge means NOTHING — sheeple judge their place through comparisons with little to no factual backing. Also playing the safer position of Man-above in controversial/unpopular topics to be “part of the winning team” or prevent exposure that you didn’t know what the power on it was. EACH and EVERY Jew in biological intuition alone knowing more about human attention/power than any non-Jew who ever lived. Jewry are the equivalent in the knowledge of highest importance (human power/attention) in mixed-race society that the Jewish advantage can be compared to — actually it is even higher than — what a man from the distant future time-traveling into the 1700s could accomplish. Jews, at less than 1% of the population, were able to acquire nearly all real wealth with almost no “conspiracy” needed and non-Jews barely if at all aware of it. All of Jewish knowledge in power is PARASITE PSYCHOLOGY only, though, but allows their degenerative empowerment as efficient and easy as taking candy from a baby. Even Jewish “retards” are able to pass unnoticed as retarded in “goy” society because they know enough about power to win in situations with non-Jews. Nothing Jewish Controlled opposition says will be anything new. Controlled opposition jewish infiltrators can easily subvert the power of any topic above what any White knows regarding power to the extent it will be imperceptible. Controlled opposition allowing the Jewish tribe to tap into and siphon real power from whoever is using the Jewish infiltrator (as well as the audience/followers that are only capable of effective actions in their magnetizing others via attention). Because Jewish infiltrators are utilizing underhanded manipulation, they are above in power those who recognize them as legitimate. These Jews often seek to convince Whites that the reason there is hostile Jewry is because of the religious teachings of Jewry. In fact this hostility is BIOLOGICAL and EVERY Jew is biologically degenerative/external empowerment ONLY. They are entirely galvanized in POWER ONLY. Not concepts, images, consensus, conspiracy, etc. as a White. Any Jew or negro that appears to be much more correct-in-power than their hostile tribe members should be left untouched and encouraged to expand on their own accord entirely separate in every way. Those with the highest knowledge of power know that you have to be “buster free”, a negro term for having enough intuition in power that you never allow someone into your Man/polarization/group/incorporation that the galvanization in power on is not under you only —- anyone motivated or attempting to politically depower you.
In a moment of uppity “chutzpah”, even jews will admit (proudly, as all organisms see themselves as money/power in their biological means of empowerment/magnetization) that biological Jewry are BIOLOGICAL “parasites”. This higher-wavelength-subconscious-“attention”-parasiting “gift” passes at full strength in DNA from all female Jewry. This is why Jews consider another a Jew only if that “Jew” has a Jewish mother. RELATED READING: Eustace Mullins’ The Biological Jew and New History Of The Jews

Controlled Opposition almost exclusively promotes as the top intelligence those with mainstream recognition or credentials: titles such as “Dr.” or having academic positions, as if those institutions are credible. Virtually this is telling others that the more Man-above someone is and is still able to be a “nonconformist”, the more respectable and influential they are; giving them credit or citing them for non-original concepts just because it is seen as more Man-above. A ridiculous notion that any progress can be made through being the most Man-above. Controlled Opposition will almost never have any new concepts or original information that they innovated. Controlled Opposition may seek to encourage divisions within those of similar beliefs. Controlled Opposition also seek donations and monetary support that is almost never used for anything noticeable. This need for money can also control them subconsciously through fear of their account being terminated or ability to recieve money being limited, causing them to be more Man-above.

* being that they are unconsciously empowerment only Man [polarization, incorporation, Sham Order/ZOG programming, higher status conformists] above them, absolutely every male with any type of large following that was not funded and marketed by Sham Order/ZOG began as a FRAUD to some extent. Anyone who is empowerment only Man-above cannot back, follow, or comment on anyone who does not ALREADY HAVE OTHERS THAT DO SO. EVERY PERSON NOT IN CONTROL OF THEIR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND AND NOT NEGRIFIED DOES THIS EXACT SAME THING. Their senses are under lies. You would have to fake a following and comments in order for their senses to allow them to follow it. Every male who has many followers had to fake their following in order to cause “power” to be on it for negrified/external/degenerative/political empowerment Whites to be able to follow them and not be afraid that they will recieve ‘negative ownership’ or be exposed for not knowing what the power on it was.

ELECTROMAGNETIC GALVANIZATION –  actions that are unconsciously compelled by electromagnetic stimulation of the unconscious mind caused by a higher magnetic power or polarization of unconscious attention. In herd-animalization, conformists are compelled under electromagnetic galvanization.

HERD ANIMALIZATION – virtually enforced conformity through consensus reality favoring herd mentality with electromagnetic galvanization under a higher power or polarization. Conformist magnetism determines “status” as others are unconsciously compelled magnetically under higher conformist magnetization on others.

POLARIZATION – the magnetic power created by two or more persons generating unconscious attention in the same belief or for the same purpose.

PSEUDOJEWRY – a non-biological human parasite who is consciously or unconsciously galvanized for imitation of or conformity under inherent parasites of human electromagnetism/unconscious attention. “Shabbos Goy” pseudojewry have a LIMITED and subservient knowledge taught/showed to them by biological jewry in parasite psychology that is much higher than the average person, enabling “shabbos goys” to have magnetic “power”
that is much higher Man-above than others. Jewry use “shabbos goy” pseudojewry so that they can claim correct-in-power that they are not responsible for anything, as the onus is on the “shabbos goy”. Highest status shabbos goys have more intuition Man-above-them and require being told only virtually if their own intuition Man-above does not suffice.

SHEEPLE – people who are docile [ready to accept control or instruction; submissive; easily managed, led or handled; without hesitation or reluctance to being trained or taught], compliant [inclined to obey rules and instructions, especially to an excessive degree; willing to do what other people want them to do], or easily influenced [effect change on the character, development or behavior of]; followers with herd mentality [consciously or unconsciously adopt behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes for the purpose of conformity]. A kinder term for sheeple would be INTUITIVE CONFORMIST as their subconscious programming forms their “intuition” and ‘tells’ them what the most conformist magnetization/power is on for them. They are electromagnetically galvanized toward the most empowerment Man-above-them ONLY. Uniformity among sheeple is considered being aware, fashionable, or an intellectual skill to be able to do it. HIPSTER SHEEPLE are a higher-status bracket of sheeple whose persona is built from the array of products they consume and the other hipster sheeple that will acknowledge them as hipster sheeple seek an exclusive polarization that they desire to believe is above others that they keep out of it because the hipster sheeple class have more intellectual skill in how to be a higher-class, more aware consumer. Another factor being the number of people who are subconsciously magnetizing the consumer/external wavelength of the hipster sheeple as a consumer only.

SUBCONSCIOUS (or UNCONSCIOUS) ATTENTION – the subconscious transmission of human electromagnetism/power, not consciously controlled, to a subject; workings of the unconscious mind known only in abstract concepts, notions, and imagery or completely inaccessible to the conscious mind; the power behind money. Impossible to control for most and the brain area utilized in hypnosis and programming. Examples of unconscious attention: mind ‘blown’, being forced into fear or paranoia, becoming ‘mad’, ‘jealous’, ‘love’, or realizing that you had been over- or under- estimating someone when finding out that you were underhandedly taken advantage of by them. also getting beat in a fight, after White male ejaculation, fixation or inabily to control sexual/physical attraction to attention whores or other manipulators of image, losing money/valuables, unexpected deaths of loved ones, or any other events or circumstances that force the loss of subconscious “attention”. It is felt within the cerebral cortex as a sensation similar to that after one gives/loses blood OR an irritating feeling. Biological parasites, externally/degenerative empowerment persons, DO NOT HAVE THIS and it is why they have no “shame” and never reverse themselves in reality. Their “power” is built upon their rape/external/degenerate/parasite/consumer wavelength only and the only magnetizing power they have is for transmission IN THE ACT OF UNDERHANDED MANIPULATION to corrupt the intuition of their host/victim in order to underhandedly win subconscious “attention” and magnetize the parasite’s rape/external/degenerate/parasite/consumer wavelength.

UPDATE: artist David Dees died May 31.

Dees’ last radio appearance was on the “Michael Decon Program” talking about the Coronavirus Hoax in February 2020.

This is the last image released by Dees (April 28):

Sham Order 2020 “Covid-19” black-op campaign: same “hero” propaganda used for firefighters and first-responders in 2001

Perhaps we are seeing the re-use of a propaganda campaign from 19 years ago because the neo-bolshevik/ZOG establishment will not let go to waste a ready-built framework existing out of a prior black-op campaign in which Sham Order/ZOG multi-level national (or international) petty scams had successfully sacrificed enough high-wavelength human magnetic power in order to magnetize/empower those directly used on the ‘front lines’ of Sham Order dysgenic social-engineering. Social-engineering the lowering of the highest-wavelength (non-jewish Caucasian) collective unconscious further under herd-animalization. Simply put: electromagnetic galvanization. Intuitive conformists (sheeple) no longer utilize intelligence. They are now compelled electromagnetically toward empowerment only Man-above-them under polarized unconscious attention (EM) of others who are the same or more Man-above than they are.

The Sham Order (neo-bolshevik establishment) regime and their political puppetry are now operating ENTIRELY IN THE WHYS OF POWER while galvanized in a virtual “conspiracy” related to their only means of empowerment and the psychology used is above human feelings, emotions and the biological natural order.

“Coronavirus” [SARS-CoV-2], also known as “Covid-19” due to the first official case, a Chinaman, recorded on the final day of the year 2019, was lightly reported about in the controlled media prior to mass closures around March 15th 2020.

On April 2nd, while controlled media propaganda at this time was reporting on overwhelmed hospitals due to the many victims of this virus, I went to the local hospital “emergency room” to get steroid pills to fix a back problem (pinched nerve) that I had that was becoming worse. At this time, I noticed that the hospital staff seemed to be enjoying themselves (they were more magnetic Man-above-them) than normally would be expected. There was also a somewhat lax atmosphere, almost as if their superiors were not on the floor or were allowing them greater freedoms. Also, when I was mentioning the virus and probable full-capacity of their hospital, the nurse was secretive about any information like that. Anyone who is magnetized Man-above-them in any type of fabrication or degenerate-empowerment is empowered in hiding the whys of it.

Being empowerment-only-Man-above-them, this meaning they are under full or near-total psychological submission to the galvanizing force above them, Caucasian conformist sheeple feel the most power and pride when those of an official capacity pay attention [critically but unknown to them] onto their consumption and whys of their degenerate empowerment.

Viral hysteria an opportunity for observation of superstitious-prone low wavelengths

Superstitions are the norm among low intelligence and/or biological low-wavelength peoples. In mixed-race herd-animalization, lower wavelengths are capable of magnetization/empowerment only through parasiting unconscious attention (power) from a higher wavelength host. This empowerment is also possible through parasiting from multiple males of their own race or through females of any race ‘carrying’ those males’ power. This empowerment may be UNDERHANDED only! low-wavelength peoples are ‘dead’ on others’ money/power as “their” (the negro or other biologically degenerate empowerment peoples) power is only EXTERNAL (they have only half of what we have). Until ‘taken’, the power is not truly theirs – they are perceiving others’ power/magnetism as their own! (they do this because power is on it in their biological galvanization/intuition).

As low-wavelength peoples do not normally talk about or show anything related to their ‘power’ that they are not empowered in through doing so, this very often requiring whatever it is to be a lie or fabrication, few non-negroes realize just how superstitious negroes and other low-wavelength peoples are.

The negro is especially afraid of germs.

I have personally been around thousands of various negroes of all “economic” status*. This within environments that were majority negro. I have often seen male negroes become uppity or hostile towards non-negroes over concerns uniquely negro. For example, those who reach over the negro’s plate of food in a restaurant, cafeteria, or at a “picnic”.

Female negroes seem to take this type of behavior a step further. In public places, most every negro female must wipe or spray a chair seat with “sanitizer” before they feel that they can sit; and this was long before any SARS virus propaganda.

Fear of germs among the negroes probably began around the time that ZOG had jewed/redirected enough Caucasian power/money/unconscious-attention onto the negro so that the negro then had the energy to take showers regular and to keep a cleaner appearance generally.

Negroes were told that in keeping clean they were “killing germs”.

This enabled a reason in power that the negro was above, thereby enabling negro capacity to focus their critical attention on the negros own degenerate empowerment/consumption and the whys the negro is below/‘dead’ on others instead of the negro playing all opposites as money, as is the negro proclivity.

This was possible post-“World War 2”, a time when ZOG “black-ops” were also creating morale-boosting propaganda for negroes to see such as “W.E.B. DuBois”, a “negro intellectual”** who was actually just an actor in the negro empowerment “psy-op” intended to ‘answer’ legitimate concerns regarding the morals and character of the negro, just as previous to that the jew knew that the jew had to acknowledge the “Jewish Question” in order to manipulate the ‘narrative’ of it. This was only until the “Holocaust” ZOG/“League of Nations” black-op. Then, the Jew had ‘officially’ suffered so much hardship that forever afterward the jew must be exempt from all critical analysis.

Almost immediately ‘after’ this war, organized jewry, with the help of their “shabbos goy” ZOG puppetry, surreptitiously produced propaganda to glorify and thereby change the power of the “white” ‘collective unconscious’ on the negro using almost the exact same psychology that the jew had benefited from previously.

This propaganda included “comic books” such as “Negro Romance” , “Negro Heroes” and “All-Negro Comics”. As the latter title implies, that was a “comic” featuring negroes exclusively.

All-Negro Comics (1947) was the most magnetization/power that negroes could realistically be portrayed as possessing within propaganda of the time. In even earlier years, negroes had to shuck while bug-eyed or act a fool in order to magnetize themselves at Caucasian expense. Other options: the commission of rapes, robberies, assaults and/or murders. Jews have always known the whys of other races’ biological galvanization in power and it is now known by many that it was organized jewry who were the driving force behind the dysgenic magnetization/empowerment of the negro at higher wavelength expense in the United States. An empowerment done incrementally and as correct in the whys of biological power.

The goal of negro-glorification propaganda is always to redirect higher-wavelength “white” power/unconscious-attention onto the negroes’ degenerate empowerment – the reasons why the lower wavelength is a parasite/consumer/derivative-power of the higher-wavelength peoples.

Higher-wavelengths unknowingly host lower wavelengths being that the higher wavelength, unaware of the whys of their own power, is unnconscious of the reality that a lower wavelength may be galvanized under higher wavelengths to magnetize themselves dysgenically ONLY.

Due to that reality, another goal of ZOG negro-glorification propaganda is to cause higher-wavelengths to unconsciously magnetize lower wavelengths through the higher-wavelengths believing incorrect in power – the lie that the lower wavelength is capable of things that are in reality not possible [UNLESS higher-wavelengths have magnetized them! see “Negro Heroes” (1947) promoting negro scientists. Higher-wavelengths did not protest this propaganda at the time because they felt ‘sorry’ for the negro and also because the public was told by ZOG that this propaganda was to build the negro “self esteem”. This was Sham Order dysgenic empowerment, which also means depowering those who are natural empowerment in order to dysgenically empower something which has no power on it otherwise. In natural order it is NEVER the correct empowerment of ANYTHING if it requires belief in any type of lies].

Another goal of negro-glorification propaganda is to conceal the true reasons behind the inherent degeneracy and hostility of the lower wavelength. This by instilling higher-wavelengths that the lower wavelength parasite/consumer is hostile to higher wavelengths only because of unfair treatment by the higher-wavelength.

Proof that ZOG, through CIA or other unknown social-engineering black-ops, knew as far back as the 1940s that negroes use higher-wavelength unconscious attention which magnetizes negroes at a higher strength than the source/host. Being biological degenerate empowerment (dead on higher-wavelength money/power) causes the negro, in order to move that money/magnetism onto (and thereby magnetize) his rape/degenerate-empowerment wavelength, to “blow off steam” in ways that are unhealthy to the rest of society!

Propagandists never have a solution to that problem, *amazingly*, and that may be because they intend to sacrifice/redirect host higher-wavelength power incrementally and any acknowledgement of what the power on it is limits what they could use in later jewings!

Yes, that is probably why.

“World War 2” was also an opportunity used by ZOG to claim that negroes were needed in major cities to work and aid in the “war effort.”

At the time, 90% of all negroes were concentrated in the ‘Deep South’ states.

High-rise “projects” were brought into existence along with high-paying jobs for the relocated negroes despite the lackadaisical and overall poor work ethic of the negro race, an undeniable fact that was FULLY DOCUMENTED at the time, being a topic that could not feasibly pass unacknowledged by ZOG or “intellectuals” of the day because the public had not yet accepted being manipulated by underhanded liars and unaccountable scam artists, as is the situation of the present day!

Empowerment/magnetization of the negro resulted out of the higher-wavelength “white” unconscious attention that was, in effect, ‘forced’ upon negros just for being negro!

And this has only increased ever since.

Today and in the very recent past, the controlled media within all ZOG regime nations have been utilizing most if not all social incidents that may be found by them for use in “news” propaganda designed to sway majority belief that negro hostility is a result of “white racism” and not the reality that negroes become hostile in direct correlation with the amount of higher-wavelength power/money/unconscious-attention that negroes have parasited or had sacrificed onto them by the neo-bolsheviks dysgenically.

Negroes are degenerate empowerment only!

Racism” today but in reality this was the most empowerment possible at the time! : with the help of “entertainment industry” jewry, negroes had the highest magnetization possible whenever jewry above them guided a negro into showing higher-wavelength “white” spectators that negroes are ‘dead’ on their higher-wavelength money. In simple terms they are living ‘ghosts’ compelled biologically in utilizing higher wavelength unconscious attention [EM] if they are among higher-wavelengths. This magnetizes the negro or other low wavelength. Until my work, however, absolutely ZERO non-Jews knew what the above picture shows in power. That is why it won the “whites”’ unconscious attention and magnetized the negro!
Lower wavelengths are compelled to shuck whenever there is higher-wavelength attention on them that they may win if they can virtually show that power/unconscious-attention is on them and ignore it at the same time. The lower-wavelength can jew this money/unconscious-attention onto their lower-wavelength collective unconscious by jewing their wavelength out ape-on-Man money (pic 3) so that their ‘image’ is seen as more money by others in it. All is possible only because higher-wavelengths allow it from not knowing the whys of their own money! Higher-wavelengths now utilize magnetism (what power is on Man-above-them) instead of intelligence. This has been increasing from the time that their collective unconscious was lowered under herd-animalization (electromagnetic galvanization)

Superstitions will result as the negro knows only that power is on him and that certain mindsets and external factors affect his empowerment.

I remember an account that I once read (but could not locate for this article) about an old negro woman who, influenced by the formalities she had seen used by her ‘masters’ as a slave, attributed magnetic power to those type of practices only and after being freed she made her own children address her as “Miss Betty” !

Negroes ARE aware that those of the negro race are magnetized/empowered in mixed-race society only through their underhanded depowerment of other races, particularly “Whites.”

But because they do not possess the higher-wavelength magnetism in natural order, the negro assumes that the only reason why “Whites” are not as “thirsty” [compelled only to parasite others’ money and unconscious attention onto themselves underhandedly] as the negro is is only because “Whites” has already parasited enough money/power onto themselves in the past and that now the “Whites” are enough money/power that those inclinations are entirely satiated as a result.

Through controlled media ZOG propaganda, the negro has been actively encouraged to believe this! to believe that the degenerate empowerment, which is in reality BIOLOGICAL, of the negro race would in fact be satiated if only the negro had even more money/power/status.

This is why the negro genuinely cannot believe it whenever highly-magnetic negroes such as Koby Briant, Bill Cosbie, O.J. Simpson or Micheal Jackson are exposed publicly for their rapes and murders.

Positive assumptions and beliefs by a higher wavelength regarding a lower wavelength may only empower the lower wavelength to underhandedly steal higher-wavelength unconscious attention while extreme/overly-positive attention is on them. An example: the above controlled-media propaganda “news story” glorifies a negro immigrant who allegedly rescued a non-negro child in distress. All of the higher-wavelength “white” positive (conscious) attention that would be on the negro as a result of that public exposure will actually put a virtual polarization of magnetic power above him that will compel the negro to immediately commit an act of hostile degeneracy in order to win the UNCONSCIOUS attention of that polarization which is unconsciously assuming a negro to be non-degenerate money/power. An act of degeneracy then converts the power of this polarization into one that is out-of-reality and believing lies, thereby magnetizing the negro in a way in which the negro biological galvanization in power can accept the power as being his own. Underhanded methods are the ONLY way a parasite may be magnetized. They are not empowered when you ‘like’ them. They have to JEW you!

Now, a look at examples of negro superstitions that were recorded by historical societies in South (“sowf” in “Ebonics”) Carolina in the mid-1930s. These examples show that the negro, as with any low wavelength is aware only that power/magnetism is on them in certain situations and may only attribute any negative or positive experiences to what they THINK was the reason for the external factor.

In the mind of the negro or other low wavelength, the onus of any suspect ‘variables’ are always on another – if not caused by a force of nature, usually “supernatural”; meaning the negro or other low wavelength attributes external stimuli as the determining factor of most if not all experiences and believes his actions may alter the outcomes. Onuses attributed to others are almost exclusively negative, though, as the negro perceives all (magnetizing) power as the negro’s own “gift” and whenever the negro is magnetized, the negro may only focus or think about how much money/power the negro is.

The low wavelength is basing their feelings/intuition off of whatever the low wavelength had been doing prior to the synchronicity or seemingly odds-defying external stimuli occurred

Attention – both conscious and unconscious – is ELECTROMAGNETISM, similar to yet not exactly “radio” waves : biological low wavelengths, females and children (of any race), as well as higher-wavelength males who allowed their lowering under herd animalization are electromagnetically GALVANIZED under the will of a higher power. They are empowerment only Man [incorporation, polarization, collective unconscious, authorite, or higher status/official] above them! Their ‘intuition’ is always the will of the controlling force above them and they are compelled by whatever power is on Man above them. This means they do whatever the Man above them (the galvanizing force) will jew them conformist power (secondary, jewed and derivative power/unconscious-attention to raise to a higher conformist magnetism that lower status sheeple psychologically submit to) or blood money (currency under a sacrificial economy is debt money that a higher wavelength has been jewed in the name of!) for OR to prevent negative critical analysis and certain retribution.
  • * Note: Inner-city negroes are NOT living in any type of “poverty”, but this is a topic for a later time!
  • ** more recent equivalents of W.E.B DuBois would be Martin Luther King, Neal Degrassi Tyson, or Ben Carson. All are “actors”, having been coached by a higher intelligence in addition to their being the beneficiary of massive glorification propaganda and receiver of power from sacrifices that are used to empower/magnetize them (see the arrest and imprisonment of Illinois Governor Rog Bagloyovich in the Balack Obala 2008 ZOG black-op) as well as outright fabrications forced on the public as fact. Regarding Carson, an alleged brain surgeon, there is simply NO HISTORICAL PRECENDENT. Like the “Hidden Figures” film or “Cheddar Man”, these alleged discoveries and negro intellectuals are all appearing at too convenient a time – a time when anyone “politically” aware knows that ZOG and the controlled media are expending nearly all resources on dysgenic “social-engineering” : propaganda glorifying dysgenics, with surveillance, suppression, and the sacrifice of anyone not seeing their dygenically-empowered low-wavelengths and degenerates as “satanic” power Man-above-them, which sheeple cannot see as satanic/evil because to sheeple all power comes from the Man as they know no other means of empowerment. This is why sheeple look at your consumption/degenerate-empowerment and those under and around you to judge if the power/magnetism on you is more Man-above than them if they are not sure of what the power on you is. This while an intuitive conformist consciously believes that they (the conformist sheeple) are incapable of putting their attention on another’s degenerate empowerment. They do, though, because the Man (galvanizing force) above them does it and sheeple are the same but subservient galvanization in power. Neo-bolsheviks and their sheeple focus on others’ degenerate empowerment in order to judge and/or depower others (through a negative unspoken/virtual polarization with other conformists) and also, sheeple attention is won onto the degenerate empowerment of all others who are the same conformist magnetism or those who are more Man-above than them, including their inability to analyze ZOG-protected groups such as negroes, jews, and gays. Intuitive conformist sheeple are also under all media propaganda and consumer products as it is only status and consumption that defines the sheeple persona!
Similar to those who “mine” Britcoin by ‘fixing’ “blockchain” for that corporation, in “real life” Caucasian sheeple are empowered through jewing their own high-wavelength money/power dead onto the collective unconscious, which is now also mined by every parasite of them also. Sheeple now do this almost exclusively, having been instilled by ZOG controlled media jewry to critically analyze others of their own wavelength in order to win the power of any wavelength through knowing higher whys of it so that one is magnetized Man-above. This is why Caucasian magnetism is now more on degenerate empowerment than the source of the money! Empowerment Man-above is now degenerate empowerment jewing your own biological high-wavelength money dead. Caucasians are for all intents and purposes in natural order finished and dead yet they continue to do it because conformist power (Man-above) is on it! Was this what parasite jewry of 2000+ years ago were telling us in “Bible” analogies, specifically the “Jesus Christ” character?

Understanding the “4/20” underground-marketed ‘Purim’ created for stupid “goyim” to create whys of Hitler birth

only SHAM order must create whys [Retroactive Why Creation] for their hosts’ natural power. This is because they are not money/power/magnetic in reality and must force their empowerment thru underhanded means. Natural Order, on the other hand, can accept any reality because all power comes from natural, not sham, Order!

Everyone must tell what power is before ZOG measures taken

Magnetic power is ending through unknown methods being utilized by ZOG, after which all sheeple will be the power equivalent of someone on an attention-blocking drug like heroin, wherein nothing will matter because the receptors involved in unconscious attention transmission and reception will be blocked. Before this has reached full fruition, any who have the ability must tell what they know because the parasites/subjugators are dead in this ONLY!

cautionary note for those who know me: the neo-Bolsheviks are looking to Jew whys (thru retroactive why creation) for all of my money in a containment operation. If you are a coward and afraid to speak out, you are unprotected!

Multiple ‘doomsday’ scenarios now in development by ZOG

ZOG harvests highest-wavelength human life-force/magnetism/unconscious-attention ONLY! this was the only reality behind and the sole point of their sham “society”!

Using the SARS virus as a pretext, all power of ZOG and the neo-bolshevist establishment is now on the people, which means all but the most aware nonconformists will be the most money/power possible DEAD, with ZOG reaping a full harvesting. Only sheeple are oblivious to the whys of it as they have no gauge on any ‘normal’ amount of magnetic power that should be on them (because they do not know the whys of power).

Sheeple [intuitive conformists whose ‘senses’ are in all actuality merely electromagnetic galvanization to win others’ unconscious attention onto themselves, which is now DYSGENIC because of ‘communist’/‘zionist’ social-engineering] also are always transmitting the same amount of their unconscious attention onto others, those who are officially-recognized empowerment Man-above-them, this being “entertainment”, “sports”, politics and business. Sheeple will transmit the same money/unconscious-attention onto whatever are the options given because they are only galvanized under the polarized attention of other sheeple.

In order to win conformist minds, all that is needed is to make them the most unaware of what is coming while having ‘virtually’ [unspoken/unadmitted for the most unconscious power over subliminally] told them so that they are so shocked that they may only realize that they are dead on the Power/Man/galvanizing-force above them.

Any other method utilized and that power cannot be taken, as the only money/power that sheeple carry of their own is so deep in their unconscious that it is inaccessible through other means. This psychology must be used by a parasitic system only being that insight into their ‘magnetic image’, the whys of their parasitic power is exposed otherwise as ‘jewing’ someone outside of natural order or in a lie is a power BELOW the victim/host, who is actually above them in reality. This psychology can be studied by conformists through the study of police investigations. authorities/police will always set up their mark in a way in which they will win his unconscious attention.

Aware nonconformists can help prevent the required amount of power being on a nuclear, gassing, or electromagnetic wave mass extermination by telling any sheeple that you know or come across in public the severity of the situation!

UP NEXT: who are the neo-bolshevik establishment’s men who “stare” at “Goats”? Who and how many are used for the ruining of wavelengths, altering of ‘intuition’ and polarizations of CAUCASIANS ONLY when using electronic medium?
ALSO: why ZOG pseudojewry and system neo-bolshevik puppetry are being trained to utilize nothing but negro wavelength

corona virus biological weapon given name by ZOG so that sheeple don’t realize that the antidote for it is Mexican Beer

When there are problems on the farmyard and ZOG have been exposed, their solution is always to sacrifice more cattle.

The biological weapon unleashed by ZOG was named the “coronavirus” by them so that sheeple will never be able to think of the solution to it (a popular jewish/ZOG tactic), being that they built it into the propaganda surround it. The antidote (as well as as the way to build up an immunity to it beforehand) is Mexican beer. Also 7-11 beer, but that beer is no longer being made and the formula for it was apparently “lost” in the 1970s.

A list of ZOG’s previous “unethical” experiments on the unsuspecting sheeple : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unethical_human_experimentation_in_the_United_States

These experiments began after the Communist/ZOG “allies” victory in “World War II”, which the “approved” conspiracy theories in the controlled media will only revolve around what the neo-bolsheviks/subjugators like to call “Nazis” (a term, along with “Russians”, that “asskenazi” jews always use as a ‘codeword’/dog-whistle about those they seek to sacrifice the life-force of onto themselves). The ZOG regime underhanded activities and all of their experimentations have been are only for use AGAINST the public, which they virtually declared “war” against. This is evidenced by the EXACT SAME subjugation of higher-wavelength (non-Jewish Caucasians, especially Slavics, the highest of all wavelength, the highest of all magnetism naturally) in all countries that was used in Germany after “World War II”. It is high time that they be held into account for DECADES of this secretive activity that has produced either OPPOSITE (the “War On Drugs”, “No Child Left Behind”, etc.) or zero results.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKUltra https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_ARTICHOKE

Neo-Bolsheviks decide what you can see! (if they are dead in it, it must be blocked with the virtual explanaition being that it is too negative/hateful/unrealistic): In 2001, many American sheeple believed that their local libraries (or “lie berry”, as negroes call it) were for protecting our freedoms, after they “warned” the public of ZOG invasions of privacy at all libraries in the name of the so-called “Patriot Games” after 2/11. As you can see above, they are blocking access to many sites (not just Daily Stormfront and other “nazi” fare) including the website of Frank Olson’s son (frankolsonproject.org). This despite a ZOG monetary “settlement” for the murder of his father, and a Netfilx series directed by Errol Flynn (to get some attention/power on the son and hopefully satiate him). Sheeple should probably be ‘afraid’ to go to the site because of ‘viruses’ and/or “Russians”. Also, the Man is not above you if you look at it [everything sheeple do must be Man-above-them : which they either feel is keeping the Man from jewing them and/or what ‘power’ is on for them. Never realizing that all of their actions are ELECTROMAGNETIC GALVANIZATION for empowerment only Man-above].

This could also be an attempt to sacrifice power onto the “Spanish Flu” pandemic of 1918 that wiped out 20% of the the world population. They would be sacrificing power in its name for why that one was so much money for them (the jews). Similar to how the jews celebrate “Purim” as a way in which to empower their past ancestors who, like them, have NO POWER/MAGNETISM/LIFE-FORCE outside of EXTERNAL – this is why they are hostile to and a ‘power’ that is only ‘dead’ on others. This has been the case FOR EVERY MOMENT OF THEIR UNFORTUNATE “HISTORY”. Possibly some of the power will go to the negroes as well, since it is one-hundred-and-TWO years later. Jews, being autistic savants with “ESP” correlating to the amount of host unconscious attention that they have jewed/sacrificed onto themselves, are extremely image (including names and numbers) conscious and have awarded the number “2” to negroes, as they plan to sacrifice all non-jewish Caucasians onto them, in a “humane” underhanded cowardly “genocide”, with the onus of it on the sheeple.

The closest to “shame” an always-vindictive jew may feel: Jews poison a well to exact revenge over their expulsion for multiple offences and warnings. Jews must do retroactive ‘why’ creation for everything related to power regarding them. In this case, reasons in power (that they win the power in) for why the “goyim” were not completely under their ‘spell’ as these jews KNEW that the jews had done everything correct in power and that power was on them. Still the “goyim” reacted, incorrect in power to the jew as any action other than “liquidating” them IS incorrect in power for a higher-wavelength to do to them, as they have no UNCONSCIOUS ATTENTION of their own. Negroes also do this, but to a lesser extent, having 50% less IQ than the jew and not having evolved as parasites ONLY with the jewish biological drive/”ESP” to find hosts. Once the jew knows of a host or a situation has happened that related to power, they are BIOLOGICALLY INCAPABLE of ‘forgetting’ or ‘ignoring’ it and it will ‘annoy’/”jew” them if they do not do something about it.

Understand Diasporas: the cockroach Diaspora of the United States (left) and a typical termite Diaspora within a home (right)

Do not give a parasite a reason to put their moon-like/debt-power and critical-only ‘attention’ on you, as they seek to create ‘reasons’ why they are dead on our money! we don’t want your attention and we don’t want you talking about or fucking with our people! you don’t think any of us are money and want to be around us and tell us what power of us is and what power is on. We know why.

The true “leader” of the “free” world (pictured with one of his “undead” and electromagnetically-galvanized ‘shabbos goy’s, who are used so that their harvested host’s biological intuition-in-power, how we win the magnetic power in a situation based on how it is ‘seen’, is never correct because the power and onus of the activity is on the ‘shabbos goy’ and not him): In need of more power for their “Red Planet”, which has temperatures so high that the power of the living must be sacrificed onto it.

UP NEXT: ZOG-suppressed poll shows that the American public wishes that John Wayne Gacy had not been executed in 1994 and was available as a “Presidential Candidate” to “vote” for instead of the controlled-media/ZOG ‘choices’ offered. The public sentiment being that Gacy would be a safer choice in that he probably would not rape us EVERY time.

ALSO: after receiving complaints, goverment-issue Tuck Buddies now part of required uniforms for all male ZOG employee in order to avoid upsetting faggots

EDITORS NOTE: the last 3 or 4 articles have also been updated recently

Additional Reading: 100 Dead Microbiologists (art & story: 2009) ; https://newslog.cyberjournal.org/100-dead-scientists-and-microbiologists/

Highly-decorated Austrian Schutzstaffel officer Alois Brunner was the victim of state-sanctioned jewish terrorism:

Neo-bolsheviks, shabbos goy pseudojewry and the puppetry thereof will utilize ANY AND ALL methods to achieve their ends as they are degenerate/underhanded/parasitic empowerment ONLY: empowerment only through force and consensus!